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Sophia has the best reaction gifs. This is something you should know.


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Brought to you by the Tumblr blog trans substantial.

There are many reasons that trans and non-binary people can't participate in the Trans Day of Visibility. Don't forget about them. They still rule, and they need our support even more.

Transmisogyny in Gaming


Apparently there's a hugely transphobic/transmisogynistic joke in a game called Pillars of Eternity. This game is not unique in this aspect, but the "joke" in question highlights exactly how trans women are treated by our larger society.

An item description in the game says the following:

"Here lies Firedorn, a hero in bed. He once was alive, but now he's dead. The last woman he bedded, turned out a man, and crying in shame, off a cliff he ran."

So the "joke" is that trans women as a whole are not only really men, but so horrifically repulsive that the natural response to sleeping with such a person is suicide.

Imagine being told over and over again through jokes like this that you're so fundamentally horrible that anyone who had sex with you would want to kill themselves after.

That goes a little beyond "offensive." This is why so many trans people hate themselves, especially trans women, and why the average lifespan of a trans person is 30-32 years.

This is why we need the Trans Day of Visibility. This is why we desperately need to fight against shit like this and spread the idea that trans women are FUCKING HUMANS who need the basic level of fucking recognition and compassion.

"What Rape Culture?"


I was able to find Mike, who still has the same profile photo, and he appears to have a sister. Not that he shouldn't be able to recognize the humanity of women anyway.

Answer after answer like this. These guys are not outliers. They are the average male. I see shit like this all the time. Rape culture.

Trans Day of Visibility

March 31 is the annual Trans Day of Visibility! Celebrating the existence of trans and non-binary persons everywhere, because they have so little representation in media that they're practically invisible to the larger population except as jokes.

Trans people are real people. Non-binary people are real people. They're not jokes.

If you're cis and you haven't yet taken the time to read about the experiences of trans and non-binary persons, followed their blogs, or even familiarize yourself with common terms, DO IT. You need to start looking at trans people as human beings and push out all those old messages from media that say they're nothing more than jokes and gags.

If you're on social media, find selfies of trans and non-binary individuals and share them. Make sure all your friends get to see some amazing trans faces.

If you want to do more for trans people:

10 Things You Can Do For Transgender Day Of Visibility

This was written by a trans person, so it's legit. I would also suggest that you use your Facebook account to shove information about trans people into the faces of your more ignorant friends and family members.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Gif of the Day

I fucking love black cats.

This is Where Anti-Choice Shit Leads


Indiana sentences Purvi Patel to decades in prison for what she says was a miscarriage.

It starts with immigrant women of color, of course.

The entire trial was a farce. They found no abortion drugs in her system, they used an archaic "test" that was found to be bullshit literally hundreds of years ago to decide that the fetus could have survived outside the womb.

So she gets 30 years in prison for what was almost certainly a miscarriage that she would have only induced herself because she had no access to abortion after what had all the justice and legitimacy of a witch trial.

Anti-choicers care so little about the people who carry fetuses that they would destroy the life of this woman because, what, she once expressed a desire to exercise her bodily autonomy in a text message? There is no justice.

Relax About the Bathrooms Already


There's been so much handwringing about trans people (read: trans women) using the correct public bathrooms rather than being forced to use the ones for the gender they were wrongly assigned at birth. This comes from both conservative transphobes and TWERFs (trans women exclusionary radical feminists). TWERFs, by the way, fail to see the irony in this.

It all comes from some fantasy situation in which trans women will go into women's bathrooms because they're actually men who just want to prey on innocent cis women in public restrooms.

Let me put some minds at ease. As many people will conveniently argue about whatever laws they don't like, laws can be broken. Gun control laws don't stop bad people from getting and using guns for evil, right? Of course, I'm not using that shitty argument in support of letting people use the correct bathrooms, because I don't need to. The point is, let's examine just how many trans women have assaulted cis women in bathrooms.

Now, have cis men dressed as women and gone into women's bathrooms to be creeps or assault women? Yes. Have trans women been glared at, harassed, and assaulted for using women's bathrooms? Oh yeah. Have trans women been leered at, harassed, and assaulted for using the men's bathroom? Definitely. Is the average lifespan of a trans woman 30-32 years? YES.

So what's the best solution to the problem of cis men dressing up as women and assaulting women in the bathroom? Is it to punish trans women who are already so harassed and ostracized by our society that they are killed and kill themselves at astronomical rates? To continue to expose them to harassment and assault by forcing them to use the wrong bathroom, even though there's still nothing really stopping cis men from assaulting women in bathrooms?


Trans women do not assault cis women in bathrooms. So stop.

Feminist Product Review

Actually, this is for people who get periods. Remember that not all women can menstruate and there are men and non-binary persons who menstruate. Also, non-binary people. Okay.

I finally got myself some reusable cotton pads. They're amazing. And so simple. They come with wings that stay in place with the use of a little snap thing, which makes them really easy to adjust because they're not sticking to your underwear but they still stay in place. Then you can use the extra, non-wing pads for more protection by slipping them under the little straps on the base pads.

It is so much better than using those plastic, sticky pieces of shit you get at the grocery store. No poking, no crinkling, no sticky parts that catch on your pubic hairs. Just softness.

The only downside is the little bit of interaction you might have with your menstrual blood. But this doesn't have to be a downside. The idea that we should be repulsed by our menstrual blood was invented and pushed on us by cis men (who were targeting cis women because cissexism). Hell, cis men have been grossed out by menstrual blood since the time the Old Testament was written. Seriously, it's in Leviticus.

It's time to stop. This is just another way in which we're told we should hate our bodies. There's nothing gross or unsanitary about your own menstrual blood. You can rinse those pads out in the sink before putting them in the laundry. Who cares if it gets on your hands? That stuff is constantly touching you anyway, only on the inside of your uterus. It's no different on the outside of your body. It's a part of you, and therefore awesome.

And if your cis male partner is grossed out by it, tell him to get the fuck over it. Grow up, cooties aren't real. And if he can't deal, it's time to dump him. Don't date men who are grossed out by any part of you.

Friday, March 27, 2015

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They're good for nothing.

How Are Pro-Lifers Being Pro-Life Today?


No murder charge in case of baby cut from womb, lawmaker calls death ‘act of God.’

I'm iffy on the idea of calling the intentional killing of a fetus "murder" as Republicans use that shit to try and chip at abortion rights in the US (which they've been very successful at), but I think most of us can draw the line at calling it and "act of god" when someone cuts a person open and steals the fetus, which dies soon after.

