Thursday, January 8, 2015

U.S. Anti-Black Racism Update


How in the fuck does this keep happening? And how can you say that there's no more racism when it only happens to people of color?

Savannah man, 22-year-old Matthew Ojibade, dies in restraining chair while in police custody

So according to the cops, even though they were supposed to take this man to the hospital because he was experiencing a manic episode, they took him to the police station and said they just had to put him in a restraining chair because he was attacking them. And then somehow he just died. They checked on him twice, and the second time, he was just dead.

WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? And why shouldn't you be charged with manslaughter considering the fact that if you had just taken him to the hospital, he would likely be alive?

Manic episodes are not associated with sudden death. Cops are, though.

This is yet another example of how being black + mental illness + cops = you'll probably be killed. Black men especially are not allowed to be mentally ill because any odd behavior is considered a threat. If Matthew Ojibade had been white, he'd likely still be alive.


TOPDOG1 said...

.They call this a restraining chair. It is nothing more than a torture device. Another favourite device among jail staff around the U.S. is the "Motorcycle" A helmet is placed over your head with a hoop attached to the top where a chain is placed through and behind your back with shackles pulling your hands and feet tightly together behind you.. You can only writhe about on the floor. This is usually done in a very cold room where the torture victim is stripped of all clothing. This is what they did to me, and much more.. A favourite of The Federal Marshall's is duct tape about the face and mouth, while shackled painfully behind your back.Many murders are hushed up this way. Being a high function schizophrenic they never noticed that my I.Q. was very much higher than theirs. They would not have understood me even if I wasn't of a different mentality. What these people do once they have their victims secured and behind closed doors is like a horror story right out of the inquisition.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Wow. That is horrifying. I'm sorry that you've experienced any of this.