Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lena Dunham Part 2


Sooooooo I found out that Lena Dunham also masturbated with her sister in bed next to her at age 17?

That kind of negates point #2 on my original post about this. Arguably, I mean, 17 is on that border.

But what also negates that point is that Lena Dunham is 100% an adult now, and it going on Twitter to say the kinds of things that abusers always say to defend their actions. Being a rather well known figure, this is immensely dangerous. Has she not considered that actual child molesters could be reading her words and using them to make themselves feel better? To justify their own actions? Or future actions?

For fuck's sake, Lena. If you give a shit about any children at all, STOP. JUST AT LEAST STOP TALKING.

Honestly, I'm not going to condemn Lena Dunham in the same way that I would condemn someone who, as a full-fledged adult, knowingly sexually abused a child. Or I wouldn't if Lena had only expressed remorse for what she had done instead of joking about being a sexual predator in the book and then going on Twitter to use the same old abuser excuses ("my sister's not mad about it" ; "what I did was normal" ; "it wasn't a big deal" ; "you're hurting real victims by saying what I did was abuse").

She needs to look at herself and admit that what she did was wrong, whether she knew at the time that it was wrong or not, and own up to the damage she might have done or could have done to her sister. She needs to NOT make jokes about sexual abuse. Good lord, do I have to explain why rape jokes are bad to feminists? Really?

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