Monday, January 19, 2015

What MRAs Have Accomplished


Look, another to add to the list of MRA accomplishments!

Virgin teenager Ben Moynihan 'stabbed women in revenge'

A teenager accused of trying to kill three women because he could not lose his virginity wanted to "murder as an act of revenge", a court heard. 
Ben Moynihan, 18, admits wounding the women - who were stabbed in random attacks - but denies attempted murder. 
Winchester Crown Court was told that he wrote: "I am still a virgin, everyone is losing it before me, that's why you are my chosen target."

This is what MRAs accomplish. Have they done anything to stop the murder of men of color by cops? No. Have they gotten law enforcement to take male victims of domestic violence seriously? No. Reduced male suicide rates? Improved prison conditions? Done anything at all for trans men? Nope, nope, and nope.

They don't have time for any of that, because all they do is blame women for their problems and talk about how women deserve whatever they get. Can you guess what spreading those messages results in?

Thank god this didn't happen in the US, or the kid would have had a gun and those women would be dead.

It's funny that MRAs say that feminists spread hate, because zero feminists have actually gone on a shooting/stabbing spree because they're mad at men. Meanwhile, we've got a pretty good list going of shit like this. So, who's spreading hate, here?

"I attack women because I grew up to believe them a more weaker part of the human breed."



Joseph Marshall said...

Where is your evidence that this violent criminal is/ was an MRA?

Lindsey Weedston said...

That is not the point. The point is that MRAs spread hatred of women and blame them for all their problems, and the result of this is men like this feeling like it's acceptable to embrace that hatred and blaming of others for their problems and feel like it's okay to attack women.

Joseph Marshall said...

You say that it's not the point, and yet the title of your time original post is "What MRAs Have Accomplished" with the opening line of "Look, another to add to the list of MRA accomplishments!"

I seems clear that that there are one of two possible implications in your post,
1. MRAs set an objective and this man carried it out successfully as an active MRA.
2. MRAs did not set the specific objective, but that this violence against women is a on inevitable result is of their attitudes and ideas. This man was influenced by those ideas.

Whereas I believe that there is a third (and very possibly a fourth, fifth and sixth) explanation that are much likelier. And it likely has something to do with the well documented explosion in mental health issues and disorders, particularly prevalent in young men.

I think that it is for to say, that no matter one's stance on the MRM, their influence and popularity is very limited. As such, it would be unlikely that the sole blame for high instances of mental health problems in young men be laid squarely at their door. It must then be a wider issue that we would do well to take careful consideration of if we are all in the business of reducing these types of crimes.

I must add that I have observed no link between this case and the MRM beyond purely subjective speculations of commentators and think it dishonest to attempt to connect the two.

This criminal had his excuses as all criminals do, but his behaviour and attitudes are not typical of men, nor are they typical of the MRM. Are there mysoginists in the MRM? Of.course, are there man-haters in various women's movements? Of course. Are there extremists of various religions? Of course. Are they representative of the typical attitudes that make up these groups? Of course not. It would be a short sighted knee jerk reaction at best to suggest that they are and downright destructively dishonest at worst.

The real issue here is complex, but probably has strong correlates with the explosion of mental health issues in modern society and in particular with young men.

Perhaps we should be trying to find out what are the real factors that are in play here influencing this abundance of mental health issues. I don't think that the MRMs sphere of influence comes close to even claiming a small part of that problem.

Lindsey Weedston said...

"2. MRAs did not set the specific objective, but that this violence against women is a an inevitable result of their attitudes and ideas. This man was influenced by those ideas."

Literally what I just said.

"I must add that I have observed no link between this case and the MRM"

OH well if YOU haven't observed any link then there must not be one, even though you're obviously an MRA who's come here to try and fail to defend your MRA friends!

Stop trying to scapegoat people with mental illnesses. People with mental illnesses are much more likely to suffer violence than commit it. You assume this guy was mentally ill without any evidence, which is funny because you seem to find evidence so important. All I know is that this guy was blaming women for his problems using the exact kind of rhetoric frequently spouted by MRAs, all of whom hate women. G'bye.