This woman was brutally assaulted and lost her child. Can't think of anything non-sexual that could possibly be more traumatizing and horrible. So this Republican "pro-lifer" says that it happened because abortion is legal. It's the loving Christian god's retribution for the existence of abortion.

Tell me again how Republicans give a fuck about fetuses or the people carrying them. They care so much that they use the death of a fetus to push their religious ideals and political agendas. Pro-life indeed.

#BoycottIndiana is the Opposite of Helpful

I understand the the outraged reactions to Indiana's new "religious freedom to oppress LGBTQAIP+ people" bill. But if you think the people responsible for this bill are going to be affected by this bill, you're extremely mistaken and sadly naive about the state of the country.

Melissa McEwen of Shakesville, who lives in Indiana, has already explained this.

Boycotting products from Indiana will only hurt the poor, and LGBTQAIP+ persons are disproportionately poor. And NO, not all Indiana citizens supported this bill. In fact, most of them were likely against it. This is worse than the time Dan Savage told everyone to boycott the wrong vodka.

Get it together, liberals.

US Anti-Black Racism Update

Floyd Dent. Miraculously, he's still alive after being pulled from his car after being stopped for nothing, beaten, choked, kicked, and repeatedly tasered. All of this was caught on video.

“I’m lucky to be living. I think they was trying to kill me, especially when they had choked me,” Dent told WDIV, with tears streaming down his face. “I mean, I was on my last breath. I kept telling the officer, ‘Please, I can’t breathe.”’

Will any of the officers be charged? Well, not all of them have even been placed on administrative leave so hahahahahaha no, they won't.

The town where this happened is 75% black people with a mostly white police force. Reverand Charles Williams II of the town, called Inkster, has promised to shut down the city if there's no justice.

I hope they do. We need more protests. Nothing has changed. Nothing has improved. Ferguson isn't over, but people have forgotten anyway.

Shut it down.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Well get him down from there.

Fat Hatred, Cont.


So while I was taking screenshots of my conversation with Michael "Asshat of the Year" Tememe, I noticed that my posts on fat hatred had been tagged "Fat" automatically by Google+, and so I clicked on it hoping I could change it to "Fat Hatred," but instead it showed me the top posts tagged with "Fat," and this is the first thing I saw:

Do I even need to argue that fat hatred is a thing, and a very harmful thing at that, when diet blogs are doing it for me? Look at that image. That person is literally about to cut themselves. They're about to try and cut off their fat with scissors. That's how much people hate fat. Diet blogs can use an image like this and no one blinks an eye. People probably relate to it, actually, without realizing. Hell, I can think of plenty of times where I'd had the impulse to commit self-harm because of how much I hated my body, specifically the fat in it.

This is what fat hatred does to people. "Do you have any fat on your body, which you need to live? Yes? THEN FUCKING CUT YOURSELF."

Holy shit.

Groupe Systemic


What's with the headline, you ask? Well, you see, I wanted to make this company the title of this post in hopes that it will come up when people Google Groupe Systemic. Because the man behind it is a complete asshole who deserves no business.

So I got this comment on my Google+ page from some random dude. He was commenting on one of my posts about fat hatred, specifically the one with the image of "beach bodies" showing beautiful fat individuals because all bodies are beach bodies when they're on the beach, duh.

This is the insight he had to offer:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

I decided to challenge this grown man on his decision to make such a crude joke.

"Fatties." "Hams." "Fatties block out the sun." But he's just concerned about their health, right?

So let's take a look at this Michael Tememe.

Click to enlarge

A quick Google search brings up his LinkedIn page where you can see he's the president of Groupe Systemic.

In conclusion, if anyone was out there looking for network, IT, or online security-related services, is this the kind of person you want to buy from? He doesn't seem very mature, and he's certainly not kind. Surely you can find someone more deserving of your money.

Recommended Reading


Hello Brittney Cooper is being brilliant again, pay attention.

Black girls’ sexual burden: Why Mo’ne Davis was really called a “slut”

Yes, this happened. Remember Mo'ne Davis, the baseball prodigy who is breaking records and generally kicking more ass than most adults have in their entire lives? Some dude for some reason that utterly escapes me got upset that Disney is planning to make a movie about her, which is FANTASTIC because representation not only matters, but saves lives, and so he called her a slut.

She's 13. She's amazing at baseball. So she gets called a slut.

As Cooper points out, this brings to mind the incident in which The Onion called Quvenzhan√© Wallis a cunt when she was nine. And while The Onion's tweet was meant to be a "joke" and Joey Casselberry's was clearly not, there's a definite pattern of using gendered slurs of a sexual nature to degrade black girls who are achieving great things.

Brittney Cooper explains the reasons behind this behavior and, more importantly, the effect this has on the black girls who grow into black women. This line in particular is intensely brilliant:

"In other words, Black girls’ sexual security is a routine casualty of boys’ sexual maturation process."

Click and read.



Seriously. Why can't dudes deal with rejection?

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Gif of the Day

This is a real thing in the world.

Amazing Girls of Color

Holy crap.

Indian two-year-old sets national archery record.

I want a movie and I want it now.

I mean, I'm a little concerned that they've been training her "since birth" (how?) but they say they're making sure not to put too much pressure on her.

Look at that little warrior, though. Look at the fearless look in her eyes. Woe to any man who raises a hand against her.

Look At This Awesome Thing: Mountain Climbing Cat

We need some positivity in this blog now. Have you heard about the guy who goes mountain climbing with his cat?

My Adopted Cat Is The Best Climbing Partner Ever

Look at this cutey:

Even I would go outside and climb mountains if my cat would do it with me. Check out the whole article for many more cute pictures.

Could There BE Any More Evidence for the Gender Wage Gap?

Image of Chandler Bing gesturing with his mouth wide open, looking very serious

Even in nursing, no equal pay for women.

Yep, male nurses get paid more than female nurses.

We already knew that male teachers get paid more than female teachers, including elementary and middle school teachers. And teacher's assistants.

Seriously, almost everything.



This is seriously the worst thing I've read in a very long time.

Black Woman Locked In Psych Ward For 8 Days Because Cops Couldn’t Believe She’s A Businesswoman

If this doesn't prove the existence of racism and misogynoir in the US, I don't know what will.

First they impounded her car after accusing her of having weed in it, which she didn't.

Then when she tried to complain about this racist bullshit, she was CUFFED and SEDATED. And it just gets worse.

