Wednesday, February 4, 2015


League of Legends e-sports organizer limits lesbian and transgender participants


On Tuesday, a Southeast Asian e-sports event organizer, deemed an official League of Legends partner by the massive game's creator, posted a first-of-its-kind restriction about how many gay and transgender women players could participate in the company's "all feminine tournament" for the online game.


As an explanation, the post described Garena's aims "to have an inclusive environment where no one feels left out," but then went on to claim that gay and transgender players "may probably have some unfair advantage."

Animated gif of Penny from Big Bang Theory shaking her head in utter confusion and saying "WHAT?!"


Okay, I kind of get the biological essentialism combined with misogyny and transmisogyny but how does being a gay woman make you better at video games? Are gay men therefore worse at video games? ??? ??????????????????

Thankfully, people were so incredibly pissed off about this shit that the organizer retracted their original statement, saying that there would be no restrictions. But their apology blows and just, how do you even pull this shit in the first place? Jesus Christ.

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