Friday, February 27, 2015

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Live long and pet kitties.

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Image of spoke crying while gripping a computer monitor with the caption "[SOBBING MATHEMATICALLY]"

Black History Month

And so comes to a close the shortest month of the year. I realize I haven't yet talked about womanism, which is an important term we white women should be aware of. Womanism is a term that black women created as an alternative to feminism, which has a long history of failing black women - using them, stealing from them, walking on their backs and tossing them aside.

Clutch Magazine has a piece on womanism that includes a video of Alice Walker, who coined the term.

Have You Considered Womanism?

Clutch Magazine talks about all kinds of issues and topics, focusing on the perspective of black women. You can find studies showing that we white people are treated better by authority figures, in case your eyeballs weren't providing enough evidence. And then you can find amazing stories about genius black girls that are in college at an age where I was just getting into Pokemon.

I hope some of my fellow white people learned something useful from black people this month. Hopefully you've discovered some new blogs to follow to help yourself learn about black history, their continuing struggle, and our own white privilege.

Consider donating to them, if they have that option. They really should get paid for their work.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

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Bet you didn't see that coming.

Black History Month

Before the month ends, I want to talk about the blog I credit with both bringing me into the fold of online feminist discourse and teaching me about white privilege and the intersections of race and gender oppression. It was Grace of Are Women Human? that inspired me with her incredible writing to dig deeper into my feminism and learn about things like rape culture. Hers was the first feminist blog I really followed, and through that she introduced me to many more.

I basically owe my feminism to a black woman who identifies as qu**r (I censor this because I'm straight and don't feel that I'm allowed to use the word which has been used as a slur by fellow straight people, but that is the word she uses to identify herself). And I owe someone named Katie for setting me straight on my white privilege and generally kicking my ass for a racist comment I left on Who Needs a Good Rapist Project?

I'm terribly embarrassed to expose my former ignorance to everyone, but there it is, stamped forever on Grace's blog under a way too long comment. I basically used her blog to write my own essay, blathering in my whiteness all over her comment section, and then I tried to claim that white people aren't excused for their violence against black people. Ugh. She shouldn't have had to do it, but I'm glad Katie called me out.

But back to what's really important. Grace also created a series of posts focusing on names, inspired by a rather shitty piece about women changing their names when they get married. Or rather, about white women changing their names when they get married. Grace, in conjunction with Flyover Feminism, took the opportunity to invite people to talk about their names and what they mean to the individual. The main argument being that names are powerful and meaningful. The have different levels of importance across different cultures and histories. Obviously, African Americans (specifically African Americans) have their own history of having their names erased to obliterate their identities and replaced with white names.

It's a really powerful series with some incredibly moving contributions, coming from people from all types of marginalized groups. I highly recommend it.

Are Women Human? doesn't update anymore, but I still recommend looking at what's there. You can also follow her on Twitter, where she continues to be amazing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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I am going to be using this gif so much, you have no idea.

Black History Month

My Brown Baby is a blog for black parents, with both advice and discussions on what it means to be a black parent in a white supremacist society. There are a lot of super harmful stereotypes about black mothers and fathers, with assumptions that black women have children younger and more often out of "wedlock" than white women, and assumptions that black men are more often absent or "deadbeat" fathers.

This is especially awful when you know how expectations fuel behavior and understand how these stereotypes also harm black children.

This blog was created by Denene Millner, as you can see right above the blog title. I like the idea of having the name like that, so it's Denene Millner's My Brown Baby. Taking ownership of one's work is important for marginalized persons especially.

I love this:

12 Multicultural Kid’s Book Apps Every Parent Should Know

And that's ALL parents. Fellow white people, it's our responsibility to raise our children on a mental diet of diverse bodies! Don't make whiteness your child's default worldview before they even get to school.


So remember that thing I was too annoyed about to post on yesterday? Here it is.

Plot twist: Brianna Wu’s gun-loving, car-flipping gamebro stalker is actually a trolly comedian. Who now claims he’s being harassed.


Wow super duper funny dude way to scare the shit out of a woman by being completely oblivious to how fucking terrifying and ridiculous her many, many real harassers were so OF COURSE she would take you seriously because there is no limit to how extreme and intense they get so you can literally not parody them in any way that will be an obvious joke.

I totally assumed this guy was for real, because I have SEEN THINGS. I have received threats myself, I have interacted with men who acted in the same manner as the "persona" in the video he sent to Wu, I've seen threat after fucked up threat sent to women like Wu and Sarkeesian and they're at least nearly as extreme as the guy who apparently flipped his car for a joke or something.

This ignorant fuck "comedian" demonstrates exactly why men making "jokes" about the violence we face is not fucking funny. He doesn't understand that we face exactly the kind of shit that he considers to be too extreme to take seriously. He is too ignorant of what we deal with to joke about it. All men are.

Now this Jan Rankowski says he's being harassed. Ha.

And thanks a lot, dude, because now every time a woman in tech speaks out about harassment and threats, GamerGaters and other assholes are going to point to YOU and say "but remember that one time when it turned out to be fake? Now we get to say that every threat must be fake, forever!" Watch. Watch it happen. You've given them another bullshit excuse to pretend threats against women in tech and gaming don't matter or should be ignored. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I hope he gets his ass sued.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gif of the Day

Omg the eyes. THE EYES.

I love how quickly a cat's pupils can go from normal to almost completely obliterating the iris. I wish mine could do that.


I'm having one of those moments where there's something I should totally post about but it's bumming me out too much so enjoy this funny picture:

Hahahahahaha a skywriter doesn't know how to land so they asked for instructions by writing it in the sky hahahahahaha nothing's wrong hahahahahahahaha.

Tell It To Me Again


Tell me again how there is no rape culture.

Tell me again how media and fiction doesn't lead to sexual assault.

Tell me again how it's "just a book" and it's "just a movie."

Tell me again how what the mind consumes has no effect on people's thoughts and actions.

Prosecutors: UIC student charged with assault said he was re-enacting 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Oh and PLEASE tell me how this is just one guy, just one isolated incident. Right? Just one [insert ableist term here] kid.

Yes. They're all isolated incidents. Except when you put them all together, and then you have a culture of rape fueled by the media that promotes it.

Tell me again how rape culture doesn't exist when this kid confessed the the assault and then was utterly shocked to be punished.

