Friday, December 19, 2014

Dishonesty in Anti-Choice Arguments

Have you ever noticed how every single argument used by anti-choicers either rely on dishonesty or are outright lies? From screaming "IT'S MURDER" to their lies about the health effects of abortion to this gem:

Proposed Bill Would Require Women To Ask Men's Permission To Have An Abortion

Brattin introduced the bill on December 3 for the next legislative session, but it has not moved yet in the Missouri House. He said he was inspired to change the laws around abortion consent because he was required to obtain his wife's consent before having a vasectomy. 
There are no laws in the United States, however, requiring men to seek permission from women before having a vasectomy.

It was actually his insurance policy that required him to get his wife's signature, to cover their asses. So either this guy is lying, or we have yet another lawmaker in this country who is incredibly fucking ignorant about shit like HOW HEALTHCARE WORKS and WHAT IS AND IS NOT AN ACTUAL LAW.

Either way is terrible. And do I need to point out how horrible and petty it is for someone to come across something that they think is unfair, and their solution is to create a law imposing the same shit upon women? And for what? Revenge? Or just because he's looking for any reason in the universe to try and control the bodies of people who can become pregnant, who he thinks are only women?

If all your arguments are based on shit like this, your core belief is shit.

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