Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Could There BE Any More Evidence for the Gender Wage Gap?

Image of Chandler Bing gesturing with his mouth wide open, looking very serious

Even in nursing, no equal pay for women.

Yep, male nurses get paid more than female nurses.

We already knew that male teachers get paid more than female teachers, including elementary and middle school teachers. And teacher's assistants.

Seriously, almost everything.


I Want Cheese said...

But, this white guy still isn't satisfied. Guess we should just give up.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Oh my god, that guy.

Carrie said...

And it's not just that women with equal work accolades get lower/fewer pay increases throughout their tenure -- Google "John Jennifer identical job application sexism" to see how just the gendered first name on one's résumé will give you a higher starting salary AND an instant boost to your qualifications, >i>IF you're a dood. Grrr.