Monday, November 24, 2014

Why Would Anyone Think That False Accusations Happen


Here's the question I want every single person on the planet to ask themselves:

What does a person stand to gain from falsely accusing someone of rape?

At best, if they accuse a rich person, money. Maybe there's a slim chance a civil court would award a false accuser some money. More likely they might be paid hush money.

But what has history shown us? Hmmm? What happens to every woman who has accused any man of rape? Whether he be a nobody, or some high school football player in some tiny town, or a celebrity? What happens to that woman? Has it ever been good?

Women are disbelieved, grilled about the incident, had each and every detail of the event twisted to be used as evidence against her. Her sexual history and mental health are put under a microscope, analyzed and passed around for all the world to speculate about. She's called all manner of nasty things as her name is dragged through the mud. She becomes a spectacle. She's harassed and threatened, with the intensity increasing with the fame of the man.

Women have been run out of town. Girls had to transfer schools to avoid the horrific bullying of their peers. One had her home burned to the ground.

Many have killed themselves. They've fucking killed themselves.

Is any amount of money worth that? Is anything worth that? What, you think they want attention? Sympathy? Because they quite clearly get no sympathy and only extremely negative attention from the majority of the population.

We all know this happens. We see the news. We all know the social consequences of accusing a man of rape. Why would any woman do it except for a desperate desire for justice, or to let out the truth? Can someone please fucking explain this to me?

You can't. That's why false accusations are so incredibly rare. Nobody would do that to themselves.

So why. Why is it that every time some prick is accused, nobody believes the woman? Why is it that women were accusing Bill Cosby for 30 years and were all dismissed, until a male comedian brought it up? Why are multiple women sticking to their stories of his sexual aggression and assault and rape when so many people are coming to Cosby's defense and calling them liars and whores and saying it can't possibly be true because Bill Cosby is so fucking likable.

Him and every other male celebrity, no matter how minor. His fans rally around him and everyone else just assumes she probably lied because that's what women do, right? Yet if you think about it for two seconds, that assumption makes absolutely no sense.

So why is it like this? Because it helps people sleep at night? That's the only thing I can figure. People would rather think women must lie about this than to face facts that so many men, including so many of the men they like, admire, and identify with, are rapist. And in this willful fantasy world, they allow the continuing rape of women and girls around the world.

I'm here to fuck up your sleep. I will rattle your bedroom windows until you're forced to realize that we actually have to solve the problem. I don't give a fuck about your sleep schedule.

Bill Cosby raped those women. There is no reason to believe they're lying. He did it. Deal.


saber86 said...

"I'm here to fuck up your sleep. I will rattle your bedroom windows until you're forced to realize that we actually have to solve the problem. I don't give a fuck about your sleep schedule."

I <3 these words.

Rich Paul said...

Some do it for political purposes. Did you notice how important it was to the evil woman who published her lies in Rolling Stone that everybody knew that the attacker she made up was a Republican? Trying to score cheap political points. That is one reason.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Fuck you, you fucking piece of shit rape apologist. She was not lying. Think about why you automatically buy the story that because there were "inconsistencies," something EXTREMELY common after an intense trauma, she was lying. Then shut the fuck up forever.