Monday, February 23, 2015

Yeah, Sure, the White Guy Was the First to Say It

The Oscars happened last night. I didn't watch it, but that's okay, because the best parts have already been captured via image, gif, and shit article.

Like this:

Image of Neil Patrick Harris captioned with his Oscars joke: "Tonight we honor Hollywood's best and whitest - sorry, brightest." Mic's comment says "Neil Patrick Harris' #Oscars joke just exposed one of Hollywood's worst problems."

I'm sorry. This white guy exposed the Academy's racism problem? Really? Are you sure? No one was talking about it before NPH made his little joke? Really? REALLY?

Seriously, people of color have been complaining of this for years, Mic. I swear you've even published articles on it before. How do you manage to still give credit to a white guy?

Animated gif of a black basketball player gripping his head and mouthing "are you serious?"


Lkeke said...

Well, that's because a problem isn't actually a problem, until some white guy says it is.

Havelok The Dane said...

I wasn't aware of the racism problem with the academy awards. But I don't follow it either. Would somebody please explain it to me as I am genuinely interested.

Please don't let my pale skin colour or my penis get in the way of your explanation, I know that you are fighting racism and sexism where it rears it's ugly head and I salute you for it. I consider myself to be reasonably bright and open minded, I'm sure I will understand it, if it's not too abstract..

Lindsey Weedston said...

Please don't equate penis with male. It's cissexist.

Also, feel free to Google it.