Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jessie Hernandez


Another victim of police brutality, another unnecessary killing, another person of color dead for no reason.

Jessie Hernandez was a 16-or-17-year-old Latina girl who is being reported as a lesbian individual, though I don't know if this has been confirmed. This is important, as LGBTQAIP+ individuals face higher rates of violence from police. And of course, so do Latinx persons.

Police say the car was reported stolen. Police say she drove the car at them when they tried to question her. Police say that an officer was struck in the leg. Police opened fire on the car (though clearly it was at Jessie because most of the bullets hit her). Police told her family she was shot once when she was really shot several times, to death. Police dragged her lifeless body out of the car and handcuffed her on the ground instead of calling for an ambulance.

The police were there in the first place "on a call of suspicious activity." I assume this means that someone saw Jessie and other kids in the car and called the police, even though they were just sitting there.

Police say they aren't sure whether she intentionally hit the officer with the car. Police killed her anyway. Police say they were following protocol. Which I guess is "shoot to kill the second something doesn't go exactly as you want it to." Or "shoot to kill the second you're given an excuse to."

Soon after came the character assassination and victim blaming. She smoked pot. She drank while underage. She was every other teenager on the fucking planet who has access to these things.

Same story every time.

RIP Jessie Hernandez. You did not deserve to die.

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