Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Here You Go: Harassment of Anita Sarkeesian


It's simply amazing how many fucking assholes who hate women will jump to claim that Anita Sarkeesian "fake" the threats against her or that she "threatens herself." Pretty much any time I so much as mention Anita, this is bound to happen.

It makes you wonder if they accuse anyone who says they were threatened of the same. Certainly I've never seen them snap into research mode any time a misogynist says that a feminist threatened him.

But either way, it's fucking ridiculous, even considering the high tolerance I've built up for ridiculousness during my time arguing with misogynists online. These shitbags don't limit it to Anita, either. Any time any woman says that she's been threatened online, they demand evidence. At which point I invite them to do a quick Google search which allows them to view countless screenshots of threats leveled against feminists and any vocal women.

Literally, any time some asshole tries to claim that Anita Sarkeesian isn't harassed, or that her harassment is limited to a few trolls sending her messages, or that she's lying or faking it, I have to wonder if it hurts to force your brain to ignore mountains of evidence.

Apparently Anita herself got tired of wondering this, because she's created a convenient list of tweets that she received in a single week that were either threatening or just horrible. It's a huge list. From one week. And I doubt this is all of them. I'm sure it doesn't include the hundreds of tweets she gets saying shit like "If video games objectify women, then why was that one male character shirtless than one time? CHECKMATE."

If you want to see them, or just bookmark the post so that you can send it to any one of the dozens of previously mentioned assholes, they're on the Feminist Frequency Tumblr account. Massive trigger warning for the most heinous shit, including rape and death threats, encouraging suicide, and general gross misogyny and all the slurs you could think of. Almost all of them appear to be from different individual accounts.

What's your excuse now, misogynists? I'd be interested to hear.

Haha that's not true. I know what happens now. This is the point where they say that she deserves it because, I don't know, she didn't put out the videos they hate fast enough? I've heard it all.

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