Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Yeah that post title is sarcastic. That's why it's in all caps like that.

Allowing Transgender Youth To Transition Improves Their Mental Health, Study Finds

Animated gif of a girl stumbling backward away from a table with test tubes and beakers and collapsing with the flashing text "TOO MUCH SCIENCE" and then "CAN'T HANDLE THE SCIENCE"

"Being allowed to actually be yourself helps you to not feel like shit all the time, study finds."

"Not having to pretend you're something you're not makes you feel less dead inside, study finds."

"Some studies take up precious time and resources to discover things that were already super obvious, study finds."

But hey, thanks a lot, science, for finding out something that trans people have been saying for fucking ever.

Can you imagine if we started doing studies on things that privileged people have been stating outright forever? It's funny how we just assume what privileged populations say about their lived experiences is true, but we need to use SCIENCE to figure out that pretending you're a different gender all the time is fucking stressful and depressing.

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