Thursday, December 31, 2015

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What the heckles.

More Year-End Listicles

My mom sent me this one. How cute is that.

In 2015, these women changed the world.

I like this list because it's quite diverse. It contains more women of color than white women (if you don't count every member of the U.S. women's soccer team), and includes a trans woman. There are plenty of criticisms to be made of women like Loretta Lynch (supporting police brutality) and Caitlyn Jenner (yikes), but it's pretty good for a CNN article.

Hell, I hadn't heard of a couple of the women of color. It's worth a read if you're a white feminist.

But this next one is pretty much the best listicle I've ever seen:

The Top 50 White Guys Of 2015

I've met all of these white guys. All of them. Especially #28.

Well okay I haven't actually met Donald Trump but he did send me a Christmas card.

No seriously.

I didn't manage to take a picture of it before my boyfriend drew a Hitlet mustache on it, but there it is.

You sign up for one Trump speaking event just to not show up and look what happens.

It's been a weird year. See you in 2016.

Today in Things We've Been Saying Forever


Another thing that emerged during my holiday break was one of those studies that makes me kind of want to chuck my laptop right out the fucking window because yeah I've been saying that for years now and a giant mob of women before me have been saying that for decades but haha nobody wants to listen to us so sure, science it up, and people will continue not to listen to us anyway, whee!

Severe trigger warning for multiple descriptions of rape.

The Infamous Reddit “Ask a Rapist” Thread Is Now the Subject of a Research Study

Gee, what did they find?

Garden-variety cultural sexism lays the foundations for extreme violence against women, according to a study published this month in the journal Psychology of Violence.

Lol wow no kidding?

Which means that in educating teens and college students about consensual sex, ideas about women as “gatekeepers” and men as captives to their high libidos need to be the first notion to go.

You're shittin' me.

This is why I say that men who use certain victim-blaming and biological essentialism rhetoric of being potential rapists. Because actual rapists say the exact same fucking thing about their own victims. That mentality is what makes such brutal, violating violence possible. And that's why we need to fucking root it the fuck out of society. That's why words are not just words. That's why language matters. Why shit in media matters. Why all this matters. Because of these attitudes, women are probably being raped right now. While I'm typing this, while you're reading it.

So if you spread those narratives, you're aiding and abetting rape and I have no fucking sympathy for you.

Activism Works

One of the main ways that the establishment tries to crush resistance is simply to claim that resistance isn't effective. In the U.S., the system of white supremacy has many white people claiming that the protests and disruptive actions by black people and the Black Lives Matter movement won't work, and will in fact be counter-productive because blocking traffic or making it harder to shop just makes people mad at you, and then they won't want to help you at all.

This is not only a fucked up threat that dangles out the most basic, minor support of white people, threatening to snatch it away if black people don't behave just as we want them to, it's completely false. Black activists do and have made changes. 2015 is a fantastic example of that.

11 big accomplishments black activists achieved in 2015

What does quite protest that no white people will notice do? Nothing. What did that annoying and disruptive resistance that forced you to pay attention do? A whole lot.

Don't tell me that this kind of activism doesn't work. I'm not going to buy that for a second.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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I saw The Force Awakens. I quite liked it.


This is pretty hilarious.

The U.N. Sent 3 Foreign Women To The U.S. To Assess Gender Equality. They Were Horrified.

Sexism isn't a problem in the U.S. anymore, though, right?

A delegation of human rights experts from Poland, the United Kingdom and Costa Rica spent 10 days this month touring the United States so they can prepare a report on the nation's overall treatment of women. The three women, who lead a United Nations working group on discrimination against women, visited Alabama, Texas and Oregon to evaluate a wide range of U.S. policies and attitudes, as well as school, health and prison systems. 
The delegates were appalled by the lack of gender equality in America. They found the U.S. to be lagging far behind international human rights standards in a number of areas, including its 23 percent gender pay gap, maternity leave, affordable child care and the treatment of female migrants in detention centers.

Costa Rica being one of those countries that MRAs and anti-feminists would probably point to and be all "how dare you worry about women dying from a lack of medical care and being dragged down by childcare costs and low wages when actual bad things are happening to women over here!" And Costa Ricas all "what do you mean pregnant people in the U.S. don't get mandatory maternity leave??" That's right, I bet they're not even cissexist in Costa Rica.

They were also appalled at the gauntlet of ridiculous protesters protesting outside of abortion clinics who, of course, screamed at them as soon as they got close despite them all being past childbearing age.

Then there's the general violence against women in the country, particularly gun violence. It's not even a federal policy to take guns away from domestic abusers. That's a luxury you can only find in the most liberal states.

While the delegates were shocked by many things they saw in the U.S., perhaps the biggest surprise of their trip, they said, was learning that women in the country don't seem to know what they're missing. 
"So many people really believe that U.S. women are way better off with respect to rights than any woman in the world," Raday said. "They would say, 'Prove it! What do you mean other people have paid maternity leave?'"

Yeah. Including Costa Rica. And literally nearly every single other country on Earth.

About Time


It only took over 11 years but Bill Cosby has finally been charged with sexual assault. I'm a little surprised that he was ever charged at all, but then I remembered he's a man of color, so, haha, yeah.

In a hearing lasting less than 10 minutes, Judge Elizabeth McHugh read out the three second-degree felony charges of aggravated indecent assault. He did not appear visibly moved; when asked if he understood the charges, he replied simply: “Yes.” 
Bail was set at $1m, of which Cosby will have to pay 10% on Wednesday. Cosby faces up to 10 years in prison for each charge.

Yeah I'd be content with him dying in prison.

Though, at least when it comes to possession of child pornography, even rich white men can't get away with it. An actor from Glee, Mark Salling, has been arrested for possessing a crap ton of it.

Law enforcement sources now tell us they've already seen more than a thousand images of "child sexual exploitation" on Salling's computer. Cops also seized other electronic devices, including tablets and cellphones. We're also told he lives alone, which will make it hard to argue someone else put the images in the computer.

This is the same guy who was sued for sexual battery in 2013.

How many famous men is that now who have been charged with shit like this? How many in this year alone? I think something may be wrong with men.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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Nothing like tiny kittens attacking giant dogs to get you through the day.

Don't See The Forest


It's that time again. Time to boycott another racist as fuck movie.

The Forest is a horror film about a bunch of white people going into a forest in Japan, which really exists, and which is famous for being the forest where people go to commit suicide. So, you know, ghosts and jump scares and white people splitting up probably, good times.

Only Japan actually has a national mental health and suicide crisis going on. Not only are suicide rates alarmingly high in Japan, there's a ton of stigma against mental illness and getting help to the point that a lot of people born and raised in the country view suicide as a reasonable option for people who aren't doing all that well in their lives.

