Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Headline of the Month

Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly To Ban Advanced Placement U.S. History

Basically, all the Republicans on the committee voted to ban facts. Lol forever.

My mediocre high school had AP U.S. History, and I elected to instead take the standard history class as I was already taking a college-level English class that year and didn't want to be overwhelmed. I ended up regretting it because the standard history class was such a massive waste of time. It was so full of busywork and I retained exactly zero of the facts I was made to memorize which taught me no actual useful lessons.

U.S. public education is shitty enough without them taking away optional courses that don't totally suck. Not to mention the fact that AP classes get you cheap college credits so you can cut down on the massive amount of student loan debt you'll be saddled with unless your parents are rich or you can get a sports scholarship. Or the U.S. committed genocide upon your people.

So yeah. Fuck you, Oklahoma Republicans.

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