Thursday, February 5, 2015

Questions for Men

The world's most depressing game of "Have You Ever" sprang up on Twitter a couple days ago, and I'm sad I missed it, because I have some questions of my own.

#QuestionsForMen was started by Clementine Ford as a simple question posed to men about whether they have to put up with the same kind of thing that women do, and spread rapidly as women came up with their own questions.

A lot of assholes (most recently, GamerGaters) try to tell me that men deal with harassment, too. But there's simply no comparison. I've had so many people (men) say so many messed up things to me, whether it's all the times I've been called a man-hater, the scores of gendered slurs, or the guys who just go straight to the "daddy issues" thing. I understand that AmazingAtheist gets a lot of angry messages, however, I'm not such a massive asshole that I've been deemed to shitty for Reddit and been kicked out of three separate McDonald's restaurants, nor am I nearly as famous as the Reddit-banned mildew pile who can't handle fast food restaurants. Because there is no justice in the world.

Anywaaaay, here are some of my favorites:

The second best thing about this hashtag is the predictable, barely comprehensible backlash. For example, this guy:

I've not heard of "manslamming" or "broplimenting," but I'm gonna totally gonna use them. But I really love the total ignorance of what toxic masculinity is, and the refusal to acknowledge the fact that there is more than one way a man can sit, walk, and compliment, and that men are actually capable of speaking words without having to interrupt women or treat them like they know nothing about their own expertise and life experiences!

Question for men: Have you ever been flooded with messages accusing you of trying to destroy and entire gender when you start questioning gender norms?

Anti-feminists are endlessly amusing.

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