Friday, March 27, 2015

How Are Pro-Lifers Being Pro-Life Today?


No murder charge in case of baby cut from womb, lawmaker calls death ‘act of God.’

I'm iffy on the idea of calling the intentional killing of a fetus "murder" as Republicans use that shit to try and chip at abortion rights in the US (which they've been very successful at), but I think most of us can draw the line at calling it and "act of god" when someone cuts a person open and steals the fetus, which dies soon after.

This woman was brutally assaulted and lost her child. Can't think of anything non-sexual that could possibly be more traumatizing and horrible. So this Republican "pro-lifer" says that it happened because abortion is legal. It's the loving Christian god's retribution for the existence of abortion.

Tell me again how Republicans give a fuck about fetuses or the people carrying them. They care so much that they use the death of a fetus to push their religious ideals and political agendas. Pro-life indeed.

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