So it's hard to imagine something more disrespectful than taking this actual huge problem and turning it into an adrenaline rush for white people. The film stars a white woman and, from what I've heard, doesn't even mention depression. Also, turning suicide victims into monsters just perpetuates the idea that anyone who commits suicide is horrible and probably suffers terribly in the afterlife and deserves to, which, guess what, tends to make suicidal people feel worse about themselves and therefore more suicidal. Even worse for those who have attempted.

This movie is a racist and ableist disaster and if you really want to learn about this forest, there's a documentary on it called Aokigahara: Suicide Forest. It's on YouTube. Pay $0 to watch than instead of $11 to see something gross.

Thanks to Tumblr blog Gold vs. Mold for the information.

US Anti-Black Racism Update


Yep. Tamir Rice's killer will officially not be indicted. Police are so well protected from consequences in this country, especially if they harmed or killed black people, that they can literally jump out of a police car and shoot a 12-year-old to death and get off totally free.

The things I've seen coming out of the mouths (fingers/brains) of my fellow white people are just astonishing. The prosecutor saying that a 12-year-old looked like a grown man, using his pants size to confirm this. I thought black people were always wearing a couple sizes to big so they could sag their pants and look like thugs, right, fellow white people?

Plus, saying that you looked at a 12-year-old black boy and saw a man is just straight up saying "yeah I'm racist. Yeah, I'm so terrified of black people that even their little children look like deadly killers to me,"

They call it an avalanche of mistakes and bad decisions or whatever, but criminal intent isn't needed to send someone to jail. If you accidentally hit and kill someone with your car because you made the mistake of running a red light or the bad decision to drive drunk, you still go to fucking jail for manslaughter. Cops? No, they can kill whoever they want, no matter how unthreatening.

Here's the rundown of what happened. Someone saw a black child playing with a toy gun in a playground, as children do. They called 911 and told the dispatcher that the gun was probably a fake. The dispatcher did not relay that particular bit of information. The dispatch reached a cop who was hired by the local police department without a background or reference check, because if they had done those they would have found that he was fired for being a shitty cop with poor gun skills and a tendency toward brutality. Then he failed the written cop test when trying to get hired elsewhere even though he'd been a cop before.

Anyway, this gem shows up, barrels out of the police car before it's even fully stopped just a couple feet away from where Tamir Rice is sitting on a bunch. One, two, bam bam bam, child's down. Then the cop decides to stand around for four minutes (this was all caught on video) until the EMTs arrive instead of performing the basic medical care cops are trained to provide to wounded, dying individuals. I guess he was too busy thinking about clouds or something. Tamir Rice dies.

Could a cop have seen a child start to turn around at the sound of someone exiting a vehicle suddenly a couple feet behind him as he tries to figure out what the fuck is happening, and, assuming the kid has a real gun, become fearful for his life? Yeah, sure. But why was the cop hired in the first place and why didn't the dispatcher explain that the gun was probably a fake and why didn't the cop do anything to try and save Tamir from bleeding out? Why were the police called in the first place when Ohio is an open carry state? Why barrel your police car onto the fucking playground when the kid is just sitting there on a bench? If you're really afraid of him, why not stay in the car and use the loudspeaker to tell him from a distance to put the gun down? Or pretend he's white and casually walk up to him and ask what's up? Why do you see a black child in a literal fucking playground and think "potentially deadly adult, must gun down immediately"?

Probably this cop was not totally aware of the situation, but you can't tell me there weren't a thousand better ways to approach it and you can't tell me it wouldn't have gone down differently (or not at all) if he was white. Something needs to be done and someone needs to be held accountable. Fire the police chief if they can't ensure that violent, terrible people aren't hired onto their force. Indict the cop based on the fact that he let the kid die, or any of the other horrible "mistakes" he made during that incident. Better yet, revamp the entire justice system so that it's not nearly impossible to indict cops. Literally all he had to do was say "his pants were big" and no trial.

Oh, and apparently, Tamir Rice used to pull the toy gun out of his jacket like "a robber." First of all, cops do the same thing, and second, are there boys in the country who haven't played "cops and robbers" in some form? Literally, there's a game named after it. A game that's been around fucking forever. Everyone knows the phrase "cops and robbers." Everyone's seen little boys running around with toy guns, emulating what they seem on TV and in movies and video games, sometimes playing the good guys and sometimes playing the bad guys. Black boys might play "robber" more often because, surprise, that's the role black men are often reduced to in media. So the kids go "well I guess that's what I have to be, I guess that's what I am." And the WE MURDER THEM FOR IT.

There is no fucking justice.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Gif of the Day

I don't know why I even saved this.

People Screwing With Richard Dawkins

Again, a lot to blog about, but then this popped up on Twitter and I remembered how long it had been since I'd posted one of these. Plus I have a lot of other work to do and this is easy blogging.

If you're not familiar with Twitter, read from the bottom up.

Click to Enlarge

Oh Dorkins. What would we do without your endless entertainment value?

TERFs Are Remarkably Horrible


This story that was sent to me by a good friend makes me want to take serious, direct action against TERFs. Like how we now have specific services to help people who have become targets of online harassment in the wake of GamerGate? We need that specifically to protect trans women from TERFs, because trans women are especially vulnerable and because god damn, TERFs are fucking awful.

If you're cis, I'm gonna need you to read this:

TERF hate and Sandy Stone

This happened in the mid to late 70's, but I've heard the basics of stories of the same things happening quite recently to trans women and even trans girls, thanks to people like Cathy Brennan. After reading the intimate details of what happened to Sandy Stone, though, I was particularly floored. Or maybe just fed up. I don't know. Something needed to be done about TERFs a long time ago, but a failure of us cis feminists to act has allowed them to flourish and continue to ruin the careers and kill any sense of well being in trans women and girls today. It's completely unacceptable.

Part of me honestly wants to dedicate some blog or social media account to calling out TERFs and documenting their awfulness, but I don't know if that will help or just fire them up. I would love to at least draw their hatred away from trans women as much as I can. I don't have to fear a loss of employment or income the way trans women do. I can take whatever TERFs throw at me. We cis feminists definitely need to do something to protect trans women from our own kind. No pretending TERFs aren't feminists. They're our mess and we need to clean up.

This may require further pondering. I've never spearheaded any kind of collective movement or organization, but maybe it's time to take that step. I can't think of a better cause in terms of both need and my own passion.

Fuck you forever, TERFs.

Yes All Women


No, I mean actually all of them. ALL OF THEM.

There are a lot of things to blog about after a week off, but this headline jumped out at me just this morning. Trigger warning for description of sexual assault and gendered slurs.

A survey asked Parisian women if they’d ever been sexually harassed on public transport. 100% said yes.


The awareness-raising campaign ‘Stop – that’s enough’ (‘Stop – ça suffit’) was unveiled in early November as part of a wider programme to combat harassment in public transport. 
Its launch followed a headline-grabbing report in April that found that 100% of women surveyed said they had been sexually harassed on public transport (although the reliability of the survey’s sample was later called into question). According to Hollande’s Minister for Women’s Rights Pascale Boistard, who launched the campaign in conjunction with transport minister Alain Vidalies, its key aims are to “change behaviour to ensure that no attack is normalised or ignored” and to “give everyone the tools to react” when they experience or witness sexual harassment.

