Monday, January 19, 2015

Recommended Reading

This Martin Luther King Day, let us white people pledge to call out all our fellow white people who appropriate the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in order to use them against those who try to take any kind of meaningful action, particularly black people who are protesting their own systemic oppression.

Remind your fellow white people that MLK had more to say than just the few quotes that we white people like to cherry pick for their out-of-context, banal sentiment. Remember that he criticized those who chose to do nothing, that he had words for white liberals who asked people of color to wait for their rights, and that he was staunchly opposed to US imperialism. Don't ever forget that he was assassinated by the US government for speaking out despite his push for non-violent protests.

For more information, please please please read this piece by the brilliant and amazing Trudy at her blog Gradient Lair. She is brilliant on Twitter as well, so the first part of this post is a series of tweets from her on the subject, and she elaborates below. Seriously, read all of it.

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