Monday, November 17, 2014

Ferguson Update


The grand jury decision about whether or not to indict Darren Wilson for murder could come down any day now. Pretty much everyone seems to think that there's little chance he'll be indicted, including the government of Ferguson, which is calling in a fucking army to prepare for all the oppressing of black people they'll have to do.

More than 1,000 area police officers have received a total of more than 5,000 hours of training to deal with potential unrest, officials said Tuesday.

Yes because having militarized police and the fucking national guard pointing guns directly at your head DOESN'T cause unrest.

Having 1,000 police officers with ridiculous guns for at most a couple hundred protesters is really fucked up. This is clear intimidation. Especially when Ferguson residents have done a way better job of preventing looting, property damage, and violence than the cops have. Especially when the cops are the ones being violent.

If you're not terrified for the people of Ferguson right now, you're probably white.

Meanwhile, a Navy veteran was fired from his job at a hotel for giving a fuck. He found dozens of Homeland Security vehicles parked in the hotel parking garage, snapped photos and posted them on Facebook. Now he's being treated like a threat to national security and was called a "terrorist" by the hotel chain security. Of course, they're just mad because the hotel chain lost a $150,000 contract with Homeland Security to keep this part of their oppression army a secret.

Somebody give hero whistle-blower Mark Paffrath a better job. Give him the best job.

You can check out the Ferguson National Response Network Tumblr account for planned demonstrations in your area following the grand jury announcement. There will be one at Seattle Community College at 7pm the day of the announcement. If it's not on a Friday I will totally do my best to make it. Or maybe if it is on a Friday I'll call in to work and be like "sorry I have to fight injustice tonight" because I have enough privilege to be able to skip work.

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