Thursday, February 5, 2015

Black History Month

Today's featured black-run blog is one I just discovered this morning called For Harriet. I discovered it because the article 7 Black Women Science Fiction Writers Everyone Should Know is making the rounds on Facebook.

I don't really "discover" anything. It was already there and I was just ignorant about it.

Anyway, pretty much everything on this site is amazing. Sh*t White Feminists Say to Black Feminists (and How to Counter Them) is highly recommended for my fellow white feminists, because we need to avoid saying all of these things in any way at all costs.

[TRIGGER WARNING FOR THE FOLLOWING LINK: RAPE] If you want some black history, check out this article on the life of Rosa Parks before the bus incident. Spoiler alert: She was always fucking amazing. Though this article is actually from a different site that will be featured later.

Enjoy! Learn! LEARN I SAY.

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