"He was interviewed by UIC detectives and, according to Karr, admitted assaulting the woman and 'doing something wrong.'" 
"Freshman Mohammad Hossain, 19, appeared shocked after a Cook County judge set his bail at $500,000, walking back to the lockup with his mouth wide open."

With his mouth wide open. Unable to believe he was being punished for brutal sexual assault that he confessed to.

Tell it to me again. Please. Tell me there's no rape culture.

Black History Month

If you're looking for general news that focuses purely on the U.S. black community, look no further than NewsOne. For example, today they're reporting that the Justice Department is about to announce that they won't be bringing charges against George Zimmerman, either.

Speaking of history, I've heard it said by people of color that there actually should be a White History Month. So that we can talk about all of the horrible aspects of "white history," of which their are many. As President Obama reminded us, white Christian history is as bloody as anything.

Obama Was Right To Remind Christians About Their History

It's funny how people who aren't white Christians seem to know so much more about Christianity. I've learned so much more about Christian history since I gave up the religion. You know what happens when the people in power get to write their own history. AHEM.

Monday, February 23, 2015

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Guess who's on Netflix.

Black History Month

Hood Feminism

History Books We Love Or Would Love To Read

Honestly, why even read my blog at all when there are blogs like this?

Trigger warning on this blog for discussion of child sexual abuse in a very recent post.

I'm really super tired so that's all for today. Good night.

Fun With Hashtags!

The best hashtag happened on Twitter this weekend. Oh my god.


Of course, all the people who could be accused of being SJWs (feminists, anti-racists, LGBTQAIP+ rights supporters, decent people) jumped on the hashtag to be hilarious.

I also offered a few insights of my own.

Twitter is fun sometimes.

Yeah, Sure, the White Guy Was the First to Say It

The Oscars happened last night. I didn't watch it, but that's okay, because the best parts have already been captured via image, gif, and shit article.

Like this:

Image of Neil Patrick Harris captioned with his Oscars joke: "Tonight we honor Hollywood's best and whitest - sorry, brightest." Mic's comment says "Neil Patrick Harris' #Oscars joke just exposed one of Hollywood's worst problems."

I'm sorry. This white guy exposed the Academy's racism problem? Really? Are you sure? No one was talking about it before NPH made his little joke? Really? REALLY?

Seriously, people of color have been complaining of this for years, Mic. I swear you've even published articles on it before. How do you manage to still give credit to a white guy?

Animated gif of a black basketball player gripping his head and mouthing "are you serious?"

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gif of the Day

Animated gif of a dragon spreading its wings while breathing out a column of fire into the sky with the caption "FEMINISM"



Amazing Women of Color

To continue the theme of Black History and black women you haven't heard of, here are two articles about them:

The 'Black, Queer, Feminist' Legal Trailblazer You've Never Heard Of

Dr. Pauli Murray, inspiration to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, defiant bus-sitter years before Rosa Parks, co-founder of the National Organization for Women. She deserves a spot in any U.S. history book.


9 Influential Women in Black History You Won't Hear About in School

Check out Ruby Bridges. At age six, she was the first black student to integrate into a white school. She was six. This little tiny girl had to face mobs of protesters and be escorted to school by federal marshals to avoid being assaulted and/or killed. Holy fuck.

Photo of Ruby Bridges, age 6, walking down the steps of a white school, surrounded by federal marshals
Click to Enlarge

That little girl was way braver than that George Washington cockwaffle. Why didn't I learn about her?

Clitoris Mutilation Can Be Reversed

Good afternoon! Have a free half uplifting, half depressing documentary by VICE!

Reversing Female Circumcision: The Cut That Heals

Yes, there is a little-known surgery that can reverse the effects of clitoral mutilation (called female genital mutilation by those who don't know that genitals do not dictate gender), namely the removal of the protruding part of the clitoris. If this surprises you, it's probably because nobody fucking knows what the clitoris looks like or how it works at all.


Diagram of the human clitoris, showing it going under the skin and wrapping around the vagina

That darker pink thing? That's the clitoris. All of it. The clitoris is not just one tiny bit poking out above the urethral opening. It goes deep into the body and around the vulva. Because of this, it's not only possible, it's fairly simple to repair a cut clitoris. The doctor simply cuts through the scar tissue and pulls out some more clitoris, because there's a ton of it in there. This can entirely restore sexual pleasure to the victim of clitoral mutilation.

The fact that nobody knows anything about the clitoris is steeped in misogyny and cissexism, since most people have and still do consider the clitoris to be a "female organ" and a source of female sexual pleasure, unaware that trans and non-binary people exist. It's such a taboo topic that people who know anything about it are still totally ignorant of the reality of what it looks like. I remember my liberal, Seattle area sex ed classes, and I don't remember learning anything about the clitoris except that it was included on those diagrams you had to label, and it certainly wasn't shown as more than a tiny little spot above the urethra.

Meanwhile, we all know at least something about how the penis receives pleasure. Although we aren't taught about the pleasure of prostate stimulation, of course. But at least liberal sex ed classes in the U.S. teach us what all that actually looks like.

Anyway, yeah, good news! The clitoris can be restored and the amazing doctor in this documentary, Dr. Marci Bowers, is a trans woman who was inspired to start performing this procedure because she understands what it's like to feel as though your genitals don't match who you are - that something's missing. (Note: Genital-related dysphoria is not always experienced by trans people and not required to be transgender.) You can learn more about her on Wikipedia.

So to sum up, this documentary features a trans woman doctor who restores the clitoris and it will teach you how the clitoris looks and actually works. Best documentary ever. And it's only 23 minutes. You should watch it. YOU ALLLLLL SHOULD WATCH IT.

One extra thing I want to point out to everybody. I'd forgotten the name of this documentary because I watched it last week and the tea hadn't quite kicked in yet. So I decided to do me a Google search. This was the result:

Screenshot of a Google search bar in which I've typed "surgery to res" and it's auto-suggesting "surgery to restore virginity" and "surgery to restore hymen"



Animated gif of Lego Batman going "UGHHHHHHHHHHH" as his Lego head spins around

Black History Month

I can't believe I forgot about this blog until now. This one is entirely dedicated to the history of black women.

For Harriet is dedicated to Harriet Tubman and is meant to be a space for black women to speak about their lives and experiences.

