Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Black History Month

If you're looking for general news that focuses purely on the U.S. black community, look no further than NewsOne. For example, today they're reporting that the Justice Department is about to announce that they won't be bringing charges against George Zimmerman, either.

Speaking of history, I've heard it said by people of color that there actually should be a White History Month. So that we can talk about all of the horrible aspects of "white history," of which their are many. As President Obama reminded us, white Christian history is as bloody as anything.

Obama Was Right To Remind Christians About Their History

It's funny how people who aren't white Christians seem to know so much more about Christianity. I've learned so much more about Christian history since I gave up the religion. You know what happens when the people in power get to write their own history. AHEM.

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