Tuesday, January 20, 2015

US Anti-Black Racism Update: MLK Day Edition

There were a number of protests held across the US on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day over the horrendous treatment and frequent murder of black people by police. The protests were a part of a new online movement called #ReclaimMLK, which came about as a response to my fellow white people who are constantly misquoting and appropriating Dr. King's words in an attempt to shame black people who are conducting disruptive protests.

There's a great piece on why Dr. King needs to be reclaimed on the Racism Review.

Protesters in Seattle shut down highway 99 with their awesomeness. I'm sure there were plenty of white Seattleites complaining about it and saying that MLK had a dream that he could get home from work in time to watch The Voice.

Meanwhile, in New York, Eric Garner's memorial caught on fire. At least, the police say that it caught on fire, and are somehow of the opinion that this happened by magic and there was no criminal intent, even though the same thing happened in Ferguson to Mike Brown's memorial. You know, after cops let their dogs pee on it, and before a driver intentionally demolished it with his car.

Surely there was no criminal intent. There are no racists in New York! It totally wasn't arson.

Last but not least, I came upon this gem of a job ad on Craigslist:

Screenshot of a craigslist ad titled "Do You Have A DREAM?" with a picture of MLK below, and below that the word "We are the Online Marketing Company"
Click to Enlarge

That is by far the most inappropriate job ad I've ever seen. Not surprised that it was made by a marketing company. The name of the company wasn't included in the ad, but I'm tempted to respond just so I can find out and tell the #ReclaimMLK people. Dr. King is not your fucking mascot for your shitty online marketing company.

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