Monday, January 5, 2015

"What Rape Culture?"


Hey thanks, comedian Roland Powell, for starting a hashtag dedicated to rape apologism. Now we have a handy list of potential rapists to avoid. Or publicly shame. Or hey, how about we start getting these people fired? I may just start looking these people up and sending their public tweets to their mothers and/or employers until I feel better.

The hashtag is #itaintrape. It's being used by people who think rape is just a great big joke and it's funny to say things like "it's not rape if she can't say no" even though this is still being used by rapists to justify their crimes and get out of any jail time. It was literally less than three years ago that the US Department of Justice revised their definition of rape to include instances where the victim can't say no. Three years ago, according to the US Department of Justice, it wasn't rape unless she said no, unless it was "forcible." Rape of an incapacitated or intoxicated person didn't count. Coercive rape didn't count.

Rape culture is such a problem in this country that the definition of rape that makes the "it's not rape if she can't say no" joke merely a joke and not a legal reality IS A FUCKING TODDLER. And still, legal definitions mean little, because "she didn't say no" is still constantly used to defend a rapist's actions. It is still a reality for so many women who get zero justice.

So how about #itaintmurder if I kill Roland Powell for being a rape apologist, rape-promoting piece of shit? How about that?

By the way, Roland Powell is the host of an MTV show called "Guy Code" (big surprise). So you might want to head over to MTV's Twitter account and ask them why the hell they're giving a paycheck to a man who thinks that rape is hilarious.

And I still get people telling me that rape culture doesn't exist. Ha.

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Tea.EarlGrey.Hot. said...

Ughh noooooooo wtf is wrong with people >.<

I occasionally watch "Girl Code", the female version of that show. I don't know if it's the same head but the idea of the show is good plus those women are hilarious. It might be a bit problematic-- I don't think it has any trans representation, and there might be some ableist language like lame or crazy(?) which I would notice more after reading your blog, btw. The women are pretty diverse, though, and the show basically talks about gender specific "life" issues and ones that are different with gender identity. So after watching like 10 episodes of that I was like "Oh hey look a guy version I bet that's cool!". NOPE. I could barely make it through 10 mins because it was dripping with misogyny and objectification and ew icky feelings and they had these 2 women on screen at the same time as the "female POV" and one of them had boobs that I thought were average to small and she was wearing a super push up bra and a shirt that barely covered it and I guess she just thought they were massive and has to being them into every conversation even if there is no way to be like "LAWL BOOBS" and then she would like grab her boobs a lot and be like oh boobs boobs blah blah boobs and I was like WTF IS THIS BS we all know she's there to boost ratings. Anyways, what I'm saying is I'm not surprised, just very fed up.