Monday, February 9, 2015

Recommended Reading


As long as I'm featuring black writers and bloggers, I'm going to super duper highly recommend this piece by Wagatwe Wanjuki entitled Believing Victims Is the First Step to Stopping Rape.

The damnable New York Times website won't let me copy and paste anything, but it hardly matters since 100% of the article is pure gold. Though I think she's being generous with the 2-8% false report statistic. The latest study puts it at under 1%. Either way, I totally agree with the main point.

And don't even come at me with that "it's not fair to the accused because being accused of rape ruins people's lives" because even guys who admit to or are found guilty of rape probably won't serve jail time or even be kicked out of the college that their victim attends. Also, convicted rapists still enjoy great respect and careers appearing on TV all the time.

Ruins lives my ass.

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