Thank you. I want to see a world in which everyone reacts to sexual harassment with complete horror, as though someone just pulled down their pants and took a shit on the bus. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? GET THE FUCK OFF THE BUS. GO TO JAIL.

Seriously, we've tried the whole "ignore the problem until it goes away" thing for how long? Decades? Centuries? And it's only gotten worse to the point that you can ask a large number of women if they've been sexually harassed in public and all of them will say yes. So maybe it's time to, I dunno, try ANYTHING ELSE?

Friday, December 18, 2015

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Please sir, I want to gently nibble your finger again.

Afternoon Announcements

Since I can't currently afford to take time off from my other writing work, I'll be taking the week of Christmas off from blogging. That way I can have a little time to do extra work around Christmas day so I can see family and whatnot. Ah, the joys of freelance writing. Still better than delivering pizzas.

Anyway, here's an early Christmas present for everyone:

Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli Arrested on Charges of Securities Fraud

Not looking so smug-faced now, are you?

If you don't remember, this is the murderous fuck who hiked up the price of the drug used to fight dangerous parasite infections in people who are immunocompromised by like 5000%. Because profits. Not an exaggeration.

This is fake but hilarious:

Lawyer for Martin Shkreli Hikes Fees Five Thousand Per Cent

It's always amazing when a smug piece of shit horrible excuse for a human being flaunts his shittiness so much that it catches the attention of the feds and he gets himself fucking arrested. I hope he gets put away for life.

See you all in a week.

Headline of the Month



Poll: 30% of GOP voters support bombing Agrabah, the city from Aladdin.

I was at a coffee shop when I first read this and I just had to sit there, shaking with the silent laughter of pure despair with my hand over my eyes. It probably looked like I was crying. And I was, on the inside.

Democrats aren't much better, either.

Public Policy Polling also polled Democratic primary voters: only 19% of them said they would support bombing Agrabah, while 36% said they would oppose it.

That's the U.S. for me. Sounds Arab? BOMB IT. Surely that will somehow solve our foreign policy problems.

We probably will somehow manage to bomb Agrabah if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are elected. We'll run out of real cities to bomb that won't make us look horrible so we'll build a new city, name it Agrabah, fill it with people of color, and bomb it.

Reminder: Emotions Are Good

I've been working really hard in therapy to re-access traumatic incidents in my past and process the emotions attached to those memories. It's exhausting, emotional work. That's why content often doesn't happen on Wednesdays. Less than an hour of EMDR leaves me completely drained and barely able to do work that I get paid for.

It's also the best, most important work I've ever done. I'm realizing more than ever how much of my life has been spent in a numb, emotionally empty state. Not really empty - the truth is I'm full of emotions that have been crammed into my gut and locked up so tight that I often feel like a drain pipe stuffed with my hair, two years worth of soap scum, and a Barbie doll head. Nothing's moving.

Snaking that drain pipe is as painful as a real drain pipe is gross, but once it's done, stuff can move. I can feel again. And as intense as the pain can be, joy and love can be just as intense. My last session got some serious gunk moving, and after the pain faded, I laid in bed and just marveled at how much I was able to feel. I laid beside my boyfriend and started tearing up because of how deep I felt my love for him, and then I started crying outright because I realized that for so many days, weeks, months, and years, I've missed out on such wonderful emotion.

Other than standing upright and having opposable thumbs, deep, complex emotion is what separates human beings and other animals. It's an essential part of the human experience. It's what makes us human at all. But anyone can tell you that. I can tell you from experience that devaluing emotion, keeping it locked up and refusing to feel it at all, creates incredible suffering and dulls or even utterly erases the human experience.

How many beautiful scenes have I seen, recognized the beauty and majesty of it all, and was still unable to feel anything? I've touched a glacier, seen the moon rise over Lake Washington, and witnessed rare and incredible cloud formations during my 27 years in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I grieve the fact that I could have felt so much more during those experiences, but I didn't.

The reason I'm writing about this is because it really makes me pity a lot of the men I've spoken to about feminism and other social issues. It makes me pity the logic worshiping crown. These are the people who will say outright that being emotional over something means you're disqualified from having an opinion on it. They chide emotions and spiritual experiences as being obstacles to "logic" or "reason," as ill-defined as those words are. My boyfriend is a very spiritual person - one of the reasons I was so fascinated with him to begin with - and he's often mocked or condescended to by logic-worshiping atheists who act as though all spirituality is contrary to intelligence (they're ableist as fuck, too).

Certain anti-feminists and atheists alike act as though unemotional logic and reason are the height of human existence. And yes, humans evolved the capacity for complex reasoning and abstract thought. But at the same time, we evolved a greater capacity for complex and deep emotions. To deny one is to deny someone's humanity. To mock one over the other is to mock half of a whole.

And these people must be so miserable. They must have missed out on at least as much as I have. Denying your emotions can make you so cold and so stiff. I've felt so many times like I was stopped up inside - feeling the emotional equivalent of having your intestines stuffed full of necrotic meat. That shit will cause incredible pain and can kill you. I've felt so dead inside, I've looked at the world and wondered what the point of living is. I've been so depressed because it feels like it's not worth existing for another 50 or so years, just slogging through life day by day to stay alive, and for what?

If you can't feel the pain associated with looking deep into rape culture and grieving for your friends, family members, and people everywhere who have been hurt, then neither can you feel joy. If you can't feel the anger from seeing people of color gunned down by police and subjected to brutal treatment from cops and politicians alike, then you can't feel love, either. You may feel brief feelings of contentment, even happiness and mirth, attraction and sexual arousal. But it's not the same as joy, deep love, and affection. All these emotions are what make life worth living.

So when people mock me or chide me for being so emotional over things, I don't know whether to laugh or pity them. I've already decided that I love my anger, and I'm generalizing that to all my emotions. I love my outrage, I love my grief, I love my sadness, I love my fear. I love the fact that I get upset over injustices that may seem small compared to others. I love every emotional experience. I means I'm human. It means I'm healing.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gif of the Day

I'm not sure which one of those men I'm most like at parties.

"What Rape Culture?"


Prepare for rape culture's version of "affluenza."

Rapist acquitted because penetration occurred after he "tripped"?


A millionaire property developer has been cleared of raping a teenager after claiming he accidently tripped and fell on her.

Isn't that a common joke they use on sitcoms when men say that sleeping with a woman was an accident or a mistake. "It's not like you tripped and fell into her." "What were you trying to put it in, her purse?"

How how how how how how how  how how how how how  how does this work as a fucking defense. Does the jury not even know how sex works.

Apparently rich people can't stop themselves from committing vehicular homicide, nor can they control where their penises go!

Use all the fossil fuels. Let the world burn.

