Thursday, February 12, 2015

If GamerGate Isn't About Women...


Then why the fuck did I have to read this yesterday? [Ableist language at link]

I'm Brianna Wu, And I'm Risking My Life Standing Up To Gamergate

Why does Brianna Wu have "a folder on my hard drive with letters from dozens and dozens of women who’ve abandoned their dream of becoming game developers due to Gamergate, some as young as 12"?

Why is there something called "Kotaku in Action" operating on Reddit that's made up of "fringe of gamer doxxers who slanders us creates a culture that is making it impossible for us to do our jobs."

If GamerGate isn't about harassment, then why is it that GamerGate had to be banned from 4chan because they violated the site's ToS (yes, 4chan actually does have rules), specifically the part about no doxxing and harassment campaigns? Why then did they flee to something called 8chan, where they continue to announce frequent harassment campaigns that include prizes (I went to the site, I've seen this with my own eyes) and also contains something called "Baphomet, the most hardcore doxxing and swatting site on the Internet."

Why is it that I heard story after story after story after story of GamerGate people harassing women, always women, and when I complain that it's only women then they break out a list of men they've harassed LIKE THAT MAKES IT BETTER. OH MY GOD STOP HARASSING PEOPLE.

Why is it that I can't have a conversation with a GamerGate person without eventually being called a cunt, accused of not being a real gamer, uncovering obvious lies told about women, or more often all three?

Can someone answer these questions for me? Without calling me a cunt?


Shane said...

Gamergate has been purposefully emotionally charged to make it hard for rational thought.

First, the threats and abuse are really an internet community of trolls across multiple sites that enjoy messing with people's minds. They target people who will respond. They started a long time ago and jump from target to target. The victims in Gamergate are just some of the latest. Other than the privacy violations and terror campaign, the death and rape threats are NOT credible. They are the quickest way to upset a woman so are a preferred method of trolling. Remember they will only do what they can get away with anonymously over the internet.

Second, the gaming community was already vile long before this Gamergate. People call each other names and threaten each other all the time in games. It is simply an EGO match. No serious gamer actually believes any threat. This means woman are not specifically targets because gamers were already vile towards other gamers. However, women may make better victims because they seem to respond strongly to what most men ignore on a daily basis.

Last, the gaming community is one of the last bastions of masculinity, where men can be men with women telling men how to be men. Sure, more women need to be in the gaming community making games for men and women, but you have to remember we like different things. There is nothing wrong with making products that appeal only to men or women. Not everything has to be politically correct or family oriented. If you don't like it don't buy it. Alternatively see it as a market need not being met and make different games for the politically correct. Attempting to force ALL games to be so is draconian and Orwellian.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Who left this moldy old pile of contradictory and boring sentences on the foot of my blog post? Gross.

If you for one second think that the level and nature of the harassment than men receive even comes slightly close to almost comparing to what women get, then if you listen carefully, you'll hear the faint yet distinct sound of me laughing my fucking ass off. The power imbalance alone, for fuck's sake.

That last paragraph is just a slow-motion train wreck. So according to you, masculinity is threatening and harassing one another in a vile ego match that gets so bad you don't even respond to it anymore? And you think that the "last bastion" of this shit is worth protecting?

You wouldn't know Orwellian if it punched you in the kidney, threw a black bag over your head and threw you naked into a prison cell, you fucking charlatan.