Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Everything Good is Made By Women

This is for all the misogynist piece of shit boys who try to pull shit like "computers were made by men so you're using a man's invention to bash men how about that."

Well programming, which is what makes anything on the Internet possible, was created almost solely by women, so you're using a women's invention to make inaccurate snarky remarks about how I'm using a man's invention to bash men HOW ABOUT THAT.

Anyway. I found a ton of information about early programmers on Tumblr.

And for the record: all the programmers who created the first general-use computer were women. Wanna know why? The men thought actually building the computer -as in, the design of the machine itself - was more important than programming the computer - as in, actually making it work and telling it how to run, y’know, enabling it to actually be useful. 
Men didn’t think programming was important so they relegated it to women, and once they realized programming was the MOST important part of computers they yanked those jobs away, made it a boy thing, and failed to highlight the huge role women played in pioneering the computer age.

The only thing that men can take credit for is stealing credit for fucking everything.

Way to go, dudes.

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