Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Black History Month

My Brown Baby is a blog for black parents, with both advice and discussions on what it means to be a black parent in a white supremacist society. There are a lot of super harmful stereotypes about black mothers and fathers, with assumptions that black women have children younger and more often out of "wedlock" than white women, and assumptions that black men are more often absent or "deadbeat" fathers.

This is especially awful when you know how expectations fuel behavior and understand how these stereotypes also harm black children.

This blog was created by Denene Millner, as you can see right above the blog title. I like the idea of having the name like that, so it's Denene Millner's My Brown Baby. Taking ownership of one's work is important for marginalized persons especially.

I love this:

12 Multicultural Kid’s Book Apps Every Parent Should Know

And that's ALL parents. Fellow white people, it's our responsibility to raise our children on a mental diet of diverse bodies! Don't make whiteness your child's default worldview before they even get to school.

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