Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why Do I Even Have to Say This Shit: Part 32348953957

Scientist guy on some sort of televised thing wears shirt covered with busty anime ladies in revealing outfits. Women are like "UM" and he apologizes. Then assholes everywhere plus King Asshole Richard Dawkins get all super mad that the mean feminists made him cry.

Why the FUCK would you go on TV with a shirt like that unless you're a fucking shock jock. You're a scientist, you're supposed to use your brain for a living. I know you're fucking aware of the problem with the lack of women in STEM fields and for fuck's sake, have some fucking dignity, you're representing yourself to a national audience, WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING??

That is all anyone should have to say about that. Not "what about poor scientist man's feelings." No. Fuck his feelings. He's an adult. He should act like it.



Elisa Short said...

As a woman, I get told what I should and should not wear. And I hate it. And while I think Matt Taylor should have thought a little more about wearing such a cheesy and mildly offensive shirt to a highly public press conference, I think it's hypocritical to bash him about his appearance. Honestly, his job was not to groom a media personality, it's to land a spacecraft on a comet. Someone should have provided the poor guy another shirt before the camera recorded, but they didn't. Now, typing his name into a search engine results in this storm in a teacup rather than the major scientific advancement he was involved in. That's a shame, and I think it diminishes the actual struggles faced by women trying to enter STEM fields.

saber86 said...

R u serious????? Being a scientist is NOT an excuse for wearing that incredibly offensive shirt ANYwhere, much less to a press conference, where there will be press coverage and cameras. FFS.