Wednesday, February 4, 2015

US Anti-Black Racism Update


May I just say, holy fucking shit. Happy Black History Month.

Video Captures Cop Beating a 13-year-old Girl With Baton, Pepper Spraying Two Other Young Girls

Apparently the girl told the cop to call her by her name, Starr, rather than "little girl," and this was grounds for attacking her. Two other girls tried to help her, thinking that he was just some random asshole who liked to beat up 13-year-olds. One of them had to get stitches after the cop struck her on the head with his baton.

This shit doesn't just happen to older black male teens and black men. Black people of all genders are viewed as a threat and brutalized by police from a very young age.

Someone tried to burn down the VonDerrit Meyers memorial.

So that's how many memorials that have mysteriously caught on fire? Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and now VonDerrit Meyers? Wow. How racist do you have to be?

Police have killed another black man, Ledarius Williams. Police say blah blah blah blah blah blah does it even matter anymore? All I heard was that they were harassing him for no reason. Same story every time.

And, here in Seattle, a man was stopped and arrested for carrying a golf club that he's used as a cane for years because he's fucking 70. And a veteran.

You can see the whole thing on video. The officer, Cynthia Whitlatch, orders him to drop the golf club, and when he gets upset because oh my fucking god, she informs him that he's being recorded. Bizarrely, she then says "You just swang that golf club at me!" even though it's on video and so you can plainly see that he didn't.

Miraculously, even though the cop is a cop, and white, prosecutors dropped all charges and apologized to the 70-year-old veteran (William Wingate). Also, the SPD are going to launch a review of the officer's performance.

Oh, and it turns out she's totally racist. Surprise surprise.


Tea.EarlGrey.Hot. said...

I'm confused. On the first link, isn't the cop a black female? That was really awful though. There's never a reason to treat children like that.

It's really incredible to me that people can claim that sexism is almost non-existant, and certainly not harmful. On that note, I see a lot of simple minded people that can't think past the immediate. They pretend like all the minorities just magically make shitty decisions. I never can seem to respond well about these things, especially to my father, who is pretty sexist, racist, and homophobic which makes me angry. I wish I could articulate my thoughts better, like you.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Ohhhh you're right. That explains why this made it to the news!

To be honest, I'm terrible at responding to people in person. I can only do it well in writing when the pressure's not on.

Lkeke said...

Yes, it never seems to occur to such people that these individuals are just reacting to a situation in which they often don't know they're dealing with a police officer. Sometimes they're in plain clothes and don't always announce they're the police either. If you're in a situation where some plain-clothed stranger just starts swinging at you, you're going to defend yourself.

The mainstream media almost never puts any of these incidents in context, either. They almost always craft the stories to be as inflammatory as possible. As if the PoC were going out of their way to be threatening, when really they were just reacting to the unknown.