The next day, she went to pick up her vehicle and confronted officers about her treatment. She was forcibly sedated, cuffed, and sent to Harlem Hospital. On arrival, she was locked up in the psych ward as an ‘Emotionally Disturbed’ person.
In efforts to establish her credibility and sanity, Brock tried to explain who she was. She told doctors about her job, and that President Obama follows her on Twitter—both of which are true. They argued she was delusional and bipolar, sedated her, and kept her in treatment for more than a week.


They didn't do anything to verify her assertions that she's a businesswoman. It would have been so easy to do so, because she IS a businesswoman. But they assumed she was DELUSIONAL and assumed she was UNEMPLOYED. Because she's a black woman. They must be crazy if they say they have a good job at a bank, right?

When she was finally released, no apologies were made for the mistake. Instead, she was handed a $13,000 medical bill. 

What the fuckity fuck fuck fuck FUCK THIS IS THE WORST FUCKING THING.

You can't DO this to a person. How is it possible that a woman could be sedated and sent to a psyche ward by police just for complaining about an already clear abuse of power? This is fucking terrorism. Oh, you're a black woman complaining about police abuse? We'll have you DRUGGED repeatedly and strip you naked and lock you away in a horrific experience which will probably leave her actually needing a lot of fucking therapy.

She's suing, and I hope the city has to pay her many millions of dollars for what they did to her. She should be set up for life after that.


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Gif of the Day

Animated gif of a man dropping a bicycle into a kiddie pool and then dancing away.

There is a context to this gif but I'm not giving it to you.

Not All Men

Did I post this yet? Eh, whatever.

Monica Lewinsky: Human Being

I just finished watching Monica Lewinsky's TED Talks speech, and I highly recommend it. It brought me to tears twice. The first time was because of the shame I felt, knowing I had been even a tiny part of the cyclone of shit that smacked the 22-year-old woman in the face and ruined her life.

I, too, used to think of her as "that woman." She was the perfect image of The Whore in the whore-virgin-mother thing. It wasn't until quite recently that I came to realize that she was a victim of a relationship with an extreme power imbalance and guilty of literally nothing. The scandal was Bill Clinton's fault.

But of course Monica Lewinsky whose life got ruined, because she's the woman. And we are the sexual gatekeepers. Apparently not even the goddamn fucking President of the United Fucking States of America can control himself when it comes to sex. Why are men allowed to lead, again?

Anyway, watch the speech.


Monica Lewinsky is officially amazing and always has been.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Gif of the Day


Flawless Feminist Victory


New feminist Thor is selling way more comic books than the old Thor

Flawless Black Feminist Victory

We all know about the feminist victory in which we got the federal government in the US to target colleges across the country for their monumental failure to protect students from sexual assault and help victims. But did you know who is actually responsible for this long-overdue action?

How Wagatwe Wanjuki uses social media to make college safer.

This is yet another example of a black woman being responsible for something huge in the feminist movement yet getting erased. Good on MSNBC for featuring her and using her name in the headline. I know my fellow white people are going to have their racist brain cramps over that name, but figure it the fuck out.

Anyway, Wagatwe Wanjuki is a feminist hero who started the petition to the US Department of Education demanding action on the campus sexual assault problem and is the creator of the #SurvivorPrivilege hashtag. Remember the name and read the interview.

She's also a huge advocate of using "new media," as many black women and other highly marginalized populations are, for activism. Privileged people like to deride online activism and social media as "slacktivism" or whatever, saying that using the Internet to drive your activism is lazy and that we should go out and organize public protests or use our supposed millions of dollars to run for office (because that's what it takes in the US now). This is both a symptom of privilege, since only those who have it can safely be in public, let alone protest in it, not to mention the whole money thing, and an (often subconscious) attempt to silence people through shame.

It's plainly clear that online activism not only works, but gives the marginalized unprecedented access to large audiences to which they can (relatively) safely share their voice. It's therefore no surprise that those who have power and don't want to give it up would mock such a medium.

But try talking to Wagatew Wanjuki using the word "slacktivism." She'll smacktivism your face. NOT SORRY.

"What Rape Culture?"


Predictably, arguments with anti-feminists and other misogynists often bring up the idea of "false accusations" of rape. Anti-feminists and MRAs like to claim that men are victims of some imaginary threat of being falsely accused of rape and having their lives ruined forever. Funny how these dudes are almost always white men, and the only men who have ever had to worry about this are men of color. In the US, black men especially were victim to false accusations of sexual assault from white women or from white men looking for any excuse to lynch black men.

Today, people are still clearly more willing to believe in rape accusations if they're against black men. There are a shit ton of famous white men who have sexually assaulted and beaten women, but no one says a peep against them. Mike Tyson is one of the few famous men actually convicted an punished for rape and Bill Cosby just happens to be the one punished by society for being a serial rapist.

Mike and Bill deserve punishment, of course. But it's no coincidence that they're both black. Meanwhile Woody Allen is still widely defended and revered, even though it's pretty fucking clear that he's a CHILD MOLESTER.

Now, actual false accusation rates are generally considered to be 2-8%. Anti-feminists may claim higher, but their opinions don't count. The latest and most credible studies come up with results that range from 2-8%.

I think it's lower than that. Much lower. Here's why.

An 11-year-old reported being raped twice, wound up with a conviction.

At 11, Danielle had severe behavioral, academic and mental-health issues rooted in the drug exposure and physical abuse she suffered from her birth mother, a crack addict. The Bests, her adoptive parents, struggled to handle those issues, turning to but not always following the recommendations of the school and psychiatric communities. The couple and other supporters say the cases are complicated by Danielle’s instability. 
But after Danielle reported the rapes, the police interviewed her in a manner that violated guidelines for handling child sexual assault cases, records and interviews show. They delayed analyzing DNA evidence — and then analyzed only some of it. An officer misled her to get her to contradict her account, and then had her charged her with lying, according to police reports. And many officers treated her with extreme skepticism; in one internal e-mail, a lieutenant called her “promiscuous” and the “sex” consensual.

Danielle, of course, is black.

This is far from the first story I've heard like this. I've heard many stories from rape survivors about how they tried to report it to the police and were treated terribly by hostile officers who seemed to automatically believe that it was a false accusation, grilling the victim for hours and bullying them into a false confession of a false accusation.

There's a mountain of evidence to suggest that cops and people in general are hostile toward rape victims who dare to speak up. Women and girls commit suicide because of this reality. Hostility toward victims is a key component of rape culture. And knowing that cops are mostly terrible, why should we be surprised that many false accusations are, in fact, false confessions that result from untrained, hostile cops that are biased against victims and have no understanding of how extreme trauma makes a victim behave?