For your Black History Month, read about historical black female figures from Bee Quammie in her piece 5 Black Women Historical Figures from Around the World You Should Know. I myself didn't know about any of these women, and each of them are fucking amazing.

God damnit, U.S. education system. You are so worthless. These women are so much more interesting than 10 out of 10 of the fucking white dudes I had to learn about over and over. Paul Revere rode on a horse and yelled something, only he didn't. Wow, that deserves space in my head over Queen Nanny of the Maroons.

Gif of a black woman rolling her eyes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gif of the Day

I post a cutesy gifs like every other day because I have a million of them.

Another #GamerGate Victory

Brianna Wu has canceled whatever she was doing at PAX East this year. My initial reaction is "good" because fuck PAX, they don't deserve her. But I know she's disappointed, and I know developers rely heavily on PAX to promote their work. So this is not good.

You should already know why she had to cancel any appearance there, by herself or her work. Threats. Numerous, descriptive and graphic threats.

Since I've been writing and Tumblring and tweeting more about #GamerGate and their problem with threats lately, I've received more attention from their members who will look for any mention of #GamerGate on the Internet that isn't positive to attack. Which is quite a few of them, apparently. And they must be dedicated if they dug up my little 300-visits-per-day blog.

What I get from them over and over is that women like Brianna Wu should just ignore the threats, because clearly they just come from trolls and aren't "credible." They say Wu is "victimizing herself" by speaking out about these threats and taking action to protect herself, her family, and her employees.

They say that there are certain "YouTube personalities" that get threats all the time, and they just ignore them. I'm not sure if said personalities go beyond the likes of Amazing Atheist and Thunderf00t, who are honest to god some of the worst people on the entire planet. I'm also not sure how anyone knows about the threats to these personalities if they never talk about it. It's a mystery.

But maybe it's true. Maybe people have sent YouTube videos of themselves to these men in which they describe how, when, where, and why they're going to kill whatever YouTube personality they've targeted. Maybe they do get frequent phone calls. Maybe their family members have received threats and harassment.

So why aren't they talking about it? Why do you see harassment everywhere, then see women talking about it and men not talking about it, and decide that the men are doing the right thing? How is anyone's silence a good thing? If this is still an ongoing problem for Amazing Atheist and whoever, then obviously their ignoring of the trolls isn't working, is it? Why are you telling Brianna Wu to shut up instead of telling Amazing Atheist to speak up?

Gif of Finn from Adventure Time rubbing his chin while thinking very hard.

We should all know by now that this goes wayyyyyyyyy beyond "don't feed the trolls." That old mantra is as useful today as directions to the nearest pay phone or instructions on how to properly care for your CDs. It's like telling people to hide under their desks to protect themselves from a nuke that's dropping directly onto their location. Come on.

And just how long are women like Wu supposed to ignore these threats? What happens when one of those threats that you immediately labeled "not credible" turns out to have been very credible, and one of these women ends up dead? You're asking women to play Russian Roulette here. Maybe the odds of death are slimmer, but it's a numbers game nonetheless. We're already seeing increasing incidents of men going out and attacking/murdering women simply because they're women. You can't really say that it's just for attention when we already have a body count here.

And last but not least, there is a huge difference between men threatening men (and it is almost always men who send the threats) and men threatening women. How many women have been attacked, beaten and/or killed by men who became enraged when their harassment has been ignored by their female target? This isn't just for attention, it's not just for kicks - this is about power.

There is a clear power imbalance between men and women, and women are reminded of this constantly. Men harass us on the street because they know they can, and they no that no one will do anything about it. We've been ignoring them for centuries and they still do it. They know it still bothers us, which is why they laugh when we ignore them. At least, that's the best that can happen. It's a rare woman who can say she hasn't been called a bitch, online or off, for ignoring a man's harassment. When men really want our attention and we deny them, they become enraged because they didn't get what they wanted. We took away some of their power. This doesn't cause men to stop harassing women. Taking power from men pisses them off, and they so often tend to lash out in response.

Screenshot of headline: "Woman Slashed in Neck After Ignoring Man"

So women are routinely attacked verbally and physically for ignoring men on the street, and sometimes even murdered for it, and you want us to ignore it online now? You expect us not to worry that one of them will follow through with their threats, when we know that ignoring men when they want our attention can be deadly?

Men don't get this, you see, because they don't deal with street harassment. Even if they do deal with harassment online (and they really don't, not compared to what women deal with), they don't flash back each time to that moment when the man they ignored on the street started hurling slurs at them, gesturing violently with pure rage on his face. They don't think back to the day when they had to flee into a convenience store on the way home because a man they ignored started following them.

And they don't much get rape threats, either.

So maybe it's easy for you guys to ignore the threats. Maybe there's a reason you don't fear for your lives when you get threats online, if  you really do.

And if you do, then break the silence. I encourage you to speak out about it, both for yourself and for the women who have to deal with it. I propose a worldwide, gender-wide, absolute refusal to tolerate harassment and threats online. If we can all agree that harassment is bad, then let's actually do something about it, yeah? Seems like a no-brainer to me. Unless you really just want women to be silent.

Gif of Buffy winking while pouring cereal.

Black History Month

I've been posting purely word blogs lately, so today I found a nice photo blog featuring only black women.

It's called Just Us Black Women.

Blogs like this are important to counter the idea that black women are ugly, and especially those with darker skin. So all it does is post photos and selfies and gifs of black women to show how perfect they are.

By the way, have you seen Lupita Nyong'o? How can anyone think that black women are ugly?


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gif of the Day

Perhaps my favorite misandry gif of all time. And appropriate for this week.

Headline of the Month

Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly To Ban Advanced Placement U.S. History

Basically, all the Republicans on the committee voted to ban facts. Lol forever.

My mediocre high school had AP U.S. History, and I elected to instead take the standard history class as I was already taking a college-level English class that year and didn't want to be overwhelmed. I ended up regretting it because the standard history class was such a massive waste of time. It was so full of busywork and I retained exactly zero of the facts I was made to memorize which taught me no actual useful lessons.

U.S. public education is shitty enough without them taking away optional courses that don't totally suck. Not to mention the fact that AP classes get you cheap college credits so you can cut down on the massive amount of student loan debt you'll be saddled with unless your parents are rich or you can get a sports scholarship. Or the U.S. committed genocide upon your people.

So yeah. Fuck you, Oklahoma Republicans.

