Thursday, March 12, 2015

Representation Matters

So get some fucking women on some fucking money in this goddamn country, fuck.

I know this is perhaps the most capitalist shit ever, but there's a campaign to get a woman on the US $20 bill, and I support it. People use cash constantly, and in the US all we ever get to see on it are white dudes. It works as a pretty hilarious metaphor about who we actually value in this country, but the joke has worn thin. 

We know that the white dudes on the money are there because they're considered to be important historical figures. So what message does this send? There were zero important women or people of color throughout history? Or at least they weren't good enough. Not as good as slave owners and Captain Kill-the-Natives. Shouldn't we be honoring people who accomplished a ton in spite of the incredible obstacles of sexism and racism?

Women of color on all the money 2kRightNow.

One of the candidates in this campaign is Sojourner Truth and I have to say YES YES YES YES YES HER YES no not Eleanor Roosevelt put a goddamn woman of color on there. Fuck Jackson.

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