Combined with the fact that it's clear how rape survivors who come forward are severely punished by society while the accused dude is often supported and defended (especially if he's white), it makes no sense that false accusations would be anything more than a tiny anomaly since there's nothing but terrible consequences for making any kind of accusation.

As can be seen in Danielle's story, the rapists' lives were NOT ruined. Instead, Danielle's life was ruined. She could have been on her way to recovery, but instead, she was thrown in jail for absolute bullshit.

Police documents say Danielle was charged with filing a false report because her recounting of the rapes shifted and she acknowledged lying about the identity of one of the abductors, who claimed the sex was consensual. Danielle said she cannot recall exactly what she told the police about the alleged abductor; experts say inconsistent accounts by rape victims are not uncommon but do not mean that rape did not occur.


Did they even look into statutory rape charges? Nope. Because who cares about the little black girl who was just raped?

And they charged her based on the fact that she gave contradictory information. Of course she did. She was 11, and she had just experienced a horrible trauma, being raped repeatedly by two men all night. An adult's brain does NOT work properly after experiencing something like that, and a child's even less so. People don't get this. Cops don't get this. Everyone SHOULD get this. Yet somehow they don't, somehow Danielle was not supported by a trained advocate who understands this. So she was thrown in jail. At age 11. Rape culture.

Experts say that trauma often causes rape victims to give inconsistent accounts, which should not be used to determine credibility. They suggest that police investigators’ initial interviews with young victims be brief and involve only minimal facts, with follow-up interviews conducted by specialists. The D.C. police signed a best-practices memorandum to that effect in 2003. 
Using specialists is especially important in the case of children who have suffered prior abuse, according to Cindy Bridgman, director of clinical services at Safe Shores, the D.C. Children’s Advocacy Center. A child “who reports sexual assault and has a history of trauma should be taken as soon as possible after the incident to . . . a child-friendly setting to be interviewed by a trained forensic interviewer,” she said.

There's so much more to this article, which goes on to describe further assaults against the child and how her life fell apart. I only recommend reading it if you're feeling strong, no matter if you're a survivor or not. It's so rough.

This is rape culture. This is not an isolated incident, but one of many - a single example that describes a culture that doesn't give a fuck about rape victims and protects rapists.

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Gif of the Day



Too tired still to post anything except this thing from Tumblr:

This may call for an extensive list of famous pieces of fiction that include politics. Which will be really easy to make since every fucking thing has politics in it.

People ask me why I don't like TotalBiscuit. Lol.

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Gif of the Day

This is me trying to make it to the end of the day.

7 Myths About Housewives, Debunked

I wrote this for Yes! Magazine because after I wrote the piece on the living Rosie the Riveter, people got mad because I used the phrase "simple housewife." Of course, being a housewife has never been simple. So to make up for it, I wrote this!

7 Myths About Housewives, Debunked

Some people still objected to the term "housewife" as it implies that the woman is married to the house. That makes sense, but I'm not writing another article on it.

Anyway, the point is, it's not simple to take care of the home. It's not like a job. Nobody lives at their job. And if you have a kid or kids, you're on call when you're asleep and you don't get sick days.

Coincidentally, I'd recently been arguing with this huuuuuuuge misogynist who was trying to argue that the reason for the wage gap was because women had the option of becoming housewives and then divorcing the men they marry so they can collect alimony. Basically, he thinks that such a large number of women are heartless, conniving gold diggers that it would cause a 23 cent gap in wages. At it has to be a LOT of women, because getting alimony is really hard and this really only happens for rich white women.

Yes. There are literally men out there who think this. They think that being a housewife is super easy so tons of women aspire to be one so they can lie around the house and after a couple years divorce their rich husbands for alimony. And a lot more people at least think that being a homemaker is an "easy" "job."

Afternoon Announcements

Either I was officially doing too much for my brain to handle (as explained by that post about how I was doing a lot of shit) or these Boiron Oscillococinum shots really do work to stop the flu. I'm feeling better, but still too tired to do much, especially since I have to go to work today. But I will post something I already wrote for someone else. You're welcome.

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Gif of the Day

Cat 1: *Pounce* OMGOMGOMGOMG *bop*

Cat 2: *Continues licking butt*

Afternoon Announcements

Today I have to be doing ADULT things like TAXES and lying in bed because I think I'm coming down with something. Ugh.

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Heheh. Lag.

Agender: A Brief Overview

By Fawning Prince

What Are Jobs Worth?

I've got this post that goes around on Tumblr about the gender wage gap. It stays alive primarily because every now and then some dork will revive it to try and argue with me about it. They start by arguing that it doesn't exist, which is hilarious because what they actually argue, every time, is that it does and should exist. That it's women's fault it exists. Because we "choose" jobs that pay less.

But who chooses the worth of these jobs that are female-dominated? Who decided that these jobs were worth less than others? Even if we buy into the false notion of absolute, unimpeded choice, what accounts for the worth of each individual profession?

You should see the occupations that these assholes list. Nurse. Teacher. Therapist. Social worker. Hair stylist. Secretary.

You can see how these dudes are stuck in the 1950's. The word "secretary" hardly exists in the job market anymore. It's been changed to "office assistant" or "receptionist" because the word "secretary" was too giiiiirly ewwwwww and so men wouldn't apply.

And hair stylists? You can easily spend more at a hair salon than you would to get your oil changed and your tires rotated. But of course men wouldn't know that, being MANLY MEN WHO DON'T NEED HAIR STYLING, THAT'S SOOOOO GIIIIIIIRLY EWWWWWW.

As for nurses and teachers, let's see. Both work ridiculous amounts of hours, with nurses often having super long shifts that go all night, both often go the extra mile for those under their care, with teachers working 60-80 hours a week even though they only get paid for 40 so that they can grade papers and make lesson plans and figure out how to still educate kids around teaching to ridiculous standardized tests (a US problem). Nurses often do more work than doctors and have to do more of the unpleasant work (you think being a garbage man is grosser than being a nurse? I have news for you). They spend a whole lot more time actually keeping patients alive and caring for them.

And therapists and social workers? Really, we don't value those jobs? Social workers, who make sure kids aren't being abused and who help adults get back on their feet? Therapists, who work to cure people's mental illnesses and make them able to function in day-to-day life? I get dudes complaining that men have a higher rate of (completed) suicide. But what is likely the cause of this is that men won't go to therapy because, again, talking about feelings is what GIRLS do (ew) and MEN deal with their problems ALONE until they FUCKING KILL THEMSELVES.