Black History Month

If you haven't heard of The Crunk Feminist Collective, you're missing out. Their writers craft some of the most passionate pieces on misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia and the ways in which these intersect. I think I recommended We Rage among the height of the protests against anti-black police brutality.

Technically, The Crunk Feminist Collective is for all women of color, but many of their writers are black women. Either way, The Crunk should be on your regular blog rotation. Their latest piece discusses respectability politics and the objectification of black bodies in sports:

What Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman Teach Us About Respectability & Black Masculinity

Brilliantly written and passionate pieces like these are what I aspire to, as one of those probably unreachable dreams that drives you to do just a little bit better each time. I'm a fan.

50 Shades of Holy Shit

Since 50 Shades of Abuse: The Movie came out, I've been getting a lot of traffic to my post "Talk To Your Kids About 50 Shades of Grey." One of the top search terms leading people to my site has even been "50 Shades of Grey teens." This makes me super happy, because maybe a few parents who were looking for advice on how to talk to their kids about this mildew-covered shower curtain of a movie found my post and will take my advice.

Anyway, what this post is actually about is a much better version of 50 Shades of Grey that I stumbled upon called 50 Shades of Socialist Feminism.

There's some cissexism to be found in there, and of course it's not exactly safe for work. But generally, a much better story with a much better ending.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Gif of the Day

What were you expecting?

"There's No REAL Sexism Anymore"

Actually, even overt sexism can be found in the men who make US laws.

SC Senator: Women Are “A Lesser Cut Of Meat”

Yeah, I don't have anything to add to this.

Black History Month

This blog isn't updated much anymore, and in fact hasn't been updated since July of 2014, but that doesn't mean it isn't full of great reading.

The Angry Black Woman

This blog was created to address the "angry black woman" stereotype. And you know how I love the idea of women embracing their anger. Not that this blog did it for me.

Anyway, it's full of amazing writers who are black women including the incredible karnythia. If you like the blog, there's also a great Twitter account that can help you keep up with all the blog's contributors.

A big part of what's great about this blog is just the conversations that happen in the comments. These are encouraged by contributors who would post topics and ask questions for people to respond to. For example, take a look at "Black Women, Violence, Or Why is Our Pain Funny to You?" It's a short post but with all kinds of different perspectives in the comments. Plus some people missing the point and getting torn into by karnythia.

No Wonder I Have Internalized Misogyny


So they recently put five seasons of M*A*S*H on Netflix. I was extremely excited at first, as it was one of my favorite shows growing up. My parents used to watch it all the time, and it grew on me. It was old enough to be pretty clean, as far as my parents were concerned, and with enough goofy humor for a kid to enjoy.

I must have seen just about every episode.

Watching it now, as an adult and a top-notch humorless feminist out to ruin everything for everybody, I'm a little horrified that my parents let me watch it. Or that they watched it without a critical word for it.

M*A*S*H first aired in 1972, so no, I'm not surprised that it's full of sexism. Or that it's slathered in 100 gallons of white savior complex. The show addresses racism quite a bit, being set in South Korea during the Korean War. The main protagonist, Captain Hawkeye Pierce (yes, a white character nicknamed after a Mohican), demonstrates himself to be anti-racist, though of course not above racist jokes and stereotyping. There are many episodes where he messes with racists, up to and including ruining their military careers, and goes out of his way to help North Koreans who have been wounded when they're labeled as "the enemy" and other characters don't want to operate on them or whatever.

There are also episodes where Hawkeye and his friends bump up against South Korean customs and the misogyny within the culture. I've already gone through one episode where he rescues a South Korean woman from her family, which wants to sell her off as a slave again after Hawkeye wins her in a poker game with the intention of immediately freeing her. Hawkeye "teaches" her to be independent and think for herself and so on, and she refuses to go back to her family to be sold and ultimately joins a Catholic convent. Okay.

This reeks of white savior complex, especially since Hawkeye treats the women on the compound horribly. He's a clear misogynist and frequently sexually assaults women. All of this, of course, is brushed off as him being a "ladies' man." He's not the only character to do so, of course, and voyeurism is commonly used as a joke throughout the series.

What I found most disturbing was in the first season. I haven't seen much of it after the first few episodes, though I've yet to go through all of what's on Netflix. There are multiple scenes in which Hawkeye is straight up wrestling with a nurse, attempting to hold her down or make her kiss him. And it's not playful. The look on Hawkeye's face can only be described as violent. He's not smiling, rather grimacing as he's trying his hardest to force himself on the nurse. He looks like he would if he was having a genuine fight, like he was trying to hold down a belligerent patient in the middle of the operating room..

It's completely fucked up. These are scenes of sexual assault, and I viewed them as a child. It's hard to say how young I was when I might have first seen this shit, but I never heard a peep from my parents on it. This was all passed off as normal. Most of the time, when the nurse manages to slip away, Hawkeye will then make a face or a funny pose and the laugh track sounds. In one episode, a nurse says that she wears her wedding ring to "cut down on wrestling matches."

Basically, in the Korean War and during the 70's when the show was being filmed, women were frequently dealing with sexual assault and what looks like attempted rape, and it was brushed off as a normal, everyday nuisance, like fighting with a broken drawer.

This is the shit that was normal for my parents' generation. So normal that it never occurred to them to sit me down and explain that any man who would do something like that to a woman is a criminal, and nobody is allowed to lay a hand on me without my consent.

Yet I so often have to deal with bros who try to tell me that sexism is over. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha no. Serious, dangerous sexism was taught to me and my generation. Millennials grew up with parents who watched this kind of thing. This is why sexual assault is still such a problem, and why so many are so resistant to the idea of affirmative consent.

This is why I had to come to terms with the fact that there's a strong link between sex and violence in my mind. Why setting boundaries is so hard for me. And it's going to take so many more generations to undo the damage. Sexual assault is still used as a joke to this day. And I'm not even talking about rape jokes.

There were a lot of ways in which M*A*S*H was ahead of its time, and many reasons why you could call it a great show. Yet it's still stuffed so full of sexism, sexual harassment and sexual assault. Let's think about that.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Gif of the Day

Greatest metaphor for his 2012 campaign ever.

Recommended Reading

I know I've been talking a lot about GamerGate lately, but it's my blog and I'm not sorry.

