Monday, March 30, 2015

Feminist Product Review

Actually, this is for people who get periods. Remember that not all women can menstruate and there are men and non-binary persons who menstruate. Also, non-binary people. Okay.

I finally got myself some reusable cotton pads. They're amazing. And so simple. They come with wings that stay in place with the use of a little snap thing, which makes them really easy to adjust because they're not sticking to your underwear but they still stay in place. Then you can use the extra, non-wing pads for more protection by slipping them under the little straps on the base pads.

It is so much better than using those plastic, sticky pieces of shit you get at the grocery store. No poking, no crinkling, no sticky parts that catch on your pubic hairs. Just softness.

The only downside is the little bit of interaction you might have with your menstrual blood. But this doesn't have to be a downside. The idea that we should be repulsed by our menstrual blood was invented and pushed on us by cis men (who were targeting cis women because cissexism). Hell, cis men have been grossed out by menstrual blood since the time the Old Testament was written. Seriously, it's in Leviticus.

It's time to stop. This is just another way in which we're told we should hate our bodies. There's nothing gross or unsanitary about your own menstrual blood. You can rinse those pads out in the sink before putting them in the laundry. Who cares if it gets on your hands? That stuff is constantly touching you anyway, only on the inside of your uterus. It's no different on the outside of your body. It's a part of you, and therefore awesome.

And if your cis male partner is grossed out by it, tell him to get the fuck over it. Grow up, cooties aren't real. And if he can't deal, it's time to dump him. Don't date men who are grossed out by any part of you.

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