Maybe it's time for men to value therapists and social workers.

The counter argument I get a lot at this point is that professions like doctors and STEM fields require more education. This is a poor argument, because the amount of education required varies. Many teaching positions require Masters degrees, and there are plenty of STEM fields that only require a BA. In Washington State, you generally have to have a Master's to be a licensed therapist, but in Florida, you only need a BA.

And yes, doctors require more education than nurses. In the US, college education costs money. A lot of money. And astronomical amount of money. A rising amount of money, and for more and more citizens, an unobtainable amount of money. Since more women live in poverty than men, or have to take care of their kids and so either have to stay at home rather than working a job while going to school or have to pay extra for childcare, they obviously have less access to medical degrees. And that's not to mention the whole issue of boys clubs and active hiring discrimination against women. It's not so appealing to spend years in college classes full of men who make shitty jokes and comments and generally act as though you're less capable, only to then be asked in job interviews if you're planning to "start a family."

Yes, it still happens all the time, even if it is illegal.

But the dudes who insist that the wage gap is women's fault won't believe in the stories upon stories of women being treated like shit in med school or being asked sexist questions in interviews. They're not interested in listening to women or learning the truth. Or thinking in general. Their only goal is to convince everyone that the wage gap is a myth (by which they mean women's fault) and anyone who says otherwise is just a man-hating feminist hag.

But they've been pretty successful. The "wage gap myth" myth persists, despite mounting evidence that women get paid less for doing the same work with the same education and experience, the fact that the wage gap exists for little adolescent babysitters, the fact that in Russia, doctors are paid poorly because being a doctor is considered a "nurturing" profession and therefore "women's work," and despite the fact that scientists find again and again that even if you factor in all those reasons why the wage gap is women's fault, like "choosing" lower paying work and "choosing" to spend more time taking care of their kids, there is still an unexplained wage gap.

The first thing I think we need to question is why jobs are worth what they are. Dudes try to throw out weak arguments like "the market decides" and... well basically that's it. But anyone with a slight grasp of economics and psychology knows that it's so much more complicated than that. That's like saying the sky is blue because "outer space." Um... well... a little, but no.

I've worked an interesting variety of jobs. I've worked in retail, food service, customer service, and marketing. I got paid the most with the best benefits by far in marketing. Marketing was the easiest job I ever had. I sat in a cushy chair all day, worked maybe half the time while spending the other half on Tumblr and shit, and the work I did do was not hard. There simply wasn't much to do in a 40 hour work week, and no one seemed to have high expectations for me. I earned an actual salary at my last marketing job until I could no longer stand working in bullshit and constantly feeling guilty because I hardly did any fucking work.

I know that this isn't everyone's experience in an industry like marketing, but the fact is that it's still a cushy job. No one stayed late. You got to sit in a chair all day. Every Friday we'd all go have a long lunch at a pub across the street. And for some reason we deserved more money than someone working their ass off in retail.

For a very short period of time, I worked as a dog bather. It was the hardest work I'd ever done. They should call it dog wrestling, for fuck's sake. It was so hard that I couldn't do it. It was not only physically demanding, but the grooming salon was frequently busy enough that there was no time to take a breather. In fact, most of the bottom rung jobs I've worked basically don't let you have your legally mandated breaks. You can take them (because legally they have to let you) but you'll get scowls from managers and then you can be expected to be treated like shit by them, and most of the time there really just isn't time for breaks or, in the case of tip-fueled delivery driving, it doesn't make sense to take breaks.

So I could right now be making way more money per hour with benefits for doing a fraction of the work, and why? Because I have a BA in creative writing? Because I was lucky enough to have parental support through most of college?

That shit doesn't add up. Please explain to me why marketing is worth more than serving you food? Please explain why working my ass off to make sure your dog is clean, dry, and healthy is worth barely over minimum wage.

And for the love of god, why don't teachers get paid more? No one can fucking explain that to me. They raise and educate our fucking children for the love of all that is holy oh my god just

Monday, March 16, 2015

Gif of the Day


Recommended Reading

I don't know how many personal stories of struggle it will take to make people stop judging others without knowing shit about their situation, but here's one more:

To the woman who tutted at me using the disabled toilets…

This is in the UK, I believe, where they have separate rooms for disabled individuals to use the toilet rather than a large stall in the same bathroom. The woman had her bowel removed and has to deal with all of the pain and embarrassment that comes with that. And the shame is exacerbated by people being assholes to her and judging her.

It's so so so so so so so important not to judge people based on the preconceived notion that everyone who doesn't have some disability or illness you can see with your eyes is perfectly healthy. This shit is ableist. Do you have any idea how many people have bowel issues? It's a fucking lot. So use that energy you spend on judging people to be grateful your bowel isn't a plastic bag.

White Fragility

This is an interesting new term (or new to me, at least). "White fragility" is basically the nicer version of "white tears," referring to the way we white people just cannot seem to handle it when people bring up race. Particularly when we're called out on our own racist attitudes. And we all have racist attitudes, because we're white people brought up in a racist society.

Why White People Freak Out When They're Called Out About Race

This is an interview with Robin DiAngelo, the woman who does workshops on race with her fellow white people and forces them to face their white privilege. You may have seen the videos of her putting up with that shit, somehow.

She coined the term "white fragility" after so many years of seeing white people fall to pieces when we're forced to think about race issues. I've seen it plenty of times myself. I can't tell you the number of times I've been called racist by my fellow white people or even been told I'm "obsessed with race" simply for pointing out the racism in something they like or a thought pattern they have. And it doesn't matter how nicely you go about it, either. Just like with misogyny, the very second you imply that a white person might be the slightest bit subconsciously racist, you can expect to see them fall to pieces.

We white people just can't seem to handle it. So out come the defense mechanisms. On the top of the list is accusing the person talking about race of being racist, because it made them so upset to be called racist that they're hoping that it will make the person talking about race shut up. Or they do it to get you on the defensive, derailing the conversation. They accuse you of taking things too personally, which is, of course, projection, because they're the ones taking the conversation about racism too personally.

In large part, white fragility—the defensiveness, the fear of conflict—is rooted in this good/bad binary. If you call someone out, they think to themselves, “What you just said was that I am a bad person, and that is intolerable to me.” It’s a deep challenge to the core of our identity as good, moral people.

There's so much other great stuff in this interview, including the idea that privileged people "often confuse comfort with safety" and a rejection of the idea of white people being objective about race.