If you want to know all about it in a form that's not a long impassioned rant about what I saw and instead is rather coherent with links and shit for evidence, or if you want something to throw into a few choice faces, I came upon this last night:

What We Talk About When We Talk About GamerGate

It has most of what you need to shut GamerGaters down. By which I mean, to make them go straight to calling you a cunt or a feminazi or making up your entire existence to make GamerGate look bad or whatever. You can't really shut them down, only strip away the thin veneer of "reason" to uncover the snarling misogynist underneath.

Anyway, it's in my bookmarks list now.

What I really want to do is delve deep into the places where GamerGate, whatever it is, operates on any kind of semi-organized level. I want to go spelunking, if you will. I'm still trying to adjust to a rather busy schedule, but I'll find time for it soon. That's a promise.

Black History Month

An important part of learning about black history and anti-black racism in the US is learning about the prison industrial complex (PIC). For that, we have a blog called Prison Culture. It doesn't explicitly say it's about black people, but you can't separate the two. Especially considering the fact that in this country, the PIC is the only place where slavery is still legal.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, feel free to read Prison Culture. And/or the US Constitution.

This blog talks a lot about how the PIC affects children. It's heartbreaking. Especially this one:

Talking to Kids About Incarceration

So many black kids have loved ones in prison that they needed to write a book about it. So many black mothers in jail that they held a conference so they could share stories. Incarcerating parents does so much damage to the kids, and the cycle continues.

This is a really important one. Read up, fellow white people.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gif of the Day

Just when you think you can't love a show any more.

Aside from the bullying of Jerry.

Poop Feminism

Trans-exclusionary or trans woman-exclusionary feminism shall now henceforth be referred to as "Poop Feminism," as is decreed by this awesome comic:

This is only two panels from an entire comic made by The Artsy Artichoke, and you should go to that blog to see the whole thing.


Black History Month

One black woman created a blog dedicated to protecting black women and girls from the destructive images of them found in our media:

What About Our Daughters

I fucking love this tagline: "Unapologetic, Uncompromising, and Unbowed in defense of Black women and girls."

A lot of this blog discusses issues within the black community and black activism, which isn't for us white people to speak on. But if you are black, it's a great resource.

The blog creator and author, Gina McCauley, is just so hard-hitting and, well, not sorry. She's my hero.

If GamerGate Isn't About Women...


Then why the fuck did I have to read this yesterday? [Ableist language at link]

I'm Brianna Wu, And I'm Risking My Life Standing Up To Gamergate

Why does Brianna Wu have "a folder on my hard drive with letters from dozens and dozens of women who’ve abandoned their dream of becoming game developers due to Gamergate, some as young as 12"?

Why is there something called "Kotaku in Action" operating on Reddit that's made up of "fringe of gamer doxxers who slanders us creates a culture that is making it impossible for us to do our jobs."

If GamerGate isn't about harassment, then why is it that GamerGate had to be banned from 4chan because they violated the site's ToS (yes, 4chan actually does have rules), specifically the part about no doxxing and harassment campaigns? Why then did they flee to something called 8chan, where they continue to announce frequent harassment campaigns that include prizes (I went to the site, I've seen this with my own eyes) and also contains something called "Baphomet, the most hardcore doxxing and swatting site on the Internet."

Why is it that I heard story after story after story after story of GamerGate people harassing women, always women, and when I complain that it's only women then they break out a list of men they've harassed LIKE THAT MAKES IT BETTER. OH MY GOD STOP HARASSING PEOPLE.

Why is it that I can't have a conversation with a GamerGate person without eventually being called a cunt, accused of not being a real gamer, uncovering obvious lies told about women, or more often all three?

Can someone answer these questions for me? Without calling me a cunt?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gif of the Day

At the MRA convention.

Black History Month

I didn't forget!

I mentioned this blog in a post I made after last year's Geek Girl Con where I went to a panel about diversity in geek culture. Black Girl Nerds came about simply because there were no blogs about black girl nerds.

Black people and especially black women in geek culture are largely ignored and overlooked. A lot of people seem to assume that black people just aren't into geeky stuff, and are often tokenized and/or stereotyped in video games, comic books, and geeky shows.

So give some credit to Black Girl Nerds.

One of their contributors wrote a piece on the importance of black history, discussing how she discovered the black roots of rock and roll and is exploring black authors of speculative fiction. So many black people get erased from the history of things we love and replaced with white people. We need to end that. Find out who really started rock and roll. It wasn't fucking Elvis.

Check out "We Can’t Just Know Black History, We Have to Know It Matters"

Islamophobia is Deadly, Wherever It Comes From


Three Muslim students have been gunned down in North Carolina by a white man who's being described as a "fervent atheist."

One of the things I hate most about militant atheists and the general atheist community is their constant attacking of religion on that basis that it "kills" and that it's inherently harmful, as though their own rhetoric isn't incredibly harmful and potentially deadly. Atheists will seriously act as though no one under that label would ever kill anybody. I've seen posts from that "God" Facebook account bragging that nobody has been killed in the name of atheism. I'm certain that was not true before today, and now we have a man who's expressed extreme anti-religious sentiment and has now killed three Muslim individuals.

Islamophobia is Islamophobia, whether it's coming from Christians or atheists. No matter who you are, hateful rhetoric against a marginalized population will eventually lead to physical violence.

Well fucking done, atheists. I hope you're proud of yourselves.

People Screwing With Richard Dawkins

I didn't think I'd be able to keep this post series going, but, here we are.

First it started with Richard Dawkins posting this bizarre islamphobic gem:

And then:

There is some good in the world. And it's worth blogging for.


I had a migraine this morning, which is why I'm later than usual with the day's first post.

Migraines, for people who don't know, are a horrible thing to experience. I'm super lucky in that that I only get one every few months, and it only lasts a few hours. Some people have migraines that last for two days or get them every other day. I don't know how they function.

If you're one of the people who thinks that a migraine is just a bad headache, stop that. Allow me to explain what they really are for the sake of everyone who experiences them.

Head pain is only one symptom of a migraine. Other symptoms include extreme sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting, extreme fatigue, slurred speech, visual distortion, and difficult with basic cognitive functions like thinking, or the loss of ability to read and write.

The pain is often the most noticeable symptom. It's a different kind of pain than a regular headache, and it's more extreme than most types of headaches. I've been known to writhe in pain from migraines, which sucks because moving around only makes it worse.

