Thursday, February 19, 2015

Clitoris Mutilation Can Be Reversed

Good afternoon! Have a free half uplifting, half depressing documentary by VICE!

Reversing Female Circumcision: The Cut That Heals

Yes, there is a little-known surgery that can reverse the effects of clitoral mutilation (called female genital mutilation by those who don't know that genitals do not dictate gender), namely the removal of the protruding part of the clitoris. If this surprises you, it's probably because nobody fucking knows what the clitoris looks like or how it works at all.


Diagram of the human clitoris, showing it going under the skin and wrapping around the vagina

That darker pink thing? That's the clitoris. All of it. The clitoris is not just one tiny bit poking out above the urethral opening. It goes deep into the body and around the vulva. Because of this, it's not only possible, it's fairly simple to repair a cut clitoris. The doctor simply cuts through the scar tissue and pulls out some more clitoris, because there's a ton of it in there. This can entirely restore sexual pleasure to the victim of clitoral mutilation.

The fact that nobody knows anything about the clitoris is steeped in misogyny and cissexism, since most people have and still do consider the clitoris to be a "female organ" and a source of female sexual pleasure, unaware that trans and non-binary people exist. It's such a taboo topic that people who know anything about it are still totally ignorant of the reality of what it looks like. I remember my liberal, Seattle area sex ed classes, and I don't remember learning anything about the clitoris except that it was included on those diagrams you had to label, and it certainly wasn't shown as more than a tiny little spot above the urethra.

Meanwhile, we all know at least something about how the penis receives pleasure. Although we aren't taught about the pleasure of prostate stimulation, of course. But at least liberal sex ed classes in the U.S. teach us what all that actually looks like.

Anyway, yeah, good news! The clitoris can be restored and the amazing doctor in this documentary, Dr. Marci Bowers, is a trans woman who was inspired to start performing this procedure because she understands what it's like to feel as though your genitals don't match who you are - that something's missing. (Note: Genital-related dysphoria is not always experienced by trans people and not required to be transgender.) You can learn more about her on Wikipedia.

So to sum up, this documentary features a trans woman doctor who restores the clitoris and it will teach you how the clitoris looks and actually works. Best documentary ever. And it's only 23 minutes. You should watch it. YOU ALLLLLL SHOULD WATCH IT.

One extra thing I want to point out to everybody. I'd forgotten the name of this documentary because I watched it last week and the tea hadn't quite kicked in yet. So I decided to do me a Google search. This was the result:

Screenshot of a Google search bar in which I've typed "surgery to res" and it's auto-suggesting "surgery to restore virginity" and "surgery to restore hymen"



Animated gif of Lego Batman going "UGHHHHHHHHHHH" as his Lego head spins around

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