And I LOVE this:

When I’m doing a workshop, I’ll often ask the people of color in the room, somewhat facetiously, “How often have you given white people feedback about our inevitable and often unconscious racist patterns and had that go well for you?” And they laugh. 
Because it just doesn’t go well. And so one time I asked, “What would your daily life be like if you could just simply give us feedback, have us receive it graciously, reflect on it and work to change the behavior? What would your life be like?” 
And this one man of color looked at me and said, “It would be revolutionary.”

This is exactly how I feel about providing feedback to men about misogyny. It's so rare for it to go well that the number of times it has, and actually I can only recall one example, it's shocking. I've spent so much time and energy just trying to explain to men how absolutely futile it is to try and be nice to men about subjects of gender because no matter how you approach it, it goes badly. If I'm super nice about it, the best I can expect is condescending dismissal and mansplaining. But more often than not the response is angry and defensive.

That's a big part of where Not Sorry Feminism came from. I'm tired of being nice and apologetic about "asking for" the human rights I should already have, because it doesn't work anyway. I'd rather spend my energy practicing being unapologetic and spreading the idea that women do not need to apologize for their existence.

But I'm getting off track. Another bit from this interview that's super important is when DiAngelo is asked about her used of the word "we" when talking about white people - something I strive to do as well.

Well, for one, I’m white (and you’re white). And even as committed as I am, I’m not outside of anything that I’m talking about here. If I went around saying white people this and white people that, it would be a distancing move. I don’t want to reinforce the idea that there are some whites who are done, and others that still need work. There’s no being finished.

I'm not separate from other white people. I'm not "one of the good ones," and I'm not above criticism because I acknowledge the extremely obvious reality of systemic racism. I never will be.

And the rest of the interview is fucking phenomenal, too. Talking about the dilemma of being a white person talking about race issues when people of color have been saying the same things, but white people won't listen to people of color so fffffffffuuuuuuck. And yeah. DiAngelo is great, for a white person.

See what I did there. Har har.

I Can Adult

I've been working rather hard lately. So hard, in fact, that I rarely find myself with enough time to sit down with a nice video game and clock in a few hours shooting bandits. On weekdays, I wake up and work on my daily freelance assignments, blog, and do any additional freelance writing work necessary, which sometimes involves a good few hours of writing and editing. This takes up my mornings and goes into the afternoon. On good days, I'm done by 2 or 3 and have a couple hours to relax. In the evening, two days a week I have off to myself. The other five I work as a delivery driver to supplement my income.

So I'll have weekend mornings and afternoons off (though I can start delivery driving as early as 3:45) and two weekday evenings off. However, these can also often be used for freelance writing commitments or long pieces for the blog. I also try to socialize, which as an introvert uses up mental energy rather than restoring it.

While this may seem rather mundane to some, what's got me baffled is the fact that I don't feel completely overwhelmed all the time to the point that I want to die. Sometimes I feel worn out or burnt out, and sometimes I need to neglect the blogging or freelancing a little to give myself a break. But mostly, I'm okay. I'm fine with what I'm doing. I no longer count the amount of hours I have by myself to play video games or just lie on the couch and watch TV because I feel like if I don't get enough of that in the week I'll completely break down.

When I was a teen, I used to think that I would never make it as an adult. I thought that even if I somehow made it through college, I would never be able to make it in the working world where you don't get hardly any vacation time and you have to be at work 40 hours a week. I found middle school to be barely tolerable in terms of the amount of work. I constantly felt stressed and tired and worn down.

But that's how it feels with anxiety and depression. Any amount of work is monumental, and you have to mentally prepare yourself for the work you have to do, reassuring yourself that you can get it all done in X amount of time and still have X number of hours to relax. Anything added on to that is a terrible burden. I remember the feeling of dread any time a new class project or test was announced, because I knew it was going to eat up so much of that precious free time that I needed just to feel like I could survive. And all the worse if I had to present it to the class. Good lord. I could go on about the lack of consideration for people with anxiety disorders when it comes to school presentations.

Anyway, everyone said that college was harder than middle school or high school. Everyone acted like life just got harder the older you got. It was all "just wait until you get into high school, go to college, have to get a job, THEN you'll REALLY have to work." It was terrible. I had zero hope for the future. I figured if I could barely handle middle school then I would have a mental break down and be institutionalized before 25.

And I wonder how many other teens felt that way. How many feel that way now. Yet so many people treat them as though their lives are easy.

My experience was different. Getting into therapy at age 16 helped a lot. High school was still hard, but I was better able to manage my intense anxiety and stress, and my depression lifted. As time went on, newly announced projects, though annoying, didn't seem as terrible.

And college? College was easy. Neither my desired major at the time nor my backup major required a Master's degree, and I knew that very few employers were going to ask for my college GPA, so the pressure to be perfect was lifted. I allowed myself to slack off a bit. Projects were much more enjoyable because often they were on things I was actually interested in, and if I got a bad grade on one, no one who would care needed to know. And it only got easier as time went on and I got my required science and math classes out of the way so that I could take more writing classes. The homework for those classes was nearly 100% "do the things you like doing in your spare time anyway."

I know this is definitely not everyone's college experience, but it was mine. College doesn't have to be murderously hard. College isn't always studying all night until you think you might cry. And when you're actually happy with what you're doing, the work is so much easier and so much less of a burden.

As a teenager, I never thought I would be able to handle a schedule like the one I have now. I realized this a couple days ago and just kind of watched myself in wonder as I went over everything I'd done in that week and everything I had to do for the rest of the week and the following one, which involves very little time to myself, and felt okay with it. I can handle it.

I can spend my free time on Sunday doing some blogging and freelance work in advance so that I can visit my sister on my day off from delivery work Tuesday. And I am okay with going to hang out with friends, even though they are ones that I don't know as well as others because I know them through my boyfriend, on my night off the day after that. I'll probably feel a bit worn out by Thursday, but I know I'll make it.

I have a typical working adult life, full of commitments and goals and trying to balance in some socializing and special time with the significant other. And I'm okay. Even happy.

I wanted to write this all down because maybe if I'd read something like this as a teen, I would have had some hope. I remember how miserable I was then, and if things had been much worse, I might not have made it. I was lucky to be white and cishet and middle class. I was lucky to have access to therapy and anti-depressants. I only wish I'd had access to the broad support networks I find online these days, and I want to be a part of that support for young people today.