Featured Comments


I've had some of the best trolls lately. This is why I keep the comments section of my piece Men Do Not Experience Sexism open. MRAs and anti-feminists and other bitter men keep finding it and embarrassing themselves.

The first laugh of the day comes from user "ice dawg."

Bol-SHE-vik. Comedy gold. I need to write that one down for a future user name. I also love being told I have narcissistic personality disorder from dudes who pretend to be educated on anything related to any science. If you know anything about NPD and the first thing about me, you know how hilarious such an accusation is. 

I also never took gender studies but if the professor had been a mad scientist, I would have taken it twice. Who wouldn't want to take a class taught by a mad scientists? Also what the hell is "female-based narcissism personality disorder? Does Captain Statistics not know that men are more likely to be diagnosed with NPD?

And he just keeps going!

Ah yes, my supremacy of the matriarch rhetoric. Apparently my attempts at trolling dudes like this have been wildly successful. 

This is all fucking gold. According to ice dawg, one war started by women that killed merely thousands of people is the same as the sum of all the other wars started by men in which hundreds of millions of people died, all the male dictators that have executed countless individuals, and the very fact that statistically and individually, men have been shown to be more violent than women in multiple scientific surveys and experiments.

But apparently, that science is nothing compared to one season of a reality TV show involving mostly white women on an island. I had to Google that to find out what it was because I'm not as well educated as ice dawg on the scientific discoveries of Bear Grylls.

As usual, an anti-feminist is entirely clueless about the concept of internalized misogyny as well. And apparently thinks that feminists consider all women to be perfect instead of trying to get across the idea that women are people. There are plenty of women who are anti-feminists. Christina Hoff-Sommers, for example. And plenty of women buy into and chase unrealistic beauty standards for women. This is still nothing in comparison to the centuries of men oppressing women across a vast number of cultures and men owning multi-billion dollar beauty industries that depend on making women hate themselves.

This is what anti-feminists do. They somehow think they can throw out single examples of women doing something bad as though that invalidates all of feminism. It so perfectly illustrates the way that anti-feminists think. They have this bizarre, twisted view of feminism that involves matriarchy and feminists thinking all women are perfect and all men are terrible. It makes it really easy to fuck with them. And so they go ridiculously out of their way to "prove" that women aren't perfect and it just makes them look like petty losers who hate women.

Then we feminists have to decide whether to simply point to all the atrocities men have committed which far, far outweigh things women have done or just to troll them until they're completely confused because they also have no sense of humor.

LMAO. Yes, ice dawg, I hath yielded to thine superior intellecte. And any of that was a debate and not just a lot of me laughing at you.

Seriously, though, this is a beautiful work of unintentional performance art.

Ew....... Ew

I don't think I've seen something this casually, violently misogynistic in a very long time.

I think I may vomit.

The photographer who posted this online is catching some heat for this atrocity, and is "breaking her silence" to tell everyone that they should calm down and that she's totally not promoting violence against women and dangerous stereotypes because it's just a Christmas card. God bless.

The mother and girls are tied up and quite literally silenced. It's disturbing as all hell. It promotes the ridiculous stereotype that women talk too much and it's totally annoying, with the ridiculous suggestion that stopping this will create "peace on Earth" when there are numerous wars currently going on across the globe, all of which have been started by MEN. The number of violent atrocities started by men around the world, like, dear fucking lord.

And this card isn't unique.

Now I kind of feel like ripping my own eyeballs out. For the love of god, how could you possibly think this is appropriate? And the things they're teaching the children, ugh. Christmas is cancelled.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gif of the Day

Few things are cuter than how cats carry their babies.

Morning Announcements

Writing to you from the past. I highly doubt I'm going to have the energy to blog today. Been working hard to bring in that cash, and my therapist is back from her vacation.

Please enjoy this Christmas-themed Vine:

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gif of the Day

This is a real thing that happened on Sesame Street. I'm serious.

Reality is Misandrist, Apparently

I don't even really know what to say about this, other than that it's real.

Women 'more likely to stand by sick partners than men'

A lot more likely.

A study has found that a man is seven times as likely to leave his wife if she becomes seriously ill as a woman is to abandon her husband. 
Experts looked at how 500 married couples coped with the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness such as cancer. 
Although the divorce rate was no higher than average, they noticed a clear difference in the proportion of men walking out on their wives. 
They found that of 23 divorces in multiple sclerosis patients, 22 occurred in in cases where it was the woman who had fallen ill and only one where the man was the patient. 
The US study discovered that out of 23 divorces involving brain tumour sufferers, 18 of the patients were women. 
Similarly, women were the patients in 13 out of 14 failed marriages where other cancers had been diagnosed.

But women are the ones who are selfish and just marry men for the money, right? Mmhmm.


The research also found that patients who divorced spent more time in hospital, took more antidepressants and were less likely to complete courses of treatment.

So... They die more often. Thanks a lot, men.

Why are men so terrible? Seriously.

Reminder That Slavery is Still Legal in the US


I can't remember if I've posted about this before, but people can still be forced to do free or excessively cheap labor in the U.S., but the U.S. government. They just changed the plantations into prisons. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but they literally did that in one case.

Mainly black prisoners are being forced to pick cotton in modern day slavery.

The land on which the prison sits is a composite of several slave plantations -it is called Angola, after the homeland of the slaves who first worked its soil - bought up in the decades following the Civil War. From when it was converted from plantations, prisoners have worked the land in much the same way as slaves did, under conditions so brutal, prisoners resorting to cutting their own Achilles’s tendons in protest in the 50′s. 
After the plantation was converted to a prison, former plantation overseers and their descendants kept their general roles, becoming prison officials and guards. This white overseer community, is located on the farm’s grounds, both close to the prisoners and completely separate from them. In addition to their prison labour, Angola’s inmates do free work for these residents, from cutting their grass to trimming their hair to cleaning up Prison View Golf Course, the only course in the country where players can watch prisoners labouring as they golf.

You can read more about how horrible the labor is and how the inmates are treated, plus how ridiculously harsh the sentencing laws are in the state. And you know they're targeting black people. Especially poor black people. So that they can make a profit off of what is 4 cents away from pure slave labor.

Do I even need to say anything else?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Gif of the Day

Cat thinks it's dog.

Male Entitlement.jpg


How does someone you're talking to for the first time ever owe you a conversation?? Unless maybe they know someone you know and they did something for that person who was like "I'll pay you in the form of a conversation with this person I know. Are you on OkCupid?" But even that would be unfair.

It's just. Do people not understand the concept of debt and owing. Fuck.

Activism Opportunity


There is a small quick thing you can do for people who face pretty extreme oppression. Currently, homeless shelters are allowed to turn away trans individuals because the gender they were assigned to at birth doesn't match the gender that the shelter serves. I hope I don't need to explain how terrible this is.

