Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Teaching acceptance in schools could save transgender teens' lives

This needs to start happening now. It needed to happen years ago. Too many have died.

Let Leelah Alcorn be a wake up call. She shouldn't have had to give her life to be a wake up call to us cis people, but for the love of fuck, please. Intolerance kills.


Reformers pushing for changes to health education in U.S. schools also need to be including gender identity in comprehensive overhauls. Accurate, detailed, and respectful sexual education is key for young adults learning about their sexual identities and bodies, but so is education about gender. Students need to learn at an early age that gender is not static, that some people experience fluidity in their gender over time. They need to discover that for some people, gender is a more fixed entity, and they need to transition to feel comfortable in their bodies. They need to be introduced to concepts like gender play, and to more serious transgender issues. They need to learn that non-normative expressions of gender are OK.

Now. Now now now now now.

No more lost trans girls.

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