Monday, February 2, 2015

Black History Month

It's Black History Month! The month that we need to dedicate to black history because every other month is white history month!

I'm white, so you really shouldn't be listening to me talk about black history. That's why, this month, I'll be featuring a blog run by an actual black person each day. And you can celebrate Black History Month by visiting and reading and sharing the writing done by black people!

To kick things off, there's something I absolutely totally super need to share because it's awesome.

By the way, most cowboys were actually men of color, not white dudes. She probably kicked white guy ass.

To start off, I'm once again going to plug my favorite blog (as though she needs it from me).

Gradient Lair.

Trudy's back! And she's amazing! She came back for Black History Month to talk about how black women are amazing, so make sure to visit regularly this month.

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