Friday, November 21, 2014

Featured Blog: Add Another Story

Hey, that call for submissions worked! It's not an opinion piece or whatever, but I don't have to do much, and that's the important part.

This was sent to me by a fellow blogger to promote what she's doing. Shameless plugging is totally acceptable here.

I recently started a visibility project, the goal of which is to collect stories from people of all marginalized traits, identities and combinations in one place, so that people can more easily find them and go from one to another. Naturally that requires people to submit stories, so I'm shamelessly advertising as much as I can. 
The project is at, and there are details there on the origin (class), goals (education) and requirements (mostly that stories be personal experiences) for it. If anyone would like to share, submit experiences to be added, or read the stories that are already there, that would be awesome. 
Thank you! 

You're welcome. We need more spaces for people to tell their stories.

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