In a standard headache, the blood vessels in the head contract. In a migraine, the blood vessels expand so much that it not only causes horrible pain, but so much blood is getting to certain parts of the brain that the senses of sight and hearing become painfully sharpened.

There are also different types of migraines. I experience what they call migraine with aura. "Aura" is not some pleasant colorful glow around the human form in this case, but a visual distortion similar to when you see spots after someone takes your picture with the flash on. Only it can grow so large that it creates tunnel vision or blocks out half your vision, and it's nauseating just to think about it.

Aura is created because the blood vessels are contracting so much that certain parts of your brain are not getting enough blood flow, depriving it of enough oxygen to function properly. Yes, I know it sounds terrifying. One time, I was calmly reading a book when suddenly I found that I could no longer read. I was looking at the words on the page, and they made no sense to me. I had completely lost the ability to read. I freaked out for a few minutes, thinking brain tumor. I was immensely relieved when the visual distortion appeared and I realized that I was just having a migraine! Hahahahahahahahaha!

I read somewhere that a doctor once said migraines are so traumatic to the brain that they should, but all scientific logic, cause brain damage. It seems logical to me, as well. But here I am.

So if someone ever tells you they're having a migraine, shut the hell up, turn down the lights, and put a goddamn bucket by their bed. And keep shutting up. Seriously.

This has been a fucking public service announcement.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gif of the Day

This gives me hope for the future.


I go on and off with GamerGate. I know I made a post a while ago saying that I would stop talking about it, but I was still under the illusion that it would go away. But GamerGate is a haven for trolls and bigots, and if I've learned anything in my time, it's that these people don't just go away. They fester and find ways to feed themselves, guffawing among their own kind at imagined victories.

They have to be fought. Their bullshit must be exposed until the general public refuses to tolerate them anymore. So here I go.

GamerGaters use the idea of "ethics" in gaming journalism as a shield (yes I am using that word intentionally) to hide the underlying and thinly veiled bigotry and hate that lies beneath. Any passing observer can see after two seconds that this is a lie, yet they cling to it in order to stave off criticism.

"It's not about women," says the GamerGater. Yet their own kind will openly admit that it indeed started with Zoe Quinn. AND it's general knowledge by now that the very term was started by Adam Baldwin while he was for some reason going off about what happened between Zoe and her horrible ex. He wanted to frame the whole thing as a scandal worthy of comparison to Watergate, which uuuuggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh forever.

Once you demonstrate that you have this knowledge, GamerGaters drop that shield and go straight to defending the horrific harassment of Zoe Quinn and their whole shit "movement" by trying to push the tired point that she slept with men to get good press. Of course, only one of the dudes she allegedly slept with is a journalist. And he only mentioned her game in one single article months before the alleged sex. Still, they're desperate to try and prove that the two had a relationship before the article came out.

A recent article claims the following:

Stephen Totilo, Editor in Chief of Kotaku, claimed to have conducted an investigation, and stated that the relationship between Grayson and the developer, Zoe Quinn, began after he covered her game (an assertion that has since been disproven.)

There's a link embedded in those last words that takes you to some Wordpress site that is apparently supposed to "disprove" the idea that Zoe and Nathan started a relationship after the article was published.

What's contained in that link is a timeline of events going backwards from when their relationship started:

April 2014 The time frame that Grayson claims to have begun a romantic relationship with Quinn. 
4/3/2014 Quinn and Grayson take a trip to Las Vegas 
3/31/2014 Nathan Grayson briefly mentions Zoe Quinn in an article covering Game_Jam. In the first sentence of the second paragraph, Grayson links to a related blog post by Quinn, which was published earlier that day. 
*While several brief conversations took place on Twitter alone between the two, none were nearly as interesting as this one. So I’m not going to flood you with them.* 
1/9/2014 Grayson offers to “burn down the gaming industry” for Quinn. 
Screenshot of two tweets, with the parent tweet from Zoe Quinn saying "No wonder Phil quit. Is that gonna be me in a few years?" and the reply saying "@ZoeQuinnzel I hope not. If it is, I will burn down the gaming industry."

1/8/2014 Grayson gives positive coverage to Quinn’s game, Depression Quest, in an RPS article covering Steam’s greenlight of 50 games. Compiled of mostly a list, Depression Quest was singled out from the list (alongside 2 other games), referred to as “standout” and “powerful Twine darling,” and a screenshot of the game was used as the header picture for the article itself. 
2/18/2013 Grayson thanked in the credits of Zoe Quinn’s game, as exposed by The Ralph Retort in this article

This is their "proof" that Zoe and Nathan Grayson got together before he complimented her game in an article. A tweet the day after the article came out that states a desire to do something that I feel like doing every other day, and a tiny credit to Nathan among a list of other people credited for testing the game before it came out.

Somehow, this is supposed to be proof of a romantic or sexual relationship.

Could you reach any harder? Stop, GamerGaters, your arms are going to fall off at this rate!

If GamerGaters are so concerned about "ethics," then they need to take a good hard look at themselves. I find shit like this all the time. If you dig into anything that GamerGaters try to call "proof," it only takes 30 seconds or less to find that it's all bullshit and conjecture. If they want to wipe out dishonesty in the gaming industry, they need to take a good long look in the mirror. Every GamerGater I've had any kind of argument with is dishonest at best, and usually with clear signs of deep misogyny, racism, and other types of bigotry. Especially ableism.

GamerGaters have no ethics themselves. They link you to shit they call "proof" hoping you won't actually read it (or watch it, they love to send super long videos), but if you do, you soon see that they're being super misleading or just outright lying to your face.

Funny, I find the same thing with MRAs all the time.

Maybe I'll gather all the evidence I have for this lack of ethics among GamerGate and start #GamerGateGate. It's about ethics in the movement about ethics in gaming journalism.

Black History Month

If you're looking to keep up with black news in the U.S., especially since the mainstream media is written by and for white people, check out The Root. They're great for finding out which white cop shot which black person each day, and they also publish opinion and culture pieces.

They've been posting great black history pieces this month, like Carol Taylor’s 1st Flight Made History for African Americans.

Plus some really fascinating pieces like How the Concepts of Evil and Darkness Became Linked to African People. If you're into religious history, oh my god, this shit is great.

The Root is just fucking awesome for general news and writing by a wide range of black writers. Don't just check it out. Put it on your bookmarks bar and add it to your daily site checklist.

