Friday, January 23, 2015

Featured Blog: The Indian American Feminist

An awesome woman I know through Facebook created her own feminist blog specifically talking about her experiences as an Indian American, sexism from both Indian and white American men, and the intersection of anti-Indian racism and misogyny and how Indian women are fetishized.

Check out The Indian American Feminist.

If you're white, like I am, this a great resource to learn more about the specific bullshit that Indian women have to deal with.

The author of the blog, Rucha Shukla, even conducted a straight up, full on experiment, complete with a hypothesis and conclusion and graphs and shit. So if you enjoy some serious academic stuff that shows a lot of effort instead of a lot of ranting, her blog is for you.

The best part about that post is the examples she includes of the messages she received and the commentary on each. It's not like the white boys on OkCupid. She got at least one message from the man's mother, saying that she and her son liked her profile.

The entire blog is great. Give it a read.

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