Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mission Accomplished: Making Men Mad Already

So I wrote this article on the best activist hashtags of 2014 for Yes! Magazine and included #StopGamerGate because GamerGate was a pretty big deal but there was no way I was going to feature #GamerGate alongside shit like #YesAllWomen like it was a good thing. Then I thought, "how about I find a way to mention #GamerGate while simultaneously pissing off pro-GamerGate people?" Plus, I was able to credit Veerender Jubbal with #StopGamerGate and its variations, which is great because he's awesome.

Anyway, my plan worked. Check it out!

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You can also see all the super mad comments on the original article. People are also still complaining about #CancelColbert. Somehow, there are still people who don't understand that HuffPo is complete shit now. Ahhhhhh, their hate gives me life. And life is good. Happy 2015!

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