I know the whole "It Gets Better" campaign is wildly insufficient. We need to help depressed, anxious, overwhelmed teens NOW. I'm not going to let myself think that writing this blog post is enough. But it's something. If only my teen self could have seen me now.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Gif of the Day


National Review Baffled By Concept of Benevolent Sexism

"What is this 'benevolent sexism?'" scoffs Katherine Timpf of National Review. "Sounds like a feminist conspiracy to shame men away from being nice to me. NICE IS NICE, FEMINIST KILLJOYS."

Benevolent sexism, or as I like to call it, BS, is the idea that men who treat women like they're super special humans who shouldn't have to open their own doors or pull out their own chairs aren't actually the Nice Guys they claim to be, but are actually just as sexist as the douchebro who goes "Ugh, WOMEN, amirite?"

It's also been around forever, so the recent study that came out adding evidence to the pile is pretty yawn-worthy to feminists who have already been talking about this for decades. But it's caught the attention of anti-feminists of all genders who have taken the opportunity to willfully miss the point and go "LOL silly feminist research scientists think being nice is sexist, what will they come up with next?" You know, right before they start screeching about feminists ruining men forever.

Timpf goes on to cherry pick sentences from an article that she can highlight to make it seem like the study is saying that being nice to ladies = sexism, entirely ignoring context to fuel her outrage that FEMINISTS, UGH.

The point of BS, of course, is that there are men who think that women suck and therefore should be treated badly, and then there are men who think that women suck and therefore should be treated like children. It's the difference between outright meanness and condescension. Is one really better than the other? Personally, I prefer to deal with straightforward assholery. I think a lot of people feel the same way.

It's also the difference between "Oh, that person looks cold, I will give them my jacket because I am not so cold" and "Oh, that women looks cold, if I give her my coat she'll have to fuck me in return!" The whole "vending machine" deal. No thanks, I'd rather be cold.

This all goes way over the head of Katherine Timpf (or more likely she chooses to duck under it) who thinks that the study is saying that any sign of niceness from any man to any woman under any circumstance is immediately sexism. She then goes on to say that she totally wants men to give her their coats and their spots on the lifeboat, because lol, who wants to drown, right? She also doesn't seem to understand that being put on a pedestal is actually not a good thing in any kind of human relationship. I'd rather not be dehumanized in such a way, because, you know, actual human beings are complex and have flaws. And falling off of that pedestal is not pleasant.

It's also hilarious how anti-feminists are reacting to this study considering how they're the ones that come to me to say that the Titanic "women and children first" deal is proof that men are actually the oppressed ones in our society.

"Look, men are expected to save those too weak to save themselves first, and in our society, that includes women, how unfair to men!" they cry. "Woe is me, how will I ever be on a boat?!"

Yet when we feminists say "actually, we don't want to be treated like children" it's "LOL silly feminists, go ahead and DROWN then, if that's what you want!"

There's no winning with these people.

The best (worst) part of this is that the second we try to explain benevolent sexism and ask that men just treat women like people, thus sparing them from the terrible burden of opening all those doors and giving away all their coats, the immediate reaction is "FINE then, we won't do ANYTHING for you EVER, we'll just OVERTLY treat you like SHIT if that's what you WANT. NO COATS FOR YOU, FEMINISTS. CHECKMATE."

Or in Katherine Timpf's case, worrying that studies on BS will make men too afraid to give her coats, because they might be seen as sexist! It's not like men are capable of actually considering the subconscious intent behind their actions or doing any kind of self-examination in terms of learned behavior and latent attitudes about women.

The only reason men might shy away from doing any nice things for women ever is because of articles like Katherine's that cherry pick shit and present everything out of context while deliberately misinterpreting every statement from the researchers in an attempt to make it seem like they're saying all nice things men do for women is sexism, even though if you read the original article, it's super clear that this is not the case. Way to go, Katherine.


Transgender Teen Jazz Jennings Is The New Face Of Clean & Clear


This is so fucking fantastic. Even the YouTube comments are positive and uplifting. Damn. Jazz Jennings, you are amazing.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gif of the Day

The one gif every misandrist needs.

Recommended Reading

Neurodiversity: Some Basic Terms & Definitions

Neurodivergent. Learn about the term. Practice using it. Make it a part of your overall vocabulary.

There are a lot of people who will flip out and do flip out over terms like "ableism" or "neurotypical" any time they pop up to describe a concept that most of the population is unfamiliar with, or that people kind of know about but approach it in the wrong way. Using "google" as a verb gained acceptance without much resistance in a couple years, but fuck if we should have a word that describes systemic discrimination against disabled and mentally ill people.

Even though, like, holy shit, there's a ton of it. People who can't work are called "leaches" and any time a white person commits an act of violence they must have been mentally ill, because mentally ill people are violent, right? (Wrong.)

The idea of neurodiversity is simply to try and get people to accept the fact that people's minds work differently, as individuals, and some people's minds work more differently than most other's. It's a pretty simple and inclusive concept, but people will be threatened by it nonetheless.

But if you're not an asshole, please read on the basics of this psychological concept in order to help yourself become a more educated and considerate person.

The Feminist Utopia, Built By Kurdish Women

So this is a fascinating article:

The Promise of the Women of Kobane

It rightly points out the issues with liberalism in its fetishization of these Kurdish warriors and architects who are AMAZING but can we leave their looks out of it and goddamnit they don't just exist to fight the people we in the US don't like. Though I don't know if "permissiveness" is quite the right word to describe how liberalism is like the same side of the coin that contains conservative, religious restrictiveness. Liberalism more promotes freedom from thought. My main criticism of Western liberalism and liberal feminism is the refusal to examine words, actions, and thought patterns, instead rather frantically clinging to the idea that every choice is right and okay and perfect so let's not question it! Just continue to buy things, please.

Which may have been what the author was actually getting at. "Nihilistic capitalist modernity" yeah pretty much.

Anyway, on to the best part:

Rejecting both a nihilistic capitalist modernity and primitive religious and sectarian thought, the fighters of the Kurdish YPJ (Women's Protection Units) are building a radical democracy that aims to shatter long held gender prejudices, promote an equal division of work in private and public spheres, with an emphasis on local self-governance and the building of an economic system that is based neither on the exploitation of human labor nor on the pilferage of natural resources.


A novel experiment for the Kurdish regions which, as a system of governance, will rely more on collective consensus of the peoples involved and voluntary participation of individuals. Rejecting the traditional state-centrism, Democratic Confederalism is meant to be "flexible, multi-cultural, anti-monopolistic, and consensus-oriented" where "Ecology and feminism are central pillars."