Arguing With GamerGaters Again

Well, I spent way too much time this morning typing out a long-ass response to some GamerGater that's bugging me on my Google+ page, and I keep arguing back because like I said, I HAVE A PROBLEM. So I thought I would just copy and paste that shit here. I mean, it's not like the GamerGater is going to listen to me, so I should get some use out of all that effort.

Zachary Bittner Yesterday 11:50 PM

+Lindsey Weedston​ it is real. You can find the paper yourself. The URL is at the top. The image was tweeted by C H Sommers and according to your favorite feminist Brianna Wu, it started much longer ago then that. (But Wu is insane, so no surprise there) 
And no, it began when Quinn accused wizardchan of harassing her to get feminists to vote on her awful game after it was about to be rejected for a second time on the steam greenlight program.  
Which, to this day, she has no proof or evidence that she was ever harassed by wizardchan and also falsified IRC chat records to make the claim that 4chan was responsible for doxxing and harassing her. 
This woman does not want equality, she wants your money and she is using feminists to get it. 
Take a look at how many people are giving her money via patreon for a game she didn't even develop herself, look at what she has done since receiving that money. Quinn doesn't care about video game development, she can't even code. She enforces the stereotype that women can't code and also enforces the stereotype that feminists will throw their money at any woman claiming misogyny regardless. Look at Brianna Wu's game. Filled with women wearing tight skin clothes, giant breasts and unrealistic body types. Do you think she actually cares about feminism? If she did, why did she make a game (that was developed using an entirely female staff) that sexualized their female characters?  
If you actually cared about video games, why do you not support progressive games like new Vegas in which you can play as a female (straight, bi, or gay) which featured a lesbian companion that fights mele (rather then just support) and is a lesbian while also not fitting into the butch girl stereotype. In which the evil character (caesers legion) practices misogyny by wanting to keep women in subordination.  
Do feminists support that game? No, they criticized it because you could physically move the dead bodies of men and women (specifically women) which sarkeesian saw as sexist and never mentioned any of the progressiveness of the game. Why do you think that is? 
Well, I have a theory, because maybe 2 years ago sarkeesian said that she wasn't a fan of video games. She has probably never actually played New Vegas to know they it is socially progressive. Yet despite her complete lack of knowledge of video games. Within her two years of experience with them, she now labels herself an expert and receives lots of money from donations from feminists. 
We are the ones that want equality. It is you who will blindly support any woman who used the word misogyny, that demonizes nudity, that attacks progressive games, and try to turn women into weak and helpless characters. 

Lindsey Weedston 10:40 AM

Spouting that you "want equality" does not impress me. It shows me that you don't really want equality because you have absolutely no clue what even goes into that process. Your idea of equality seems to be "don't talk about sexism in video games" and "tell women what sexism is and isn't." 
Don't think you can fool me with that wizardchan story. I've seen what GamerGate passes off as "proof" that Zoe Quinn "harassed" wizardchan, and in that proof they show that at least two users on that board were encouraging people to harass her. She mentioned in once on her Twitter feed and it was wizardchan and their ilk who freaked out and blew it way out of proportion, as is the tendency of people with victim complexes, and that's when Zoe was targeted for way more harassment. GamerGate didn't actually come about until her ex exploited the fact that she was already a target of trolls and misogynists, and those same people latched on to the idea of a "scandal" that exposed the lack of integrity in gaming journalism, despite the fact that only one of the men she was accused of sleeping with was a journalist and he never reviewed or promoted her game. 
Zoe Quinn only received money after it was clearly apparent that she was being harassed, and both times harassment came about from no fault of her own. People recognized this and started giving her money either to help her deal with the emotional exhaustion that comes with being a target of this harassment or to spite the trolls.
I don't even care if she can "code" according to your definition of the word or not. I loved Depression Quest. It made me cry because I was moved by how much it reflected my experience with depression. And if you're going to accuse her of not being involved in development of anything, where's the proof you're always demanding? 
Accusing Brianna Wu of "insanity" is completely ableist and shows just how misogynistic you are. And don't fucking tell me what is sexualization. It's so hilarious how you GamerGaters will excuse anything based on the idea that something is a "parody" and yet you can't recognized it in Revolution 60. Oh my god, you really can't see how it's playing off of old N64 and PS2 games, and mocking the dialogue and style? HELLO?? My only criticism might be that it's too overt and obvious. 
Can you guys stop with the old chestnut of "Anita Sarkeesian once said she doesn't identify as a gamer"? Who cares? At points in my life, I've dropped the label, too. But she clearly cares about video games since she started criticizing them way before she was famous and started making money off of it. You know she existed before her Kickstarter, right? 
And it shows just how desperate you guys are that you would pick out a game like New Vegas to try and discredit her. New Vegas was not some groundbreaking game. I played the shit out of that game AND Fallout 3, and it was far from the first game where you can choose your own sexuality. And it's not like the game has romance options. You can just choose what sex worker you want, including a fucking robot. It's like, a tiny feature of the game. And an optional companion being a lesbian is decent, but it smacks of tokenism. 
Also, NO, the villain was not just trying to control women. He was trying to control everyone. There was nothing misogynistic about him. Sorry, dude, I played the game. You can't fool me :).  
Even if this was good representation, you can have a game that has both progressive elements and problematic elements at the same time. And I'm pretty sure that what Anita was complaining about was the fact that some gamers chose to do fucked up things with dead bodies. She was criticizing GAMERS, not the game. Can you not tell the difference? 
Using any excuse in the universe to shield a game from any criticism is not progressive, it's not promoting equality, and it's not supportive of marginalized groups. It's an oppressive tactic used to silence any discussion of problematic patterns, which stalls progress. This is why you guys suck. You're the Republicans of the gaming community. Congrats.

Can you believe this guy? Trying to trick me over a Bethesda game? I have news for you, kid.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Gif of the Day

Good times.

Recommended Reading


As long as I'm featuring black writers and bloggers, I'm going to super duper highly recommend this piece by Wagatwe Wanjuki entitled Believing Victims Is the First Step to Stopping Rape.

The damnable New York Times website won't let me copy and paste anything, but it hardly matters since 100% of the article is pure gold. Though I think she's being generous with the 2-8% false report statistic. The latest study puts it at under 1%. Either way, I totally agree with the main point.

