Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Black History Month

I didn't forget!

I mentioned this blog in a post I made after last year's Geek Girl Con where I went to a panel about diversity in geek culture. Black Girl Nerds came about simply because there were no blogs about black girl nerds.

Black people and especially black women in geek culture are largely ignored and overlooked. A lot of people seem to assume that black people just aren't into geeky stuff, and are often tokenized and/or stereotyped in video games, comic books, and geeky shows.

So give some credit to Black Girl Nerds.

One of their contributors wrote a piece on the importance of black history, discussing how she discovered the black roots of rock and roll and is exploring black authors of speculative fiction. So many black people get erased from the history of things we love and replaced with white people. We need to end that. Find out who really started rock and roll. It wasn't fucking Elvis.

Check out "We Can’t Just Know Black History, We Have to Know It Matters"

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