Now, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is considering adopting a regulation that would require all homeless shelters that receive federal funding to accept all trans people based on their gender identity, regardless of genitals or stereotypes bodily features. You can sign a petition and/or send them a personal message encouraging them to adopt this policy, and I strongly suggest you do so since one in three trans people have been turned away from these shelters and 42% have been forced to stay at a facility with the wrong gender. For trans women, this is extremely dangerous. For you, signing takes five seconds.

This isn't something that our largely bigoted and horrible congress is voting on. This is a department that may actually be willing to listen to input. Please sign and save some homeless people from possible assault and/or death.

Recommended Reading


This piece comes with (or should come with) a strong trigger warning for sexual assault, harassment, child sexual abuse and the sexualization and harassment of underage girls.

If you're a man without these triggers, this is required reading.

Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence

Basically, this is one woman's life history, starting from a very young age, of male violence against her. It's horrifying, but believe me when I tell you it's not extreme. The number of stories I have heard that are very similar to this has convinced me that this is a rather typical experience.

Reading this and knowing that makes me want to cry and scream and rage. How many times have I been told I'm making too big of a deal out of this feminism thing?

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Gif of the Day

Thank you, Online Image Editor.

Don't Make Prison Rape Jokes

Do we really need entire articles on this subject? Do I really need to tell feminists and allies against rape culture that it's not cool to say that men, even rapists, should be raped in prison or in any situation as retaliation or punishment for raping women?

What part of "don't make rape jokes" and "rape is never okay under any circumstances" do you not understand? Some of the worst people in the world already perpetuate the idea that rape can be used as a punishment for women. Don't be like them. Don't spread the idea that rape should ever be a punishment. Just don't. The end.

Today in Things We've Been Saying Forever

I know people won't but can we please please please please please put the idea that men and women are "wired differently" to bed now?

Science Says Men And Women Aren't Really 'Wired Differently'

If you won't listen to me or any other women then will you listen to SCIENCE? SCIENCE SAYS.

I can't tell you how many otherwise educated people have said things like "that's just the way men/women are wired" or somehow referred to the human brain as a collection of wires or some kind of machine. It's fucking not. I know you can't comprehend it otherwise but maybe then just stop talking.

There is no such thing as a "male brain" or a "female brain," new research finds. 
Instead, men and women's brains are an unpredictable mishmash of malelike and femalelike features, the study concludes. Even in brain regions previously thought to show differences based on sex, variability is more common than consistency.
Variability is more common than consistency.

Variability is more common than consistency. Variability is more common than consistency.

Scream it from the fucking mountaintops, I swear to god.

This topic has frustrated me for some time, to be perfectly honest.

This is not actually new information. This new study is just confirming what studies have been saying for years. Though the article claims this is the first to study "sex differences in the brain as a whole," I've been seeing article and quotes and studies pop up for a very long time saying this same kind of thing, over and over.

The new research is the first to examine sex differences in the brain as a whole. If the brain is truly sexually dimorphic, coming in a male and a female form, it should be consistently different between the two sexes, Tel Aviv University psychobiologist Daphna Joel and her colleagues wrote. Consider the peacock, with its sexually dimorphic tail: The difference in color and size is consistent between the sexes – there's no subset of peahens brandishing iridescent purple feathers. 
Clearly, brains don't fit this pattern; there is far more variation in brains within sexes than between them, a fact that has been known for a long time, said Rebecca Jordan-Young, a professor of women's gender & sexuality studies at Barnard College in New York and author of "Brain Storm: The flaws in the science of sex differences" (Harvard University Press, 2010). Many neuroscientists had already concluded that brains are checkered with a mix of male- and femalelike structures, said Jordan-Young, who was not involved in the new study.

You listening, TWERFs? Lol, of course you're not. Never mind.

Though hormonal influences are important, the real story is far more complex, according to a 2011 review in Nature Neuroscience. A growing body of evidence suggests that development is a give-and-take between genetic, environmental and epigenetic (above the genome) factors, all of which are acting in parallel and influencing one another in complicated ways. Different brain regions react in different ways to sex-specific influences, which are not limited to estrogen and testosterone, that review found. Meanwhile, environmental influences such as prenatal or early-life stress can feed back into this process, again altering how the brain develops.

Translation: It's complex as fuck. Stop trying to act as though it's as simple as a computer. If you're not at all educated on how the brain works, stop saying words. Just. Stop talking about it. Stop.

Flawless Humanity Victory


When it came to the Daniel Holtzclaw case, it was one of those things where my brain couldn't fully accept the idea that he could be let off after what he did to all those women using his police power, but at the same time I knew there was a good chance he would be left off and if he had been, I would not have been the least bit surprised.

As it turns out, I did feel a bit of surprise. Not only was he found guilty, the jury recommended a sentence of 263 years in prison for the multiple accounts of sexual assault and rape. He will die in prison. This serial rapists will never rape another woman again.

I was surprised by the conviction because he targeted poor black women with criminal records. He did so, of course, because he knew that people care little for poor black women. He knew that other cops would probably ignore their reports and nobody would come to their defense if they even dared to report him. But they did. And the reports weren't ignored, even if this case got way less media attention than it deserved. It's not even trending on Facebook. Instead we have "Final Fantasy VII: Character Cloud Strife's Buster Sword Featured as Easter Egg in 'Just Cause 3.'" I love FFVII but GIANT WHO CARES, 13 WOMEN OR MORE WERE RAPED BY A POLICE OFFICER.

It's disgusting that the mainstream media is basically showing Daniel Holtzclaw that he was right, to an extent. People don't care about poor black women. If 13 white women had been raped, this would be all over the news. We can seem to gather up fucks about white women and about black men, but black women?

This is what I mean when I talk about intersecting spheres of oppression. Black women are so marginalized that most people can't seem to be bothered to care if they're targeted by a serial rapist who is also a fucking cop, using his power as a cop to extort and abuse them.

But at least justice has been done. As little justice as there can be in our broken, horrible justice system. But just to know that he's been punished about as much as you can be punished for rape is a beautiful thing and a victory for his victims and for black women everywhere.

And it's extra beautiful to see all the photos of him crying after the verdict and recommended sentence were handed down.

Cry forever, you shit excuse for a human being.

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Gif of the Day

Owned. Or "rekt" or whatever it is that kids these days say.

Recommended Reading

Remember that post where I was talking about how the "sexual dimorphism" argument that TWERFs like to make is completely terrible? Well nevermind what I said, listen to this fucking scientist person.

There's a lot of stuff in here I don't understand, but it's basically explaining how much more complex chromosomes and DNA are than most people know, and how variation is common and natural, and how clinging to the idea of men being one way and women being another is some patriarchal bullshit designed to oppress women. I've bookmarked it because it allows me to never have to argue about this shit again. I can just link to the space lesbian and be done with it.

Thank you, space lesbian.

