Wednesday, November 5, 2014



Okay so I'm several years late on this but I've been watching Grey's Anatomy and every single man on the show appears to be an entitled crybaby piece of shit and yet everyone acts like the women, especially Meredith Grey, is at fault. I HATE IT SO MUCH. This show was so popular and now it's responsible for so much misogyny thanks a lot.

In just a few episodes I saw a man give a woman silent treatment for having sex with him because she thought she might want to be with him and decided to give it a shot. Do you know how many times I've seen men cry and whine that women should just give them a chance? It's like the Nice Guy (TM) slogan. Yet Meredith does it for that little shit George and everyone hates her for it because she had the audacity to make a decision about her love/sex life. And she felt so bad for it that she cried in the middle of sex, and instead of being like "oh shit what's wrong," George STORMED OUT ALL MAD WHILE SHE SOBBED IN BED WHAT THE FUCK.

DID I MENTION SHE WAS INTOXICATED? So she gets raped by George and everyone hates her for it and the writers fucking make her apologize. For what? For deciding she didn't want to be with a guy after she gave a shot to some pathetic soggy lampshade who'd been sniffing around her for months or maybe years. Fuck that shit. Fuck it.

What happens after that? Meredith starts a relationship with a dude wherein she isn't having sex with him but they hang out and she stayed overnight once or twice. Shit Shepard who was dating Meredith while failing to tell her that HE WAS STILL FUCKING MARRIED gets all fucking pissed off at her EVEN THOUGH THEY AREN'T TOGETHER BECAUSE HE MADE THE CHOICE TO GO BACK TO HIS WIFE. HE CALLS HER A WHORE. And do the writers portray Shepard as being in the wrong for this? Not really, no. Grey at least gets to stand up for herself but there's still soooooo much sex shaming holy fuck it is so blatant.

This is the reason women die for saying no to men. Because shows like this send the message that women are only ever allowed to have sex on a man's terms. We're not allowed to be human or to make our own choices. George, meanwhile, gets all the sympathy for raping Meredith and storming out when she starts crying.

Here's a little cherry on top. The same episode that Shepard throws his tantrum over Grey daring to be at a man's house in the morning? Christina's boyfriend gets super duper mad at her for falling asleep during sex. BECAUSE HE DIDN'T GET TO FINISH AND SHE DID. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY COUNTLESS TIMES WOMEN HAVE NOT GOTTEN TO FINISH BEFORE THE DUDE GOES OFF? FUCK THAT GUY AND HIS WHINY POUTING ASS FACE. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW SHITTY THESE GUYS ARE. AND I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED ON ALEX. GOD DAMN.

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TheCjBrittain said...

Yep. All of this.

Have just started watching it myself and mainlined through the first three and a half seasons and WOW do I hate ALL the male characters (except the Chief, most of the time anyway).

George is the WORST. At least Shepherd, Alex etc all pretty much wear on their sleeve the type of guys they are but George is the most NICE GUY (TM) in all of TV (even more so than Xander Harris and that takes some doing).

Any yet I'm still watching because, after ER and Orange is the New Black, it has some awesome, multi-faceted female characters AND actual bisexual people who don't have to apologise for not being either straight or gay.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Yeah, I still watch it, too. It does have some pretty good representation, even if most of the men on the show are perpetual disappointments.

Allie Cat said...

...yup. I don't think Alex's behaviour is portrayed as okay, as such. But never once (as of episode 4, at least) has anyone referred to it explicitly as sexist/misogynist. The scriptwriters seem to want to give the message that the problem is with his obsession with sex, rather than with the objectifying way he imposes that obsession on the women around him. And Shepherd! The way Meredith is shamed for having sex with him is horrible, and that's barely even in the same fecking LEAGUE as the way Shepherd's inability to accept "no" is excused.