Thursday, March 19, 2015

7 Myths About Housewives, Debunked

I wrote this for Yes! Magazine because after I wrote the piece on the living Rosie the Riveter, people got mad because I used the phrase "simple housewife." Of course, being a housewife has never been simple. So to make up for it, I wrote this!

7 Myths About Housewives, Debunked

Some people still objected to the term "housewife" as it implies that the woman is married to the house. That makes sense, but I'm not writing another article on it.

Anyway, the point is, it's not simple to take care of the home. It's not like a job. Nobody lives at their job. And if you have a kid or kids, you're on call when you're asleep and you don't get sick days.

Coincidentally, I'd recently been arguing with this huuuuuuuge misogynist who was trying to argue that the reason for the wage gap was because women had the option of becoming housewives and then divorcing the men they marry so they can collect alimony. Basically, he thinks that such a large number of women are heartless, conniving gold diggers that it would cause a 23 cent gap in wages. At it has to be a LOT of women, because getting alimony is really hard and this really only happens for rich white women.

Yes. There are literally men out there who think this. They think that being a housewife is super easy so tons of women aspire to be one so they can lie around the house and after a couple years divorce their rich husbands for alimony. And a lot more people at least think that being a homemaker is an "easy" "job."

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