Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This is How You Ally

You've probably heard of the hostage situation that took place in Sydney, Australia. During that terrifying situation, the hostage-taker displayed an Islamic flag in the window. Now, Muslims across the continent are afraid to go out in their religious attire, which is often required, depending on their particular beliefs.

It's a very reasonable fear, considering how pervasive and terrible Islamophobia is. They have a real chance of being physically attacked.

In a true act of allyship, non-Muslims in Australia have started using Twitter to offer to travel with Muslim individuals who don't feel safe going out in public alone. These people are offering to protect them should they be attacked for being Muslim because bigots have decided that all Muslim people are bad and deserve to suffer.

They started the hashtag #IllRideWithYou. It was specifically started by this woman:

From there, people started putting stickers on their bags and tweeting pictures of themselves with the hashtag so that nervous Muslim individuals could find them.

This is how you ally.

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