Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Arguing With GamerGaters Again

Well, I spent way too much time this morning typing out a long-ass response to some GamerGater that's bugging me on my Google+ page, and I keep arguing back because like I said, I HAVE A PROBLEM. So I thought I would just copy and paste that shit here. I mean, it's not like the GamerGater is going to listen to me, so I should get some use out of all that effort.

Zachary Bittner Yesterday 11:50 PM

+Lindsey Weedston​ it is real. You can find the paper yourself. The URL is at the top. The image was tweeted by C H Sommers and according to your favorite feminist Brianna Wu, it started much longer ago then that. (But Wu is insane, so no surprise there) 
And no, it began when Quinn accused wizardchan of harassing her to get feminists to vote on her awful game after it was about to be rejected for a second time on the steam greenlight program.  
Which, to this day, she has no proof or evidence that she was ever harassed by wizardchan and also falsified IRC chat records to make the claim that 4chan was responsible for doxxing and harassing her. 
This woman does not want equality, she wants your money and she is using feminists to get it. 
Take a look at how many people are giving her money via patreon for a game she didn't even develop herself, look at what she has done since receiving that money. Quinn doesn't care about video game development, she can't even code. She enforces the stereotype that women can't code and also enforces the stereotype that feminists will throw their money at any woman claiming misogyny regardless. Look at Brianna Wu's game. Filled with women wearing tight skin clothes, giant breasts and unrealistic body types. Do you think she actually cares about feminism? If she did, why did she make a game (that was developed using an entirely female staff) that sexualized their female characters?  
If you actually cared about video games, why do you not support progressive games like new Vegas in which you can play as a female (straight, bi, or gay) which featured a lesbian companion that fights mele (rather then just support) and is a lesbian while also not fitting into the butch girl stereotype. In which the evil character (caesers legion) practices misogyny by wanting to keep women in subordination.  
Do feminists support that game? No, they criticized it because you could physically move the dead bodies of men and women (specifically women) which sarkeesian saw as sexist and never mentioned any of the progressiveness of the game. Why do you think that is? 
Well, I have a theory, because maybe 2 years ago sarkeesian said that she wasn't a fan of video games. She has probably never actually played New Vegas to know they it is socially progressive. Yet despite her complete lack of knowledge of video games. Within her two years of experience with them, she now labels herself an expert and receives lots of money from donations from feminists. 
We are the ones that want equality. It is you who will blindly support any woman who used the word misogyny, that demonizes nudity, that attacks progressive games, and try to turn women into weak and helpless characters. 

Lindsey Weedston 10:40 AM

Spouting that you "want equality" does not impress me. It shows me that you don't really want equality because you have absolutely no clue what even goes into that process. Your idea of equality seems to be "don't talk about sexism in video games" and "tell women what sexism is and isn't." 
Don't think you can fool me with that wizardchan story. I've seen what GamerGate passes off as "proof" that Zoe Quinn "harassed" wizardchan, and in that proof they show that at least two users on that board were encouraging people to harass her. She mentioned in once on her Twitter feed and it was wizardchan and their ilk who freaked out and blew it way out of proportion, as is the tendency of people with victim complexes, and that's when Zoe was targeted for way more harassment. GamerGate didn't actually come about until her ex exploited the fact that she was already a target of trolls and misogynists, and those same people latched on to the idea of a "scandal" that exposed the lack of integrity in gaming journalism, despite the fact that only one of the men she was accused of sleeping with was a journalist and he never reviewed or promoted her game. 
Zoe Quinn only received money after it was clearly apparent that she was being harassed, and both times harassment came about from no fault of her own. People recognized this and started giving her money either to help her deal with the emotional exhaustion that comes with being a target of this harassment or to spite the trolls.
I don't even care if she can "code" according to your definition of the word or not. I loved Depression Quest. It made me cry because I was moved by how much it reflected my experience with depression. And if you're going to accuse her of not being involved in development of anything, where's the proof you're always demanding? 
Accusing Brianna Wu of "insanity" is completely ableist and shows just how misogynistic you are. And don't fucking tell me what is sexualization. It's so hilarious how you GamerGaters will excuse anything based on the idea that something is a "parody" and yet you can't recognized it in Revolution 60. Oh my god, you really can't see how it's playing off of old N64 and PS2 games, and mocking the dialogue and style? HELLO?? My only criticism might be that it's too overt and obvious. 
Can you guys stop with the old chestnut of "Anita Sarkeesian once said she doesn't identify as a gamer"? Who cares? At points in my life, I've dropped the label, too. But she clearly cares about video games since she started criticizing them way before she was famous and started making money off of it. You know she existed before her Kickstarter, right? 
And it shows just how desperate you guys are that you would pick out a game like New Vegas to try and discredit her. New Vegas was not some groundbreaking game. I played the shit out of that game AND Fallout 3, and it was far from the first game where you can choose your own sexuality. And it's not like the game has romance options. You can just choose what sex worker you want, including a fucking robot. It's like, a tiny feature of the game. And an optional companion being a lesbian is decent, but it smacks of tokenism. 
Also, NO, the villain was not just trying to control women. He was trying to control everyone. There was nothing misogynistic about him. Sorry, dude, I played the game. You can't fool me :).  
Even if this was good representation, you can have a game that has both progressive elements and problematic elements at the same time. And I'm pretty sure that what Anita was complaining about was the fact that some gamers chose to do fucked up things with dead bodies. She was criticizing GAMERS, not the game. Can you not tell the difference? 
Using any excuse in the universe to shield a game from any criticism is not progressive, it's not promoting equality, and it's not supportive of marginalized groups. It's an oppressive tactic used to silence any discussion of problematic patterns, which stalls progress. This is why you guys suck. You're the Republicans of the gaming community. Congrats.

Can you believe this guy? Trying to trick me over a Bethesda game? I have news for you, kid.

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