Monday, December 15, 2014

Fat Hatred Means Fat Hatred

Did you know that of all the issues I talk about on Tumblr, I get the most shit for talking about fat hatred and thin privilege?

Recently, I had someone insist that it couldn't be fat "hatred." Because people don't HATE fat individuals. They're just ignorant. They're just biased. They're not hateful people.

How much do you want to bet that this asshole hates fat people?

You could try to argue that racism and sexism and homophobia aren't based in hatred. You'd be wrong, because they are. But I say fat hatred rather than "fat bias" or whatever because I've seen the hatred on people's faces. Who here hasn't seen someone they know personally look at a fat person and make that face. That face full of disgust and disdain. Who hasn't heard someone say that fat people shouldn't wear a thing, especially fat women, because ew. I distinctly remember hearing close family members talk like this, say that fat women shouldn't wear belly shirts because who wants to see that fat, rolling out over their pants, exposed for all to see. It's disgusting. They are disgusting.

And what woman hasn't look upon herself in the mirror at felt that wave of self-loathing, because that fat. It's disgusting. We are disgusting. We hate ourselves.

People hate fat in and of itself. And because fat is a part of all of us (unless we're about to die of starvation). The more a person has (especially women), the more we therefore hate that person.

It's fat hatred. It's hatred of fat people. Everything about it is hateful. I don't like to soften language even if it would be somewhat reasonable to, but calling it anything but fat hatred would be a straight up lie.

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