Rape Culture and Concern for the Accused


With the recent revelation that James Deen is a serial rapist and other similar high-profile cases of men using their power to prey on men, it's becoming evident that the tide is beginning to turn in favor of the victims. We're beginning to see networks of support online respond to cases like these, sticking up for the victim and knocking back the usual rape culture narratives and character attacks that victims always have to deal with. Even the average person is beginning to understand how victims are always assumed to be lying and how harmful that is. Companies are actually dropping celebrities like Deen and Bill Cosby after multiple women come forward to accuse them of sexual assault.

This is all great, but with progress comes the inevitable backlash. I've already seen some of it and I feel like I can see into the future. Rape apologists are already accusing victims (female victims specifically) of lying in order to get revenge on the accused. This has been going on for as long as rape culture has existed (a damn long time). But it's beginning to morph into an argument that may actually make sense to the uneducated.

They're pointing to other high profile cases of rape in which the online feminist community rallied around the victim and news outlets have featured said victim in op-eds about rape culture and the struggle to find justice of any kind. Most of these women don't even bother trying to go through the so called "justice system" because getting any kind of conviction is nearly impossible. Even if there's a fucking confession. Or video. Or many witnesses. Anyway.

The point rape apologists are trying to make is that there's some kind of payoff to accusing a man of rape. Feminists have long argued that the payoff is nothing compared to the risks and the inevitable harassment, smearing of character, and general re-traumatization that happens to women who do so. Now that there is maybe some incentive to come forward besides wanting to protect other women, now that people are beginning to realize that there is a group of people who will support victims and believe them and that they might find people who can empathize with them, people who have had the same experiences who they can talk to and at least find some real sympathy and understanding - that all must mean that women are making false accusations just to get that payoff.

Because news outlets are starting to actually have some sympathy for victims, because they're actually listening to them. Because companies involved with men who have been accused of rape by multiple women are starting to drop these men. Now that life isn't completely and utterly horrible for victims who come forward, we have to assume that they're lying for these meager payoffs.

According to rape apologists, women are becoming famous and making careers off of accusing men of rape. They like to bring up Emma Sulkowicz, the woman who was raped on a college campus and began carrying her mattress everywhere to bring attention to the issue of how poorly college administrations handle cases like hers. She got to talk to politicians and news outlets and stuff! Clearly this makes up for the massive campaign to smear her and call her a liar. She's making a career off of the accusation!

Okay, well, she's an art major, so maybe this would give her some name recognition, I guess? But let me tell you something. I want my career to be feminism. I want to make a career of fighting rape culture. It's all I want to do and I need money to live so if I can be paid for it at least enough to live, awesome. But I only want this because I'm extremely passionate about these issues. There are personal things and intense emotions that drive me toward it like a freight train.

But it's no fucking picnic. The men I have to deal with, damn. And I've barely started. Yet the threats, the trolling, the insults, the ones who make long rambling arguments based on bad information mixed with mental gymnastics who expect me to pay attention to them or else they automatically "win" the "argument," the men I know personally who I would have hoped give a shit about me calling me a man hater behind my back, and so on.

The point is, I can't imagine doing this if I didn't feel like I have no choice. I can't tell you how many times I'd wished I were passionate about something simpler and more lucrative. Even if I became a super famous feminist, I don't thing I'd be rich. There are much easier ways to get rich and famous. Hell, I could pose as a Republican and say things like "Republicans totally respect me as a woman" and "liberals treat women like fragile little flowers, they're the real sexists!" BOOM, job at Fox News and a book deal. I can think of a lot of less complicated and more effective ways to get revenge on men I don't like, too.

If you really think about it for a bit, you'll see that these rape apologist arguments don't make sense. But they'll keep at them. Just you watch. For every woman who comes forward to accuse a man, especially a famous man, of rape, because of the brave women before her who did so and actually got some support from people, the rape apologists will be there in even greater force, demanding that we all consider the possibility that she's just a lying cunt who's doing it to get revenge and fame.

They'll lament the ruined reputation of the accused men, even though famous men like Deen and Cosby have enough fucking money to live off of forever, god damn, they're fine. Even though plenty of famous rapists, even ones who have been convicted, have maintained good reputations and continue to make money by appearing on extremely popular TV shows (Mike Tyson). You forgot that he was convicted of rape, didn't you? And that probably only happened because he's a black man.

But what if there are men whose reputations are ruined by a false accusation? Or even lands them in jail? How terrible would that be? The injustice! How can we risk this by automatically believing and supporting the victim?

Well, look at it this way. For years, for decades, we've let rape culture run rampant. Instead of supporting victims, we've taken the side of the accused, automatically assuming that she's probably a lying slut who regretted consensual sex or wanted revenge on some dude. And where has this gotten us? Thousands upon thousands of untested rape kits. A grand total of 3 percent of men accused of rape seeing any prison time. The bizarre assumption that rape is just a he said/she said thing (what do you think rape kits are for, and also isn't that the same with a lot of crimes?). Women and girls who are attacked for reporting their assaults, ostracized by their communities, have their fucking homes set on fire, and who kill themselves because the cops treat them like lying whores, their neighbors, friends, and even families treat them like lying whores, because the whole world pontificates on what lying whores they must be.

So what exactly do you fucking want, huh? You want things to stay the same? You want women to keep going to the cops, who are untrained in matters of sexual trauma, who overwhelmingly believe that women lie about rape when statistics show that very few accusations are false? You want to maintain the culture where we can't get men convicted of rape even when there's overwhelming evidence that they did it? Where women are arrested for filing a false report because she didn't explicitly say no even though the law does not require an explicit "no" for it to be rape? Where the court of public opinion is constantly against the victim despite the fact that you constantly whine that we can't assume a man did it until he's proven guilty by a court of law because somehow court law applies to each individual person in the world at any given time? Even though you'll accuse women of the CRIME of filing a false report at the drop of a fucking hat? You'll assume she's guilty of that even though courts are supposed to presume innocence?? Do you see the problem yet????

What these people are saying - these people who demand we presume men accused of rape as innocent and victims as liars and who fret endlessly about the reputations of the accused without a care in the world for the reputation of the accuser or the massive damage that rape does - is that we should maintain the culture that does horrible damage to rape victims, overwhelmingly women, and protects the accused, overwhelmingly men, despite evidence or the slightest shred of logic. Because how could we possibly consider hurting innocent men when we could instead leave the millions of victims out in the cold with no justice and no support and hurt them more with accusations of lying and also hurt other people by letting rapists run free to rape more without fear of justice?

Yes, some men will inevitably be falsely accused and punished even though they didn't do anything. It's the same as with any crime. I'm wondering where is there concern for the men on death row (overwhelmingly men of color) when DNA evidence has exonerated so many, including those who have already been executed, whoops? There will be women who take advantage of the situation to get revenge on men and even maybe to get attention. As rape culture is brought down, some men will do the same to women, since part of rape culture is assuming men can't be raped and treating male victims way differently, so if that goes away, men will have the same opportunities for false accusations.

