Friday, February 27, 2015

Black History Month

And so comes to a close the shortest month of the year. I realize I haven't yet talked about womanism, which is an important term we white women should be aware of. Womanism is a term that black women created as an alternative to feminism, which has a long history of failing black women - using them, stealing from them, walking on their backs and tossing them aside.

Clutch Magazine has a piece on womanism that includes a video of Alice Walker, who coined the term.

Have You Considered Womanism?

Clutch Magazine talks about all kinds of issues and topics, focusing on the perspective of black women. You can find studies showing that we white people are treated better by authority figures, in case your eyeballs weren't providing enough evidence. And then you can find amazing stories about genius black girls that are in college at an age where I was just getting into Pokemon.

I hope some of my fellow white people learned something useful from black people this month. Hopefully you've discovered some new blogs to follow to help yourself learn about black history, their continuing struggle, and our own white privilege.

Consider donating to them, if they have that option. They really should get paid for their work.

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