Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Constant Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government


Earlier today, members of the Taliban attacked a school in Peshewar, Pakistan and killed over 140 people before the gunmen were taken out. Most of the people killed were schoolchildren.

My heart goes out to the families that have been torn apart. To parents and siblings whose grief I cannot possibly fathom.

But let us not reserve our hearts for families torn apart by Taliban militants. Remember that, though 132 dead children is awful beyond words, far more have been killed by the very government that "strongly condemns" this action by the group that created them in the first place.

Us. The U.S. The Taliban exists because of the U.S. government. And far beyond that, the U.S. government continuously and brazenly authorizes frequent drone strikes against countries like Pakistan. Over 2,400 dead over the past five years, most of them civilians, just from President Obama's drone program.

In Pakistan alone, TBIJ estimates, between 416 and 951 civilians, including 168 to 200 children, have been killed.

Your liberal president is responsible for the deaths of so many more people. Let your heart go out to their families as well. Don't just grieve for those killed by people that you can pretend are somehow different from the military leaders of your own country.

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