There will always be casualties. This is another thing that rape apologists like to say. You can't stop bad things from happening. My counter is that you can always try to minimize said bad things as much as possible. This is what supporting victims does. Some men will unfairly get hurt, but in the process, millions of women will be supported and protected. Not to reduce this all to a number game, but I mean...

The overwhelming evidence, whether it's statistics or just simple observance of reality, is that mass amounts of women are being harmed by society's current refusal to support those who come forward to report rape. I'm gonna go ahead and support changing that, even if it means a few innocent men lose a job or a sponsor or have to find some new friends. I'm sure rape apologists will be happy to support those men. And if rape apologists can think of a way to end rape culture with zero casualties, I'm all ears.

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Gif of the Day

For any time anybody is talking about Donald Trump.

Morning Announcements and Good News

There are some things I really want to write about here but I have therapy later and so I'll likely be totally exhausted after that, and I have all kinds of other things that need doing. Blarg.

One things I do absolutely need to share, though:

Venezuela Elects First Transgender Congresswoman in the Americas

Her name is Tamara Adrian! Viva Venezuela!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gif of the Day

I found more gifs of bizarre video game glitches.

Comcast About to Screw Over the Deaf Community

I didn't know this, but apparently, in five states, Comcast has an actual data cap on regular Internet. Not on mobile, but on your everyday home Internet. For every 50 gbs used after the 300 gb limit, you get charged $10. I don't know how many gigabites I use each month, but even having to worry about this at all would piss me off.

But to deaf people, it's worse than annoying. Because they can't exactly use the phone to talk to friends and family like hearing people can. They rely on video chat to talk to people in sign language if they want more intimate conversation than text chat. Or, if they need to communicate with people who don't know sign language, they use a video relay service with a translator. Video chat uses a lot of data, meaning that they're much more vulnerable to being charged more, even though deaf people have a harder time getting a job and are much more vulnerable to living in public.

Comcast's Controversial New Data Limits Are Even More Annoying for the Deaf Community

For the deaf community, putting a cap on data is the same as fining hearing people for talking on the phone, and it stifles their ability to communicate with the outside world.  
"It's discriminatory to people who rely on video relay services because people who are hearing don't require the Internet to communicate," Heidi Johnson, an American Sign Language interpreter in New York, told Mic. "Even when the Internet connection is slow, it can affect the livelihood of someone who uses VRS to communicate for business. So limiting their ability to access the services they need limits everything they do."

So fuck Comcast even harder than usual.

This kind of thing is why I staunchly oppose the current cable/Internet monopoly problem we have going on. It's bad enough having to choose between two or three terrible Internet companies who are trying to screw you over all the time. If we just had Comcast, they'll take us for everything we're worth. Internet needs to become a public, government-controlled utility. It's essential for so many people. It's essential for my career, and I have plenty of privilege to help me out.

We hearing people need to stand up to Comcast over this. It's bad enough to be gouged like this, but when they're stepping on marginalized people in the process, that's some real motivation to put a stop to corporate bullshit.

Biologist Trying to Put Hormones in Trans Hands

This is some super important shit right here. A biologist is trying to engineer a tobacco plant to grow the hormones that trans people use to transition. I have no idea how this really works, but a trans physician named Nick Gorton says it could totally work, so I trust him.

The biologist in question is a cis man named Ryan Hammond, and he's in the early stages of his work. He's trying to crowdfund the project. If you want to donate a couple dollars (I did), check out the crowdfunding page here. This is one of those things that could really help a lot of people. It will take a while before this could become a reality, but the idea that some day, trans people can have a lot of control over their own hormones instead of having to rely on often transphobic or at least cissexist cis doctors - that's awesome.

The crowdfunding goes until January 14, 2016. Maybe donate to the project in a transphobic relative's name for Christmas. Or at least spread the word. This needs to get funded. It's only at 11%. Get going.

26 Years Ago, Women Died Because a Dude Hated Feminists


Yesterday was the 26th anniversary of that incident that MRAs and anti-feminists like to pretend doesn't exist.

A man by the name of Marc Lépine walked into a classroom at the École Polytechnique in Canada, told all the men to leave, then lined up the women, called the women a "bunch of feminists," assuming they were feminists because they were in a mechanical engineering class. He said he was "fighting feminism" and that he hated feminism and then he opened fire, killing six of them and injuring three. He then left the classroom and walked through the building, shooting specifically at women, until he killed himself. His suicide note blamed feminism for ruining his life.

Cut to 26 years later, and men across the world are still blaming feminism and feminists for "ruining their lives" because they can't bear to look inward to see that they've ruined their own lives by being terrible. Anti-feminist rhetoric is still spewed from the keyboards of men who want to deny that hateful words can and do fuel hateful actions. Since then, we've had more mass shootings targeting women, and we've had a whole lot more single, non-publicized incidents of men attacking, hurting, and killing women because they hate women.

To see a list of the 14 women who died at the hands of a hateful anti-feminist, click here.

I'll keep fighting in their honor, and in the honor of every woman who has been hurt or killed by a man, until the day I die.

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Gif of the Day

The dog and the cheetah are best friends. Seriously.



Report: The World Will Run out of Breathable Air Unless Carbon Is Cut


Marine plants such as phytoplankton are estimated to produce more than half the Earth’s atmospheric oxygen, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. For the study, Sergei Petrovskii, an applied mathematics professor at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, calculated how unrestrained global warming could affect phytoplankton and thus the ocean’s ability to generate breathable air. He ran computer models that looked at what would happen to phytoplankton’s ability to photosynthesize at different temperatures. 
If the world’s oceans warmed by 6 degrees Celsius—a realistic possibility if global emissions continue unabated—the tiny plants would halt oxygen production, according to the study, which was published Tuesday in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology.


The threat has been “mostly overlooked” by climate scientists, Petrovskii said, noting that such a global disaster would come with little notice. 
“A distinct feature of this catastrophe is that there will be few warning signs and little change before it is too late,” he said. That’s because phytoplankton can continue to produce oxygen and photosynthesize at levels below 6 degrees of temperature rise.

Can we please destroy capitalism now? I'm even beginning to see the point of those radical environmentalists who think we should just destroy all civilization as we know it and go back to being hunter-gatherer people. At least then some of us would survive.

Why Can't Rape Apologists Understand Basic Compassion?


I'm really asking here. If a scientist can explain this to me, I'd really appreciate it.

One of the most common rape-apologist word-shit vomitings that I see over Stoya's coming forward about the fact that James Deen raped her is "why did she talk about it on Twitter instead of going to the police?" Then if you explain that going to the police isn't safe, they try to get you by asking why she would tell the world via social media if it isn't safe to report your rape at all.

This completely disregards the special power that cops have over ordinary citizens and the general fact that cops hate sex workers. But the question is so simple to answer anyway. It's baffling to me that this is even a question. It must take a lot of energy to block out that voice of basic human decency that I'd like to believe every human being inherently possesses.