Animated gif of Susan Strong from Adventure Time hyperventilating and drooling with huge shiny eyes

I'm sure I'm committing the sin of oversimplification just like the comic the author criticized in the first place, but my first thought was "SOCIALIST FEMINIST PARADISE. WANT." Not to mention the white capitalist influence in my apparent desire to possess this movement that is so not mine,

But, anyway, oh my god, these women are so amazing. I'd so love to be a part of this somehow. Just as like, the janitor. I swear I won't try to make any decisions. I'll keep my mouth shut. Can I just scrub your floors?

I cannot wait to read more on what these Kurdish women are doing. I just. Wow. My heroes.

Representation Matters

So get some fucking women on some fucking money in this goddamn country, fuck.

I know this is perhaps the most capitalist shit ever, but there's a campaign to get a woman on the US $20 bill, and I support it. People use cash constantly, and in the US all we ever get to see on it are white dudes. It works as a pretty hilarious metaphor about who we actually value in this country, but the joke has worn thin. 

We know that the white dudes on the money are there because they're considered to be important historical figures. So what message does this send? There were zero important women or people of color throughout history? Or at least they weren't good enough. Not as good as slave owners and Captain Kill-the-Natives. Shouldn't we be honoring people who accomplished a ton in spite of the incredible obstacles of sexism and racism?

Women of color on all the money 2kRightNow.

One of the candidates in this campaign is Sojourner Truth and I have to say YES YES YES YES YES HER YES no not Eleanor Roosevelt put a goddamn woman of color on there. Fuck Jackson.

People Screwing With Richard Dawkins

Big news on this particular topic today.

Twitter eulogizes Richard Dawkins — who is still alive — with bizarre, hilarious new meme

Oh my god you have to look at the tweets in that article, I'm crying. From laughter, I mean.

Some additional gems:

There is still beauty in the world.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Gif of the Day

Me trying to play sports.

(Actually I was pretty good at soccer as a kid. It's more like me trying to socialize.)


Work work work work work work work work work WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed today so I may not blog (today) but probably tomorrow I'll have something to show for all this WORK.

Have a swell day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gif of the Day

Seriously, don't watch this for too long. You may experience cuteness overload and wake up with blood on your hands and no idea what happened in the last 24 hours.


Yeah that post title is sarcastic. That's why it's in all caps like that.

Allowing Transgender Youth To Transition Improves Their Mental Health, Study Finds

Animated gif of a girl stumbling backward away from a table with test tubes and beakers and collapsing with the flashing text "TOO MUCH SCIENCE" and then "CAN'T HANDLE THE SCIENCE"

"Being allowed to actually be yourself helps you to not feel like shit all the time, study finds."

"Not having to pretend you're something you're not makes you feel less dead inside, study finds."

"Some studies take up precious time and resources to discover things that were already super obvious, study finds."

But hey, thanks a lot, science, for finding out something that trans people have been saying for fucking ever.

Can you imagine if we started doing studies on things that privileged people have been stating outright forever? It's funny how we just assume what privileged populations say about their lived experiences is true, but we need to use SCIENCE to figure out that pretending you're a different gender all the time is fucking stressful and depressing.

Look At This Awesome Thing: Alien Guitar

It's been a long time since I saw something awesome enough to be a part of the Awesome Thing post series, and then this happened:


If I played guitar, I would totally want that guitar, but I don't, so yeah. It's cool to look at, though. I fucking love the Alien franchise.

You can see this guitar and more like it at GigsCurvedGuitars.

Flawless Feminist Victory

UH OH. The feminists are oppressing men again with our evil quotas!

Germany Sets Gender Quota in Boardrooms

That's right. Next year, Germany's biggest countries will have to give at least 30% of its supervisory seats to women. And then, THE WORLD. Will have to give at least less than a third of important roles to women because Jesus Christ it's 2015 COME ON.

I'm sure the cries of "misandry" are just minutes away. There are a lot of men out there who never learned how to share, you know. Recently the most pathetic excuse I've heard given for the gender wage gap and professional gap is that we should respect women's choices to take lower paying work. And by "respect," they meant "don't question it because then we men might have to give up some of that sweet sweet green."

I've already written about the politics of choice on this subject, but I'd surely like to know if this person who is so keen on choice is pro-choice in other matters.

But yeah, I'm sure women choose to be two thirds of those living in poverty. Because we all have 100% freedom to make any choice we want without anything influencing our thought processes, and I say this because I zero grasp on how the human mind actually works.

Animated gif of a woman with a very skeptical face slowing taking a sip from her drink with a straw

Monday, March 9, 2015

Gif of the Day

Been saving this one for a special occasion.

Damn I wish I was half as awesome as these women.

"What Rape Culture?"


People take rape seriously, right? People hate rapists and support victims, right? People are just appalled by the very idea of rape, right? And the only people who ever make fun of victims are just ignorant teenagers, right? Not the people who are meant to bring justice to victims, right?


Cops Make Parade Float Mocking a Woman for Being Raped By Her Father as a Child





Sooooo yeah we'll just add this horrific bit of news to the pile of horrific news stories about how people don't give a fuck about rape or rape victims, okay? Okay.

Here's the Thing

If you think that continuous, affirmative consent sucks all the sexiness out of sex.

Then you are basically saying that a lack of consent turns you on.

Have a nice day.


Are  you kidding me right now?? How is something this cute allowed to exist? TOO CUTE RAGE.

Happy International Women's Day


Yeah, yesterday I was extremely busy NOT WORKING to celebrate the roots of International Women's Day. Did you know that it was originally International Working Women's Day, and it was created by the Socialist Party of America?

Courtesy of grimorioilustrado

It was first celebrated to commemorate a garment worker's strike in which women in the US working at garment factories demanded fair wages, better conditions, and the right to fucking vote. 15,000 women marched through New York on that day, and they probably made the black women march in the back because the suffrage movement was racist as fuck.

The "Working" part of the day was later removed because OMG SCARY SOCIALISM.

But International Women's Day is still great, because we can focus on the International part. Do you have any idea how many amazing women of color are out there, fighting for their rights in all parts of the world?

Check out this amazing Tumblr post celebrating women from the Black Panthers, Asian women protesting for equal treatment, Muslim women protesting Islamophobia, indigenous women rising up, Indian women fighting back against violence, and Palestinian women fighting against the genocide of their people. It's a beautiful collage of incredible women. Just ignore Steve Buscemi. Links to more information are at the bottom.

And don't forget all the women workers performing unpaid labor that is ignored by men because it's just expected of us!