Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tell It To Me Again


Tell me again how there is no rape culture.

Tell me again how media and fiction doesn't lead to sexual assault.

Tell me again how it's "just a book" and it's "just a movie."

Tell me again how what the mind consumes has no effect on people's thoughts and actions.

Prosecutors: UIC student charged with assault said he was re-enacting 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Oh and PLEASE tell me how this is just one guy, just one isolated incident. Right? Just one [insert ableist term here] kid.

Yes. They're all isolated incidents. Except when you put them all together, and then you have a culture of rape fueled by the media that promotes it.

Tell me again how rape culture doesn't exist when this kid confessed the the assault and then was utterly shocked to be punished.

"He was interviewed by UIC detectives and, according to Karr, admitted assaulting the woman and 'doing something wrong.'" 
"Freshman Mohammad Hossain, 19, appeared shocked after a Cook County judge set his bail at $500,000, walking back to the lockup with his mouth wide open."

With his mouth wide open. Unable to believe he was being punished for brutal sexual assault that he confessed to.

Tell it to me again. Please. Tell me there's no rape culture.

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