Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stop Stop Stop Stopstopstop stopstopstopstopstopSTOPSTOPSTOP


Native American Children Face Threats After Shooting In Washington State


How many white communities have had their children threatened because a white kid shot some other kids? This is exactly why I basically collapse into a black hole of rage and profanity when people try to tell me that shit isn't about race. Race is always a factor. In everything. Did you notice anybody pontificating on what could have made this poor Native boy go awry? No, because they were apparently too busy SENDING THREATS TO OTHER NATIVE CHILDREN.

And let me also take this moment to point out that Native American tribes face a special type of racism in this country. This includes the ridiculous amount of Native women who are sexually assaulted, murdered, and/or kidnapped never to be seen again. And if you thought women in general rarely get justice for this kind of thing, I'd invite you to look at Native American women in the US specifically.

I just don't know how you can take something so fucking ugly and make it that much uglier.

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