Thursday, November 20, 2014

INSIDE #GAMERGATE: This is Getting Sad

At this point, talking about GamerGate feels like talking about Benghazi. I feel embarrassed even thinking about it. Just like how I know people outside of the U.S. look at the Benghazi controversy ("controversy") and are like "wtf are you people even going on about" and I'm just all "just... I dunno... please don't look at us..." Now it's the same with non-gamers.

And yet I'm still feeling this leftover urge to prove GamerGaters wrong about everything, no matter how pointless it is. So here's this thing.

Someone was on the side of GamerGate and now they're renouncing it because of things.

Trigger warning for the link:

Redditor explains why they left #GamerGate. (tl:dr: The raging hypocrisy.)

It's pretty satisfying stuff. There's stuff in there that I didn't know about because I can't bear to go deep into GamerGate territory to see the kind of people they hold up as examples of good people.

Spoiler alert: Nazis.

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