Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Formal Inquiry to Cory "Anti-Rape Face" Rosenkranz


Dear Ms. Rosenkranz,

I've heard that your “Haven — Understanding Sexual Assault” for college students includes some interesting tips for women on how not to get raped (because we all know how well that works!)!! Apparently, I can keep men from raping me (since men are just rape machines who can't be taught not to rape people) simply by practicing my facial expressions!

I am a little confused, however. At the Ramapo College presentation on sexual assault prevention, you said that "women need to watch their body language and that women should practice how they articulate their face [in a social setting] by practicing in the mirror." What exactly is the proper facial expression to stop rape from happening?

Angry face?

Scared face?

Suspicious face?

"Are you fucking serious right now" face?

Which of these faces should I be practicing in the mirror to prevent men from raping me? Please let me know as soon as possible so that I can leave the house. I'm running out of food.


Lindsey "WTF Are You Doing" Weedston

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saber86 said...

First reaction: Whatthefuck??????

Second reaction: AhahahahahahahahahahahLOL!!!

This post is priceless. <3