Stoya went to an extremely public platform to tell people that James Deen raped her out of concern for the other women he will come into contact with in the industry.

“I couldn’t bear the thought any more,” Stoya said, “that there might be something terrible happening to yet another woman at his hands, or more likely, at his cock, that she didn’t want, because I kept quiet. I just … I couldn’t, I couldn’t.”

Even if she hadn't said this outright to The Guardian, this would have been my first guess. The second being that she might actually find some support by fellow survivors on Twitter and by her many followers, whereas with the police she would find none.

I want to take the time to make an important note here. No victim/survivor is ever obligated to come forward and report what happened to them. It doesn't matter that it might help other people avoid contact with the individual who hurt them and prevent further harm in the future. Publicly reporting like this still comes with huge risks, and Stoya is protected by wealth, fame, and privilege in ways that others may not be. Your own safety always comes first, and I do NOT support the idea that survivors are ever obligated to report or should be compelled to do so for public safety, Fuck that.

That being said, if you can't imagine a reason other than "revenge" that a survivor might publicly come forward like this, you might want to consider why you're such a terrible person and why you're fucking dead inside and whether you shouldn't isolate yourself from the rest of humanity for the good of the species, thanks.

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Gif of the Day

Oh Hermoine, how could you commit violence upon the men trying to kill you? You're just as bad as them. You bully. You misandrist.

Shaming Racists

I can so get behind this.

Anti-racism group shames online trolls with billboards IRL

Click to Enlarge
Basically, this group is buying billboards and posting blown-up images of racist tweets on them. And even better:

Using geotags that accompany the posts, the campaign organizers pinpoint the neighborhood in which the authors of the racist messages live. Then, they post billboard-size versions of the messages nearby the homes of the people who posted them.

Perfect. Can we do this with all Twitter bigots? In the U.S.? Thank.

The Realities of Street Harassment


Look what you can learn by asking women about their experiences!

You should click through to her Twitter account to see the results of all polls on the subject. Nearly half of all women were 12 or under when they were first catcalled. The vast majority don't find it to be a compliment and wish it would stop because it makes them feel unsafe. The vast majority find it isn't taken seriously enough. A strong majority have been insulted, followed, or subjected to violence upon rejecting catcalling.

So everyone who says "but some women like it" to defend street harassment or who think it's not a big deal can poke themselves in the eye.

Video Shows Police Shooting Man For Walking Slowly


As you're already aware, there are so many mass shootings and incidents of unnecessary, homicidal police brutality, that they hardly get reported on anymore unless they're really bad. Yesterday, there were three mass shootings. Only one was reported on because the shooter managed to kill over a dozen people instead of just a couple. There was another one in George yesterday, and a third at a women's health center in Texas.

Also yesterday, a video was posted of an incident wherein a crowd of cops open fired on an individual for what appeared to be the crime of walking slowly toward a cop with his arms at his sides.

You can see the video here. It's rather disturbing, containing loud gunshots. A lot of them.

The police, of course, claimed that the man was charging him and that he had a kitchen knife, likely unaware that they were being filmed. He was definitely not charging. If you don't want to watch the video, it shows a single man surrounded by a large crowd of cops, all pointing guns at him. The man appears to be yelling something at them. At one point he kind of keels over, then throws his hands up in the air (not suddenly or threateningly) as though he's fed up. He then turns and proceeds to amble (I use that word specifically because he was walking slowly with perhaps a bit of a limp, or just very casually). He's hugging the wall a bit, but mostly it looks like he's just trying to go on his way. A single cop is in front of him, still pointing his gun, and there's a lot of yelling, and when the man gets within a few feet of the cop, you hear a gunshot, the man keels over again (this time from being shot), and the camera ducks away, and you can here probably dozens of other gunshots as apparently the entire fucking crowd of cops empties their clips into him.

That man was not threatening. He was simply non-compliant. And that's why they killed him.

I mentioned the mass shooting before because the vast majority of mass shootings in this country are carried out by white men. And if the shooters don't kill themselves, so many of them appear to be somehow arrested alive and unharmed. But a black man walking slowly who maybe has a knife will get pumped full of bullets if he doesn't comply.

I don't know why the man in the video didn't surrender. It doesn't matter, though I imagine it's because he's fed up with cops and just wanted to get some measure of power back in his life by walking away from the situation. The point is that it would have been so easy to take him down in a non-lethal manner. A taser wouldn't even have been necessary. There had to be 10 or more cops there. They could have just grabbed him. They could have even shot him in the leg. But no. They poured bullets into him like he was the fucking Hulk on a rampage.

Why do that? Because they were enraged at his refusal to comply. He refused to bow to them, so they executed him. There's no other logical reason that they would have done that to a man who was so utterly unthreatening.

This is what black people have to face in this country. Bow down to cops, do whatever they say whenever they want you to, or you die.

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Gif of the Day


I Stand With Stoya


If you're not familiar with the story of Stoya, just look up any other case of a celebrity being accused of rape, replace the name of the first victim who came forward with "Stoya" and replace the rapist's name with "James Deen," then multiply the awfulness by a factor of 10 because this involves the porn industry and Stoya is a sex worker.

The rape apology that pops up every time something like this happens is exhausting. The fact that people are STILL saying "why didn't she just go to the cops" when it's already been explained a million times how cops are not properly trained to handle sexual assault victims and how they have a tendency to be HORRIBLE to them and then do nothing to help them at all, and sometimes coercing them into retracting the report and/or arresting them for making a false report based on utter bullshit.

And Stoya's a sex worker. A sex worker. If you know anything about the relationship between cops and sex workers, just, haha, hahahahahahahaha, well, obviously these people don't know shit about that or anything else or they'd be keeping their goddamn fucking shit mouths shut.

If you don't stand with Stoya, you're an ignorant piece of shit at best, and at worst you want to uphold a culture that rampantly defends rapists so you can go on and keep raping people without having to worry about being punished at all for it. Especially if you're a celebrity in a largely uncaring and gross mainstream porn industry.

At least Kink dropped that rapist. They're an example of what a porn company can be. May all sex workers be lucky enough to work exclusively for porn companies that protect them and care about consent.

This is the Opposite of Feminism


Women wearing a burqa will be fined £6,500 in Switzerland after local referendum to bring in the rule.

This is why I have an internal eye-roll (at least) when my fellow white people drool all over places like Switzerland for being sooooo progressive, like they're bastions of progress with no racism or sexism anywhere.

This is racism, Islamophobia, and sexism. The government of this Switzerland state originally wanted to ban face masks at demonstrations, too. That's definitely not a good thing, but at least it wouldn't have just been targeting Muslim women. Muslim women deal with enough without a bunch of hateful white people trying to fine the shit out of them for wearing what they want and expressing their religion how they want.

This is just such blatant hatred of Islam and of Muslim women. It targets them, and only them, and it's an affront to progressivism and an affront to feminism. Fuck you, Ticino.