And don't even come at me with that "it's not fair to the accused because being accused of rape ruins people's lives" because even guys who admit to or are found guilty of rape probably won't serve jail time or even be kicked out of the college that their victim attends. Also, convicted rapists still enjoy great respect and careers appearing on TV all the time.

Ruins lives my ass.

Stop Demonizing Men

I had you going there for a second, didn't I?

And no, unfortunately, I don't know where to buy this amazing soap or who to call to congratulate for their incredibleness.

Black History Month

It's important for us white people to learn about the history of how black people have been portrayed in media. Racialicious is a blog that's hosting a panel called Endangered by the Moving Image: The Criminalization of Black and Brown Bodies. I talk a lot about how representation matters, but once again, you should listen to black people talk about their own representation rather than listening to me.

Tickets are $12. Sometimes I do wish I lived in New York.

Racialiscious is owned by a black woman, Latoya Peterson. The blog is focused on race in pop culture, but they publish pieces on a number of topics. They also accept submissions!

Check it out, and follow their Twitter account.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Gif of the Day

These guys sure are happy.

Eliminationist Narratives in the Vaccine "Debate"

Yes, measles is back. Yes, many infants in the U.S. have now been diagnosed with measles and may die because of unsupported misinformation spread by a man who had his medical license revoked. Now selfish parents are refusing to vaccinate their kids because it's their "right," ignoring the fact that it puts infants and immunocompromised individuals at risk. Because of lies, they put the health of their own children ahead of the health of possibly hundreds or thousands of others.

All terrible, but it started with an equally terrible exploitation of widespread ableism that says that the state of being autistic or anywhere on the autism spectrum is terrible. That it's an awful disease that ruins lives, that it's a terrible thing to happen to parents. Autistic children have been murdered by their parents, and those parents have received sympathy because "dealing with" autistic children is SO HARD.

Autistic people challenge this narrative. Many do not want a cure for autism as they don't see it as a disease, but just as a different way of being. They learn differently, they communicate differently, and they interact differently, but the only reason this should be difficult is that neurotypical people don't want to deal with differences. They don't want to change the way they think or adjust the way they communicate to accommodate others.

They'd rather eliminate autistic people altogether.

This issue is outlined very well in the article Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, But That’s Not The Point. Stop Being Ableist. From the blog The Belle Jar.

Reconsider how you think of ableism and how you approach the vaccine issue. Don't throw autistic people under the bus and don't assume what they want.

Black History Month

The last featured blog of the first week of Black History Month is Crommunist, which is run by a black man. Crommunist is one of the few men I follow on Twitter and whose blogs I have returned to more than a few times. He's brilliant, uncompromising, and stands up for women without speaking over us. He is a great example of how to do male ally and I try to do white ally in a similar fashion.

His piece Violence Isn't the Answer, Unless I'm Asking the Question tackles the issue of what he calls the "violence isn't the answer" crowd. It includes an excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that contains that quote that's been going around saying that "a riot is the language of the unheard." It's essential that we white people understand the history of black protests and our constant labeling of said protests as "riots" no matter how peaceful they may be, and how demanding that all protests be utterly peaceful and non-disruptive in another oppressive tactic.

To say that “violence and looting don’t accomplish anything” is to betray a belief that we are not the direct beneficiaries of violence and looting.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gif of the Day

Oh my god this pug puppy is licking my computer screen,

Have You Seen Owls?

I just wanted to point out that, owls. Have you seen owls? Omg owls.


Shouting Back

This one goes out to all the "just ignore it" people in the world.

This Video Of An Indian Girl Confronting Her Alleged Harasser On A Flight Is Going Viral

Some old dude was touching an Indian girl (or woman, it doesn't state her age) between the seats on an airplane, so she had her friend video tape her yelling at him in front of all of the other passengers.

Let us all bask in this guy's painful humiliation.

He begged for her forgiveness. BEGGED.

Publicly humiliate all sexual harassers 2k15. This girl/woman is my hero.

Questions for Men

The world's most depressing game of "Have You Ever" sprang up on Twitter a couple days ago, and I'm sad I missed it, because I have some questions of my own.

#QuestionsForMen was started by Clementine Ford as a simple question posed to men about whether they have to put up with the same kind of thing that women do, and spread rapidly as women came up with their own questions.

A lot of assholes (most recently, GamerGaters) try to tell me that men deal with harassment, too. But there's simply no comparison. I've had so many people (men) say so many messed up things to me, whether it's all the times I've been called a man-hater, the scores of gendered slurs, or the guys who just go straight to the "daddy issues" thing. I understand that AmazingAtheist gets a lot of angry messages, however, I'm not such a massive asshole that I've been deemed to shitty for Reddit and been kicked out of three separate McDonald's restaurants, nor am I nearly as famous as the Reddit-banned mildew pile who can't handle fast food restaurants. Because there is no justice in the world.

Anywaaaay, here are some of my favorites:

The second best thing about this hashtag is the predictable, barely comprehensible backlash. For example, this guy:

I've not heard of "manslamming" or "broplimenting," but I'm gonna totally gonna use them. But I really love the total ignorance of what toxic masculinity is, and the refusal to acknowledge the fact that there is more than one way a man can sit, walk, and compliment, and that men are actually capable of speaking words without having to interrupt women or treat them like they know nothing about their own expertise and life experiences!

Question for men: Have you ever been flooded with messages accusing you of trying to destroy and entire gender when you start questioning gender norms?

Anti-feminists are endlessly amusing.

Black History Month

Today's featured black-run blog is one I just discovered this morning called For Harriet. I discovered it because the article 7 Black Women Science Fiction Writers Everyone Should Know is making the rounds on Facebook.

I don't really "discover" anything. It was already there and I was just ignorant about it.

Anyway, pretty much everything on this site is amazing. Sh*t White Feminists Say to Black Feminists (and How to Counter Them) is highly recommended for my fellow white feminists, because we need to avoid saying all of these things in any way at all costs.

[TRIGGER WARNING FOR THE FOLLOWING LINK: RAPE] If you want some black history, check out this article on the life of Rosa Parks before the bus incident. Spoiler alert: She was always fucking amazing. Though this article is actually from a different site that will be featured later.

Enjoy! Learn! LEARN I SAY.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gif of the Day

Where can I get some of these? I have a list of people I need to send these things to.