Monday, December 29, 2014

U.S. Anti-Black Racism Update


I can't call these Ferguson updates anymore because this shit is nation-wide now. By which I mean it's getting attention nation-wide, because this shit has been happening all over the U.S. since, well, the entire history of the country.

*Eight-minute long sigh*


South Carolina: Autistic black man walks down the street, attempting to visit family on Christmas Eve. Runs into cops responding to a call about gunshots. When he fails to respond to police orders, because HE'S AUTISTIC, they taser the shit out of him.

But hey, at least they didn't kill him! But oh wait, they're fucking charging him with "resisting arrest" and threatened to taze his fucking mother when she tried to approach him to comfort him after he had been tazed.

This is the problem with the "obey police and you'll be fine" thing. Um, what if the person is autistic? Or has a developmental disorder? Can't speak? Is woozy from a car accident and doesn't know quite what's going on? What if they're deaf?

And even if you do manage to avoid getting killed, you could still be charged with resisting arrest and then you're fucked because, lol, it's you against the police! You can't fight the police in court even if the whole thing is recorded on video at close range, so.

And of course, the whole thing where any white person in the same situation would never have even been tasered, or even stopped probably.

North Carolina: Sheneque Proctor, 18, died in police custody after complaining of asthma problems and being ignored by officers. Due to the similarities in the incidents and the whole "I can't breathe" theme, she's being called the "female Eric Garner." But she's not the female version of any man. She's Sheneque Proctor, a young woman, and another example of a black woman who has suffered unnecessary death at the hands of police. Don't erase her name.

Berkeley, Missouri: Two miles from Ferguson, 18-year-old Antonio Martin was shot and killed by police. There are a lot of questions being posed about whether he was pointing a gun at cops or pointing a camera phone to film their activities. Terrifying to think that cops will murder black people for trying to film them, but not surprising, either. I, as usual, don't trust anything the police have to say about this incident because they've lied so much in the past. There is conveniently nothing but blurry convenience store camera footage of the incident, which has been cropped. Protests have been held. Little hope for justice.

All of this here.

It's completely ridiculous, by the way, for people to be asked to stop their protests for two days when cops are killed by a man who had no activist record and no connection to any protests, when THIS COUNTRY CAN'T GO TWO DAYS WITHOUT A COP OR VIGILANTE KILLING A BLACK PERSON. And nothing stops when any of them are killed. Because if anything had to stop for two days, it could literally never be started again. Because every 28 hours. Murdered black kids don't even get the respect of a proper investigation, or having their bodies covered up rather than being left in the street for hours, or anything resembling justice. So FUCK anyone asking for the protests to stop out of respect for two dead cops.

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